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Ok, here's the first chapter of a brand new story I'm writing. On my other one I'm in a terrible case of writer's block, so I won't be posting that right now, but here's this. This story has no name, no plot, no meaning, no point, NOTHING! I simply wrote it when I was feeling bored, and, thanks to a little help from Jooge, it took off. Hehehe. It's kinda weird, but I'm enjoying it. I have NO idea where it's going, but it'll be fun. Here's chapter one.

Chapter One

"Stevet! Stevet! Hurry up, will you?"

Sixteen year old Stevet grabbed her big sunglasses and pushed them up onto her her head, sweeping her blond hair back. "Coming! Just a second, ok?" She opened her closet, and searched for her purse, she found it, then rushed down the stairs, dragging her heavy suitcase behind her. Waiting at the bottom of the staircase in the living room was her Mother and Father, both of them toting bags and cases.

"Ready to go?" asked her Mother, smiling and swinging her leather purse over her shoulder.

"You bet!" answered Stevet with a grin. "I've been waiting for this all winter!"

"Lets get going then." said her Father, opening up the front door, into the sunny yard. "The sooner we leave, the sooner we'll get there."

Stevet jumped up into the old red pickup truck that was parked in the driveway. She pushed her bags under the seat and buckled up. Her Father started the car, the radio blaring, and Stevet rolled down her window, letting in a rush of fresh air and sun.

"Let the annual McJoy family vacation begin!" said her Father, turning down the radio, and backing out of the small driveway onto the crowded street.

"Here we came New Hampshire!" cried her Mother "Good bye Boston!"

And the truck rolled out into the busy traffic, the engine roaring, Stevet excited and glad that summer had finally come. All winter she had been longing to leave busy old Boston and escape to the wilderness of New Hampshire. She was glad to leave behind all the cars and fuss and noise and get away into the country. It was going to be a wonderful summer.

Stevet's family had long ago lived in the country in New Hampshire, but they had to move to Boston when her Father lost her job. Luckily, somehow, they had been able to move to Boston without selling their little cabin in New Hampshire. Now it was their vacation home.

The car ride was a long one. Stevet lay in the back of the truck listening to some wild tune on the radio. She tapped her fingers to the beat on the side of the window. Somewhere between Nashua and Concord, Stevet fell asleep. She woke up hours later, the truck had finally stopped. running her fingers through her shaggy blond hair, she looked out the window.

Their cabin at last. She smiled happily, and opened her door and jumped to the ground. It was nearly dark.

Crickets chirped in the bushes surrounding the house, and the air was chilly. Stevet looked at the lake peeping from behind the row of trees, it lay still and glimmering, their dock jutting out into the water. This was home.

Her Father unlocked the door and let them inside. It was a little musty, but still very inviting. Stevet at once went to her bedroom. It overlooked the lake, and the big blue mountains beyond it. Stevet unpacked at once, and opened the windows, letting in the cold air. She sighed happily. Now it was like they never had moved to Boston.

For dinner, they fried chicken over a campfire. It was the best way to eat chicken, much better then anything you could buy. Stevet was tired after the long ride, and didn't bother to join her parents conversation about their plans for the summer. When her Mother went into the kitchen to put away the dishes, she came back holding an old photo album.

"Look at this!" she said excitedly "I found this is the cabinet, I forgot we had it here." She laid the old book on the table and began flipping through the pages. Stevet looked at the old pictures but wasn't too interested. The pages were full of people she didn't know, or, embarrassing pictures of herself.

Her Mother and Father gushed over each picture as if it were a measure, Stevet was amazed how they seemed to know everyone on the pages. She couldn't even recognize most of the old family pictures. Far into the book, almost on the last page, one photo did catch Stevet's attention.

It was stuck between a picture of herself licking a giant ice cream and her cousin jumping off the dock. It was a photo of a young man and a motorcycle, the man was dressed as a usual biker, shaggy hair, jeans, and a leather jacket, and the bike was clearly expensive. The man was holding two guns, and looked like he had just fired them off, before posing for the picture. He looked like somebody her parents would never get to know, or be friends with, they weren't into motorcycles or that kind of stuff.

"Who's that?" asked Stevet pointing to the picture "Who's that guy?"

Her Mother laughed. "Oh my! That's an old friend of ours! Hunter. Hunter Price. He was your Father's best man at our wedding, you know."

"No! Really?" Stevet was shocked.

"It's true." said her Father laughing "Boy, it's been awhile since I saw Hunter. I wonder how he's doing. It sure would be good to meet up with him again."

You know..." said her Mother thoughtfully "Hunter didn't live more then twenty minutes away from here. If he hasn't moved, maybe we could meet up this summer..."

"That would be great!" said her Father "I'll try to find his phone number in the morning."

"Does he have kids?" asked Stevet, still surprised

"Probably." said her Mother "He got married just before our wedding." she laughed happily, as if remembering fond old memories "Hunter was a exciting man to say the least! If he has kids, no doubt they're just as wild as he once was."

Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's get it going! Huh? =D

Ok, come on, it's been a LONG time since ANYONE's been posting ANYTHING here. Let's bring Written By Us back!!!

Kateri, it's be AWESOME if you'd post your new story here!! It's SO cooland I'm sure everybody is eager to read more. =) <3

I know, I'm the one to talk, but, come on!!!

I'll try to post something soon ok? Here's some BIG news for you all too! Guess what? This blog has 244 posts on it already!!!! I'm not kidding. =D

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Here is a new story I'm writing

Betsy Bradferd

Ten year old Betsy Bradferd held her books tightly as she came into the school yard with all the laughing kids running around. Instead of going to the other girls to jump rope she went in the school and sat dawn at the first seat she saw.

She was so raped up in her books that she had no idea that her teacher was behind her in till her teacher said "You mussed be a very bright girl" Betsy was so surprised that she jumped in her chair then she turned and said "Miss Rose?" "Yes?" "I'm new here so..... "I'm new to so I guess we are both a little scared" Betsy smiled warmly at her new teacher she liked Miss Rose's red hair and her bright happy smile and her nice blown eyes. "what is your name dear?" Miss Rose asked "BetsyBradferd" "It is a pleasure to meet you Betsy. You may pick any seat you like and put your books there" "thank you"

As Miss Rose went to her desk and and started to put her things in place Betsy took a seat in the second row.

Miss Rose went outside and called all the children. A girl came in and saw Betsy sitting there. The girl came up and said "Can we shair a desk?"

The girl was pretty with shoulder length blown hair and a bright smile.

Betsy nodded and the girl sat dawn."my name is Carrie Peterson" "Betsy Bradferd" The two girls smiled at each other. "Can we be friends?" asked Carrie "of course! I'm new here and I don't know many anyone" Betsy said "I know how you feel. This is my second year" Carrie answered taking Betsy's hand.

Just then Miss Rose called for attention and said "my name is Miss Rose and this is my first time teaching. I would like to learn all of your names so can one by one stand up and say your name please?"

It went through the first row and then it was Betsy's turn " Hello, my name is Betsy Braferd" Betsy sat dawn."Well that was easy" She thought After Carrie it was a girls turn she stood up with her nose in the air and said "my name is Samantha" Samantha sat dawn "your last name Samantha?" Miss Rose said "you said all we had to tell you is are names nothing about are last names" Samantha said tossing her gold hair. Betsy was really surprised and every one else was too but Miss Rose said "Okay Samantha if you don't wont to say your last name you do not have to. Next please"

Part of Chapter One By Kateri

Just a new story I started. I have NO idea where it's going and what will happen! It doesn't have a name eaither. By the way "Ceili" is pronounced (KAY-lee), it's Irish! :)

Chapter One: To Athena

It was a cool crisp morning, the mist was rising off the mountains and the sky was turning from pink to blue. All around the city of Durbana the villagers were waking up and beginning their day. Durbana was one of the biggest cities in all of Airloniea, it was home to many men, elves, and dwarfs.

One of these people was sixteen year old Ceili, the only daughter of Ramon and Fayla, the Duke and Duchess of Durbana. Being the Duke and Dutchess made them second to only King Ferdimon, the king of all Airloniea. So Ceilie and her family were very much looked up too and respected. Being the Duke's daughter, Ceile lived a rich and exciting life, but Ceili didn't even seem to know her own power, and lived no differently from any other city girl her age.

"Ceili!" Ceili didn't answer but took one more glance in the mirror hanging on her bedroom wall. Today was a very exciting and important day, and she needed to look her best. She took a look into the glass and smiled, her black hair was pulled gracefully back into an elegant knot, one only elves could master, she was thankful for the hundredth time that her maid was an elf from the Giddien Forest. Ceili checked her dark green velvet dress that showed the tips of her tanned shoulders and framed her small hands with long flowing sleeves. Nothing was out of place.

"Ceili!" Ceili's dark eyes shone with excitement, it must be time to go! "Ceili! Please hurry!" It was Ceili's maid, Solna. Yes! It was time to go at last! To go see King Ferdimon!

"I'm coming!" called Ceili, dashing down the stairs. "Tell me, Solna, how do I look?" She spun around, her skirt flying.

"Perfect! Simply beautiful! Now Ceili, you must quit wasting time! It's time to go! You know how long it takes to get to Athena, and the carriage is waiting outside, love."

"Oh of course!"

Ceili ran out onto the stone front steps with Solna right behind her. Ceili and her parents, along with Solna, were going to spend the summer with the King. Her father had been called by Ferdimon to help aid against the Northern Riders, since they threatened more and more every day. The riders were from the waste-lands up North of Airloniea, they were fearless, war-loving people, who loved to trouble the peaceful Airloniea. The attacked a few times a year, often raiding villages and ruining crops, no doubt they struck a fear into many Airlonieans, but Ceili was not one of them.

She saw this whole outing as a fun adventure, and she felt no fear or worry. The Riders had always been driven away eventually, why should this year be any different? Besides she and Ferdimon's daughter, Marianna were going to be far too bust having fun to worry about the Riders.

"I'll leave the worrying to the King and my Father." she had told her friends.

As the carriage raced through the cobble-stone streets, people came running out of shops and houses, hoping to catch a glimpse of the Duke and his family. Most of the crowds were all fair headed Airlonians, but there were a few elves and a handful of dwarfs here and there.

Cieli raised her hand to her own dark hair. Why was she so dark? Everyone else in her family was as pale as the other Airlonieans. Blond, fair-skinned, and blue eyed. But here was Ceili with raven-black hair, dark eyes, and while though skin wasn't dark, it was darker then her parents'. "Why?" she wondered to herself.

But a sudden voice brought her out of her thoughts. "Ceili."

"Yes, Father?"

"I forgot to tell you before we left, but Ferdimon told me that his daughter won't be at the castle while we're there. She's been sent to her Aunt's for the summer."

"Why?" asked Ceili sadly. She had been looking foward to Marianna's companionship that summer. Who could she visit with now?

Her Father sighed. "For safety. Ferdimon doesn't feel safe having her in Athena with the Riders so close."

Ceili laughed. "Well that's ridiculous! It's not that dangerous, is it?"

"I don't think so." answered her Father "If I thought so, I wouldn't be bringing you or your Mother along."

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

So Cool

Guess what? Remember my story "The First Mate"? You know, my pirate story? Well guess what? It's getting published!!!!

Really! Some printing company picked it up, and they're going to print it! I'm so excited! It won't come out until next summer though. =( But cool huh?

Oh yeah, btw, (highlight this) happy april fools day! hahaha! lol ;)