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Chapter 9

Sorry, I haven't posted in a long time. It didn't work for a while. But here you are now:

Chapter 9: Figuring Out the Note

Arena took it and read it. The note said:

Dear Arena and Elaina,

Me and your father left home and tried to escape from the very bad people. We got a warning from someone and they told us they were coming. Now please, where ever you two are, take good care of yourselves.
We do not know anything about these bad people, but we just know that they are very, very bad, and they are trying to kill everyone in this wood. We don't know why though. So just be very careful. They could be any ware.

your Mother

"Bad people? Trying to kill us? Any ware?" Arena kept asking, she had so many questions swirmming around in her head that she couldn't say them all at once.
Elaina looked at her sadly then nodded.
Arena was very afraid.
"Is that all you wanted to telll me?" asked Arena.

Then Arena told the others they could come back, but just after that she said, "Wait!"
"What?" Elaina then asked.
Arena whispered to her, "Why can't the others know this?"

Elaina sighed then said, "I guess they can." then they came back, and Elaina told them all what happened.

"I don't understand." the chipmunk said after she told them, "why can't we just leave on our journey without looking back and get there? But now there is no use in going to Arena's home and there are enemies looking for us!"
"Calm down, little chipmunk." said Nina, "everything is going to be alright."

"Well, we better hurry if they could be any ware!" pointed out Dhiren.
"Dhiren's right, let's go." said the chipmunk, and they finally ran the way Nina lead them.
After awhile, instead of running Dhiren slowed down and walked.
He then asked Arena, "Can I see that note?" and Arena handed it to him.
"We should figure out who these bad guys are." he said, after he read it.
Arena sighed and said, "Yes, of course we do."

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Chapter 8

Chapter 8: What Happened to Elaina

"He sounds like a very nice elf, and besides, how bad could he be?" Nina whispered back.


"Come on."

"Okay." he said with a sigh.

Before they started walking up again, Arena asked the elf what his name was. He answered, "Dhiren."

"Oh." said Arena, with a smile. Just then, they heard some thumping and rustling.

"Not again." Arena said, but when she found out who it was she was very happy it happened. It was Elaina!

"Elaina!" cried Arena.

"Arena!" cried Elaina, and just like that they flew into each other's arms.

"I thought I'd never see you again." Elaina told Arena quietly, almost a whisper.

Elaina soon let go of Arena and asked, "Who are these people?"

"There my friends." she answered.

"Oh it's nice to meet you all," said Elaina, "but could I speack to Arena alone for a little while?"

Then they all said of course she could and walked away.

"Arena," she said, almost crying, "it is true that I managed to get home..." then she stopped to cry, and Arena hugged her to comfort her, and asked, "What is it?"

Elaina laid her head against Arena's lap for a little while and then she lifted it and said,"But when I reached the oak tree Fathher and Mother were no where to be seen. But they left this note." and she gave Arena a scrap of paper.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Part Two of In TheSearch of Elves

Here's the second part. Tell me what you think! Here's the last part in case you forget what's going on. Enjoy!

Hundreds and hundreds of years later...

"Elsa! Elsa! Where are you?"

"Oh! Coming! Coming, Mother!"

Fourteen year old Elsa dashed up the dirt road to the small shack. She was dressed in a raggy skirt, a sleeveless shirt, and small leather shoes, and a torn cape. Her long, curly, black hair was done up in a loose knot under her kerchief.

"Elsa! I've been calling you forages. Where have you been?"

"Working, Mother. In the fields today, for old Stupnick."

"Ah, that old trouble maker, eh? Alright, come in a clean up for supper. Grandfather is here!"

"Grandfather! Oh wonderful! Is Fabry home yet?"

"No... I thought she was with you. Ah, well, she'll be home soon enough. Now run along. Once you're clean you can sit with your Grandfather, I'll do the cooking and go find your big sister."

Elsa cleaned up, and skipped into the dark and shabby room.

"Good afternoon, Grandfather!" she called smiling

"And a good afternoon to you, dear grand daughter." he said laughing "How was your day?"

"Not bad. I worked the fields today. Stupnick wasn't too cross."

"Ah, good. I'm glad to hear, Elsa. You're working in the fields now? My, my, you've grown up fast!"

Elsa smiled. It felt like only yesterday she had only done the minor slave work. Such as washing clothes and picking weeds.

Elsa was Median. A true median. The rest of her family was too. Her mother, father, big sister, grandfather, and Elsa herself were all slaves. They belonged to the cruel and heartless Inarians.

Elsa's master was a cruel Crelis. He worked her hard and long in his fields. To him slaves weren't people with thoughts and feelings, but animals. Animals he could do whatever he pleased with.

Fabry had a nicer master. A young man named Joule. But his parents, who owned the rest of her family, were mean and uncaring.

Eventually Elsa's family all came back from their long days work. Her Father looked too tired to take another step, as was her Mother. Elsa herself didn't feel much like moving, and her Grandfather could barely raise his head. But Fabry, even though she did look dirty and hard-worked, flitted about the room happy and cheerful. But it was obvious she had been worked hard.

Fabry was like that. Cheerful and happy almost always. And hoping for a better future. She was very pretty. With dark wavy hair and big blue eyes, and skin paper white.

Dinner was served at the old wooden table. Before they ate, they bowed their heads, and Elsa's father said gravely.

"May the Inarians no longer reign."

And they all answered by saying.

"And may Medina sit on thrown again."

But they had to say it very quietly so no Inarian overseers would hear them. If they did it would cause a lot of trouble. After a few minutes the dinner conversation began. It was grave and unhappy. Only Fabry had happy glowing eyes.

Chapter 7

Chapter 7: The Elf

The chipmunk was able to walk without Arena carrying him this time, because he got some rest.

They walked through trees and cleared away branches until they heard someone scampering in the woods that was not them.

"Who's that?" asked Arena, frightened.

"I don't know." said Nina.

The chipmunk just stood there, being still. He looked as if he was frightened too.

Just then, a tall boy elf with long blonde hair came out from hiding behind a tree. He starred at them, then said, "Hello."

Arena was too shy (even for a seventeen year old) to say anything. So Nina said, "Hello, it is nice to meet you. But what are you doing wandering around in this wood?"
The elf's head fell, and he he said, "My parents died, and I have no home, it was destroyed in a fire."
"A fire? That's too bad." Arena finally said.

"Well, if you want you can come with us." Nina said kindly.

"Really?" said the elf.

"Sure." said Nina.

"What are you doing?" wispered the chipmunk to Nina, "we don't know anything about this guy."

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New Story

Hi guys!

I'm going to be posting a new story soon. I haven't really started it yet. This is the fifth time I'm writing this, so I hope I will finally be happy with this one. This is a story about a family and their life. The idea comes from something I had a long time ago. It was a large floor puzzle; a soft picture of many relatives gathered together for a family reunion in the country.

I got it when I was maybe five years old, and I haven't had it for almost three years. It was so old and bits of the pieces were broken off or were just about to. I loved that puzzle so much, and I made up a family of some of the characters drawn on it. They all had yellow hair, except for their father, and I always thought about them and made up ideas for them. I started writing a story about them last year I think it was, I'm not sure, but they only had a few small children.

I began rewriting stories about them with added children I remembered who were in the puzzle. This story I will be posting soon is about that family's life in New Hampshire. I hope you like it! Sorry I rambled on too much.

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: The Beginning of The Journey

"Alright." said Arena, cheerfully.
"Now, let's get a move on." Nina said, and then they rugged up into the woods.

"Nina, when you said it would take a while to get there, how long did you mean it would take?" Arena asked.
Nina said, "Well, it depends, like if someone gets hurt, or if we get tired and slow down."
"Oh, I see." said Arena, then she noticed the chipmunk finding it hard to catch up and said, "Do you want me to carry you?" And the chipmunk said that would be great.

They walked and walkied non stop, and grew tired but still didn't stop.

After a while, the chipmunk finally said while panting, "Can we take a break now?" And Nina nodded. Then they all sat down on rocks.
"What time is it?" asked the chipmunk.
"Five o'clock." answered Nina.

"Can we eat dinner now? I'm very hungry." As you can see he was always very hungry, but Nina said they could.
There wasn't really much for dinner because they didn't have that much time to pack. But at least they had enought to fill themselves.
After that and talking a little bit, they started off into the woods again.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Chapter 5

Chapter 5: Nina Starts to Help

"Hello Nina." said Arena, "nice to meet you."
"Nice to meet you too. Your little friend told me all about you." Nina said to her, sweetly.
Arena laughed and said, "I bet he did."
"Now little chipmunk, why do you bring your friend to me?" asked Nina.
He answered, "Because she needs help Nina. You see she is lost, and I was wondering if you could help her get back to her home."
Nina smiled a big smile and cried, "Why of course I can help you!"
"Oh, that's wonderful!" exclaimed Arena, she was very, very happy.
"All I need to know is where you live." said Nina, with a smile still on her face.
"That's easy," Arena replied, "I live in a huge oak tree that is far away from here, but is different from all the other oak trees."
"Hmmm, I see. But before we start on our journey, I should fix you two up some lunch. It's one o'clock already."
The chipmunk smiled and said, "Good, I'm hungry." So Arena helped Nina pick some berries from outside and cut bread.
After lunch and packing, they set on their journey.
"Now, you said you live in a big oak tree that is different from the others. Then we should walk up north, it isgoing to take a log while, but it'll be worth it." Nina told Arena.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Meet Nina

After thinking for a while, the chipmunk said to Arena, "I know someone who can help you. She is very, very old, wise smart and kind, and her name is Nina."
"You do? Where is she?" Arena said, surprised.
And the chipmunk said, "Only a short way from here, come on."
So Arena and the chipmunk started off into the woods.
"Are you sure it's a short way to where she lives?" asked Arena.
"I'm sure." said the chipmunk, almost sternly.
"Okay, okay." Arena said.
The leaves crackled as they walked among them.
Soon they came to a river, and jumped from rock to rock to pass it. Arena laughed because she was having so much fun.
Because the little chipmunk was so small, Arena had to help him across the river. But she didn't mind a bit.
After they crossed the river, they only had a little ways to walk to reach Nina's home! She lived in a tree too, just like Arena. And there was a wooden door at the entrance of the tree with a wooden dorrknob. "Here we are." said the chipmunk, happily. Arena smiled and said, "Good." Ten she knocked on the doorr. Just then a sweet and kind voice said, "Come in." And Arena opened the door. "Meet Nina." said the chipmunk to Arena.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Beauty Abounds

Beauty All Around Me
by Anna

The afternoon sun is shining brilliantly,
Fluffy white clouds are passing slowly by…
Goodness reveals itself, as far as the eye can see.

Fragrant breezes waft gently by…
Beauty all around me...I feel I could fly.

The moon beams tenderly down on me tonight,
Darkness shrouds me like a cloak.
Stars sparkling, so lovely, so bright.

Sweetness and splendor are clear to the eye...
Beauty all around me...I feel I could fly.

In the early morning I see dewdrops on the flowers.
Beauty, glory spreads across the morning sky…
Showing God’s almighty powers.

Such loveliness abounds, I feel I could cry…
Beauty all around me...I feel I could fly.

A tiny child gives his mother his first smiles.
A flower spreads its first delicate petals.
A little girl surmounts her first difficult trials.

I don’t want this time to pass me by…
Beauty all around me...I feel I could fly.

I'd really love any constructive criticism anyone can give me. I can't help somehow feeling that I'm doing something all of my poems are missing something... haha, I dunno lol :P

Lol, maybe I just need to take more time on them...I've really been writing all of them in a couple of minutes so far... Except for Home, which did take me a couple of hours....What do you think? =/

School Days

This is just a silly poem I wrote when I was bored....I haven't really tried to perfect it or anything, and it's not very good :P

School Days
by Anna

I sit at my desk from dawn until dark,
Drumming my fingers and tapping my feet,
Thinking of, wishing for, some kind of lark.
Wishing for a break, some fun, a nice treat.

The alarm starts ringing at six in the morning,
The sun’s barely up yet, so why should I be?
I whine and I groan, I’m twisting and turning,
It’s true: on school days, I’m real far from free.

I’m up and I’m at’em, or so I should be…
Please, five more minutes, maybe just ten?
But the textbooks are calling, beckoning me,
So I gather my notebooks and my most favorite pen.

I’ll delve into my history first, I valiantly say,
’Cause the sooner it’s over the better for all.
I open the textbook and jump into the fray.
It’s about the ancient kingdoms and how they fall.

Once that’s over, I’ve got my English to do,
Diagrams, interjections, objects of prepositions,
Writing papers and almost wishing I had the flu.
I think maybe school kids should start some petitions!

No school when we’re tired, or when we feel down,
Lots of breaks, lots of vacations, more holidays too!
Lots of shopping and larking and going to town!
We’d have fun from dawn till dusk, it’s true!

But till then, I guess I’m stuck here till Saturday.
Here with my science, my Latin…my studies.
But when Saturday comes around, (come soon, I pray!)
I’ll just sit back and relax, have fun with my buddies.

Chapter 3

Chapter 3: An Adventure

"I'm lost." said Arena, sadly.

"Why!" said the chipmunk, "your not lost. I can lead you to your home in a second!"


And this made Arena feel much better. Her little friend soon started to show the way. But soon after, he noticed that he didn't know the way. And when Arena heard this she said, "Oh no!" and started to worry again.
The chipmunk patted her hand and said it was going to be alright. And after thinking for a while, it said, "And it is going to be an adventure!"
Arena just starred at him and said, "But I might never see my family again!"
"Sure you will." he said. But Arena did nothing but put on a sad look. So her friend gave her a smile and said, "Really. the same thing happened to my father."
"What?" asked Arena, anxiously.
"Well," he said, "He told me that one time he got lost, and become very worried and afraid. Until he explored the woods and met all kinds of friendlty animals. and it turned into a wondeful adventure. After days of adventure he found his way back home."
"Wow." said Arena, then shook her head, "it was like that for your father but not for me."
"Stop saying that. It will happen, I know it will." said the chipmunk.
Arena sighed and then finally agreed.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Chapter 2

Chapter 2: Arena Gets lost

When Arena and Elaina were outside, they were not in a yard they were in a woods, because they lived in an oak tree that was in the woods. They started to clear away some leaves, and somehow thy got separated. They could not find each other and called loudly, but there was no answer. Both of them were very worried. Elaina soon managed to find a way back, and tried tell Arena, but she couldn't, they were too far apart from each other.
Arena was so worried, that she felt she could cry. She did not know what to do. So she tried to walk back, but she forgot the way, and just like that, she knew she was lost. Just then tears sprang through her eyes.
Her little friend the chickmunck, (who could talk) lived too far away back into the woods to see her and try to comfort her, she thought. But just as she thought this, she was wrong!
The little chickmunck did hear her, and was looking for her that very moment.
Soon Arena heard some scampering in the woods, (that was the little chickmunck.)
She did not know this until the chickmunck reached her.

"What's wrong?" the chickmunck asked.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

School Assignment

This is an assignment I just wrote for school in creative writing. First in this week I read:

The Manly Life
By Henry Van Dyke

Four things a man must learn to do
If he would make his record true:
To think without confusion clearly;
To love his fellow men sincerely;
To act from honest motives purely;
To trust in God and Heaven securely.

I was told to write my thoughts about it. They gave me some other quotes:

This above all: to thine own self be true,
And it must follow, as the night and the day
Thou canst not be false to any man.
- Hamlet

I was also given:

You learn to speak by speaking, to study
by studying, to run by running, to work by working;
in just the same way, you learn to love by loving.
- St. Francis De Sales

And so I wrote:

Both quotes, from Hamlet and St. Francis De Sales are similar to "The Manly Life." For example:
"This above all, to thine own self, be true"
"Thou canst not be false to any man." -Hamlet
"in just the same way, you learn to love by loving." -St. Francis De Sales

They both make the same points and advice as in "The Manly Life."

The Adventures Of Arena

Chapter 1: Arena

Arena lived in an enormous oak tree. She was an elf, very knd and gentle. She was a seventeen year old, very pretty. And her younger sister looked up to her so much. Arena always wore a beatiful neckolice around her neck that had a pretty, blue diamond at the end of it.

"Pleas can I ware that neckolice just once?" asked Arena's little sister, whose name was Elaina and she was twelve.
"No!" cried Arena. She had been telling her that for a long time, and was tired of doing it. But Elaina just gave her a stern look.
"Honey, that is a neckolice that is very special to Arena, remember?" said Mother.
A long time ago, their Grand-mother gave Arena that neckolice when she died.
So Arena has been trieing to keep it safe ever since.
Elaina let out a big sigh, and stopped begging to ware it.
"Do you want to go outside?" asked Arena.
"Sure." said Elaina.

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My New Story!

Okay, I will be posting a new story soon. It will be great. I will still post that other story, but I will also post the other one. I still did not figure out the plo yet, but I will very soon.

I can't wait until I do! That is all I wanted to tell you.

Sunday, October 19, 2008


This is a fantasy story my brother and I are writing. Tell me what you think! This is the third time we're writing this and I think we've finally got it.


By M.C. and T. G. Froula


The waves, crashing violently against the ship, were enormous, strong, and white with foam. Arena held her small baby tightly against her, wrapping a thin wool blanket around his little body.

A large, black ship was looming up ahead. It came crashing through the water, aiming right at them. It whooshed into plain view, heavy and monstrous. Grappling hooks were shot onto their ship, the sharp knives sticking into the sides. Pirates, huge and fierce, began climbing the ropes, knives in their mouths. They leaped onto the deck, slaying anyone who came in reach. Arena shrunk back in the corner of her husband Ainer’s cabin, hugging her baby. Ainer shielded her, bearing a sword. The leader was yelling and swinging his blade. He burst into the cabin, rearing on Ainer. Steel clashed and they spun around, Ainer slashing with his sword at all possible moments. He was panting and sweating, his chest heaving, when the leader swung his sword, right down on him, forcing him to the ground, and stabbing at his stomach.

Arena shrieked, and he turned in on her. He slashed at her chest, and grabbed at her baby. He cried and kicked his legs.

Ainer’s vision was blurred. He took one last look as the pirate ran out with his son in his arms.

Arena was gasping, the blood pouring out, and she lay next to her husband until she breathed her last.

Chapter Seven

Chapter Seven: Trip to the Library

It was September 10th Wednesday, Mama did school with as always. And it was so easy because they had just started on September 1st. Charlotte was so cute when she gurgled and laughed, and even when she cried. She was the cutest little one in their family. She loved to such on toys, or anything she could such on, like most all babies. Rosie always wanted to hold her standing up, but of course she was too young. She cried often when she was hungry or when she wanted something, and if someone scolded her a little bit. They all loved her very much, and could not wait until she could walk or talk. They thought it would be adorable if she id though, at such a young age.

“When will I ever be done with my school!” moaned Sarah. She hated school very much and wish did not have to it ever. But she did so she tried her best to go through it, she even cried a little bit. So Mama came over and rubbed her back trying to calm her, and said: “What is it honey? If you just tell me I bet I can help you.” She said in her very sweet voice.

“Okay,” Sarah said wiping her tears. “School is just so hard, I don’t think I can do it!”

“Oh, of course you can, here what is bothering you?”

Sarah looked down at her page of work and pointed at the problems. Just when Mama began to help her, Charlotte burst out and said in her baby voice: “Mama!”

“Did you hear that? She said her first word! She said “Mama”! Mama cried, laughing.

Oh, yes Mama! We did! That was so cute!” cried Evelyn.

“Yeah!” Yeah!” voices said. They all cheered, with smiles on their faces. They were so happy that their baby sister finally said her very first word. Charlotte gurgled and laughed, she loved everyone giving so much attention.

“Isn’t it so wonderful, Sarah? She was so adorable saying that little word “Mama”.

Oh, yes!” replied Sarah.

Are you done with school yet, Sarah asked Mama. Sarah shook her head.”Okay then, everyone we’re going to the library, get ready. If you are not done with your school yet, than you can do it there.” Mama announced.

They were all happy that they were going to the library, because there were so many books at the library. And it was much more fun to do work at the library than home. So they all put their shoes on and hoped in the car. They drove past the country fields, and the pretty houses, until they reached the library.

“We are here!” said Rosie and they drove into the parking lot. Everyone piled out of the car, and walked into the library.

It was a quite library filled with shelves of books, and people reading them. The librarians were so nice. They helped Rosie sharpen a pencil, and adored the baby. Sarah quickly tried to finish her schoolwork, then looked for books and sat down and read them. There was a librarian they knew there. “Hello Elizabeth! It is so nice to see you again!” cried Mama. “Hello!” said the librarian quickly. Mama gave her a large grin.

“What a cute baby you have! What is her name?” said the librarian.

“Charlotte.” answered Mama.

“What a beautiful name!” exclaimed the librarian.

“Thank you.” replied Mama. Mama then turned to look at Evelyn who was doing her school, and felt sorry for her. So she told her she could take a break and pick out some books. Evelyn was glad when she heard this, and hurriedly stopped her work, said thank you to Mama and disappeared into the long shelves of the books. Mama laughed, seeing the site of her daughter stopping so quickly.

Samuel looked at Mama and asked her if he could look for a book he needed for school. And of course Mama said yes.

When everyone, and herself got everything they needed, and Mama said by and thank you to the librarian they went home. They all walked out of the library, and into the van.

They drove past the houses and fields, until they reached their own home.

Samuel and Evelyn were still not done with their school but they finished it at the end of the day.

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Who is he?

I'm sure a lot of you are wondering the same thing I am, that is, Who in the world is Professor James Duhicky?!? Who ever he is seems rather silly, yet smart. And is FULL of advice!

Anyway, I've got some guesses, I think he comes from WorldGirl.

Well, Professor, keep on coming over to visit us! And keep giving us your great advice!

Part One (In The Search of Elves)

Tell me what you think!!!

Many, many years ago, in the beginning of a world, four countries were made. Ulcer, Asmeld, Medina, and Inari.

to the far north was Ulcer. Ulcer was a wasteland, covered in ice and snow all year long. Nobody, except a few humans dared try and live there. Ulcer had a huge mountain range, known as The Tharks, they were the boarder line to Medina and Inari, who were to the south of Ulcer. Ulcer had no ruler, no laws, the small handful of humans that lived there were quite folks, who just struggled to stay alive.

Asmeld was the furthest to the south. A rich land, completely inhabited by large numbers of dwarfs. Asmeld was made mostly up of small hills and sloping valleys. Very warm, it almost never snowed. The dwarfs kept to them selves. Never wanting to do anything with any other country. They were ruled by a kind and very wise dwarf king. And with his help, they soon became the richest and wisest country in the word.

Medina was a beautiful and gentle land. Pleasant weather and gorgeous landscapes. Rivers, forests, lakes, valleys, and mountains. Elves and humans thrived in Medina's small towns, while magical creatures of all sorts lived in the untamed wilderness. The humans and elves had their own rulers, though they often lived together. Medina was in the middle of all the countries, Ulcer to the north, Asmeld to the south, Inari to the east, and the Clacle Sea to the west. Medina was very peaceful and gentle, and had very little people compared to Inari and Asmeld.

Inari was a fierce small land. Ugly, dark, and barren, it was a dreary place. Ruled by an evil master mind of a king, it was not a kind country. Dreadful creatures along with evil man, made their homes in Inari. Inari had a huge, brutal, well trained, army. Not a pleasant place, Inari was feared and hated by all the other countries.

After severe hundred years, Inari attacked Medina in the dead of night. Not expecting anything, and having very little people, they were soon defeated. Asmeld could have helped the poor Medians, but chose not to, for fear of Inari attacking Asmeld. Inari soon took total control over Medina. Killing the human king and elven queen.

They forced all the humans into slavery, giving them almost nothing to live on. The Inarians knew better then to try and enslave the elves, with the strange and magical ways and simply tried to kill them all off, and they almost did. Only a few elves managed to escape. Those that did, fled far into the wilderness of Medina, never returning.

The Inarians also killed off most of the beautiful magical creatures. The unicorns, fairies, spirits, dwarfs, and dragons. Only a small number of these creatures managed to escape. They ones that did hid themselves well, and were rarely seen.

So in less then a year, Medina was destroyed and taken over.

Soon all that was left of the beautiful gentle country was hundreds of slaves and countless evil monsters and men.

These monsters didn't have a name for their breed. Each one of them was different in it's on horrible way. But they were often referred to as"The Crelis". Many years before the attack, they had, had a great warrior named Crelis. He led the monsters into battle, and soon become very famous for his merciless ways. After the years went by, all the monsters were referred to as "Crelis's Army", or simply "Crelis".

As the years went by the Median slaves' hope grew slimmer and slimmer. Forced to do brutal work, till they died, was their awful fate. Dressed in rags and living in small shabby huts, they had almost no hope. They were a dying race, and they knew it wouldn't be long till they were as scarce as the elves and the magical creatures of old.

Chapter Six

Chapter Six: A Ballet class

One cool but not cold morning, Mama made eggs for breakfast, and then she did Rosie’s school work with her. And of course, taught everyone else school. At around 1:00 in the afternoon, Mama checked the mail, and there was a letter from Aunt Michele. She quickly went inside and read it. It was an invitation for her girls to do the Ferrier’s Aunt Marie’s ballet class! Mama gasped, and told the girls at once. “Rosie, Sarah, come here!” said Mama. So they went to Mama, who was sitting on the couch in the living room. “What is it, Mama?” asked Sarah. “Well, you know the Ferriers Aunt Marie, she is a ballet teacher now and she invited you guys to do it!” “Wow, yes, this is great!” said Rosie. “Oh, yeah this is GREAT, I always wanted to do ballet, and I finally can!” exclaimed Sarah. Then she looked at the letter. “But it is from Aunt Michele.” She said, confused. “Oh, well I think their Aunt Marie told Aunt Michele to send us this.” Mama explained. And guess what, Alice Irene and Cecile are doing it too!” “Yay, this is so exciting! When does it start?” asked Sarah. “This Monday 2:00 to 4:00 and for Rosie 1:00 to 1: 30,” answered Mama. “That is in three weeks Rosie!” exclaimed Sarah. “Yay!” said Rosie. “Can we play dollhouse now?” But don’t you want to go outside and pick strawberries?” “Okay, let’s go.” answered Rosie. The two girls went outside and ran to the strawberry bushes. They knelt down and picked mounds of berries, then brought them inside to Mama, who put them in the fridge so the berries could get cold to bake with. “Oh, thank you girls.” said Mama. “I’ll make a pie out of these with some others tomorrow, how does that sound?” “Wonderful!” exclaimed Rosie and Sarah. Mama gave them a smile. Helen was outside riding on her horse all this time, and the boys were helping Papa work. Mama heard Charlotte crying upstairs waking from her nap. But Mama was busy she needed to change Joey’s diaper, she needed to clean the kitchen, and she needed to do the laundry. So she called out to Evelyn to do it. Evelyn came running in the house panting from riding on her horse. And right away went upstairs to get Charlotte. Soon, she came back down, balancing Charlotte on her hip. “Evelyn! Evelyn!” cried Sarah.


“Aunt Marie is a ballet teacher, and she’s teaching me, Alice, Rosie Irene, and Cecile!”

“Wow! That sounds wonderful!” replied Evelyn.

“I always wanted to do ballet,” Sarah said, and began dancing around the room. Mama laughed and hugged Sarah, as she swept the floor. And I will see Cecile every week!” she added.

“Yes, dear it will be fun won’t it?”

“Oh yes!”

“Why do we go outside and play a game?” asked Evelyn.

“Okay” said Sarah, let’s get the boys.” But they did not have to, they were already outside.

So the three weeks went past slowly, making the girls wait. But Mama went shopping with them to get ballet cloths so that was fun for them, while they were waiting. But the day came September 8th finally; Sarah and Rosie were very, very excited. They had their black leotards, white new tights, and a darker pink waist bands. “We finally can go! You can finally can go!” exclaimed Rosie.

“Yeah!” cried Sarah.

“Alright Sarah, get in the car.” said Mama. Sarah cheered and ran as fast as she could into the van.

“I can learn all these ballet steps, and grace full moves!” said Sarah.

“And so can I!” added Rosie. Soon, Charlotte, Sarah, and Mama were in the car, and they drove off to the studio. They heard Charlotte gurgle and laugh, and Sarah said, “Looks like Charlotte is happy she’s going.” Mama laughed and agreed. It was only a fifteen minute drive and soon they were there! “We are here!” exclaimed Mama. “Yay!” the Sarah cheered. Mama got Charlotte out of the van, and they all walked to the studio.

When they reached the inside, Aunt Marie greeted them with a laugh and a hug, welcoming them. “I’m so glad you could take the class, oh she is so cute!” Miss Anderson said. (Aunt Michele’s sister.) Then Mama told Miss Anderson how much Sarah loved ballet. “I’m glad to hear that, Come and see your cousin.” So Mama said good-bye to Sarah and gave her a hug, then went out the door. “Cecile!” cried Sarah.

“Sarah!” cried Cecile. And they both ran and hugged each other tightly.

Sarah quickly took off her jeans that covered her ballet suit and put on her ballet shoes. Aunt Marie had them all stand up in a row. And she taught them dance steps, and a lot of ways to move their arms and legs gracefully. When she saw the whole class do them perfectly, she said, “Good, now we are going to do it with music.”

It lasted two hours, Sarah’s favorite part of Monday. She did not want to leave when Mama came to pick her up. But of course she had to, and she knew she would come back the next week.

When they came home, Sarah told everyone all about her first ballet class. She told them how nice Miss Anderson was, and that it was so professional. That made Rosie even more excited to have her ballet class. Mama said that she was so happy she liked it.

“Oh, Mama, I love it even more than you think! I fun!” Mama gave her a large grin and said, “Then I think you will be a very famous ballerina some day.”

Friday, October 17, 2008

Home at last!


By Anna

The sky above was growing dark
The view around was bleak and stark.
Little Lea could not be found
By her friends who sought her ‘round.

They searched among her normal places,
And fear was clear upon all faces
As the sky grew dimmer still,
And the evening air began to chill.

In the forest, all alone
Upon small Lea the moon shone.
She sat upon a little rock,
Looking round and taking stock.

She shivered as the red sun disappeared.
A great new menace to be feared
Were the sounds of the dark eve,
The hoots of owls; the crunch of leaves.

She shut her eyes and breathed a prayer,
“Oh dearest Lord, you’re always there.
You know my dangers and my fears,
You’ve guarded me for all these years.

“Help me now, these dangers face,
Far from me these terrors chase.
Help me not despair of aid,
You will help all you have made.”

Little Lea with greatest bravery,
Refused to cry, such pluck had she.
She tried to block out of her ears
The sounds that woke her childish fears.

But suddenly a sound reached her ears,
A sound that wakened all her fears.
The crunch of leaves, the ruffle of trees.
She quickly sent up silent pleas.

From the dark, a figure rose,
And stuck a most impressive pose.
“Who is this,” the voice did say,
“Who trespasses in my woods today?”

“Excuse me, sir,” little Lea gasped,
Her cold, small hands before her clasped,
“I wandered in these woods alone,
I’m frightened and want to go home.

“Please, kind sir, won’t you help,
This lonesome, frightened little whelp?”
The figure stepped into the light
Of the moon, and into sight.

It was no man, but a boy,
His dirty face a grin of joy.
He had seemed, when hidden by trees
Taller than the tallest anyone sees.

In truth he was not very tall,
In fact he was really quite small.
His ragged clothes were worn and old.
In the frigid breeze, he shivered with cold.

“Good evening, miss,” with grins he said
Scratching his ruffled, shaggy head.
“I guess these woods are as much yours as mine,
But I’ve lived my whole life among oak and pine.

“I s’pose your lost, and so am I…in a way.
But better two, than one, I say.
Nice to meet you, my name’s Nate,
Seems I was brought here by Mistress Fate.”

The little lass gave a sniffle.
“Will you stop talking piffle?”
She heaved a sigh, shaking her head.
“I want to be home, safe in bed.

“Not lost with a dirty lad,
Who’s probably really awfully bad.
I hoped you were a kindly sir,
Not a smelly, ragged cur.”

“Well now,” the young mister said,
“No reason to be so awful mad.
I can help you find your home,
I all about this forest roam.

“I’m sure I know the quickest way
And I’ll help you there… if I can stay.
Just for this night, I’d better add!
I’m truly not really awfully bad,

“But I’ve got no place to stay,
And if I take you back, you’ve got to pay.
So give me a haystack, give me a bed,
Just somewhere soft to lay my head.”

The little lass heaved a big sigh,
“What other realistic choice have I?
I truly can’t stay here all night,
I fear if I did I’d die of fright.

“So since you give me no other choice,
I suppose you have reason to rejoice…
If you get me home safe and sound,
You shan’t spend tonight on the ground.”

“Thank you Miss, now we’d better start.
From these woods we’ll now depart.
Tell me now, what your home looks like
Before we start our homeward hike.”

She told him of its size and hue,
How it was large and a light blue.
“Why, yes, I’ve seen that house before,
In fact I’ve knocked upon its door!”

So young Nate with joy declared,
“A tasty lunch your brother shared
With me, a poor, young starving lad.
This home is yours? I’m awful glad.

“So now we’d better hurry fast,
And you’ll be safe at home at last.”
So together the two set on their way
Through the woods where the animals play.

It was not long before a house came in view.
It was fine and big and a light blue.
Little Lea cried out with joy,
Rushing from the woods with the boy.

She rushed up the steps and into the hall
Into the warmth of her mother’s shawl.
“Darling,” her mother cried, with tears,
And her little brother gave three cheers.

“Mother, dear,” said little Lea,
“May I tell you my idea?
In the woods I met a boy called Nate.
It seems it was destined by Mistress Fate

“That he and I should meet there.
It was as if he came in answer to my prayer
For he helped me find my way back here,
And he is kind, that’s surely clear.

“I’m afraid that I was rude and mean
Because he was ragged and unclean.
But he hasn’t any home,
All his life he’s roved and roamed.

“He hasn’t any friends or family,
Alone in the world, a boat at sea.
Could he live with us, right here,
And always have a mother near?”

“Oh dearest daughter, where is the lad,
That he may hear and be glad!
He shall have a home to live in,
For the kindness he has given.”

Little Lea stepped outside,
For to young Nate this happiness confide.
Yet when she cried and yelled his name,
No answer to her shrill call came.

“Why, where on earth has he gone,”
She asked the moon as it brilliantly shone.
“Why did he leave, I cannot say,
Why would he want to go away?”

But no answer to her query came,
And when her mother asked the same,
She shook her head unhappily.
Why had Nate left, she could not see.

Later on as she lay in bed,
She thought of Nate, alone, unfed.
Suddenly, on her window,
She heard a knock, a quiet blow.

What in heaven could it be?
She crossed the room, better to see.
On the roof, young Nate sat.
In his thin arms he held a cat!

Quickly Lea opened the window,
And in Nate hurried on silent tiptoe.
“What are you doing on the roof?
You must be crazy…this is proof!”

“Don’t be mad, now,” smiled he,
And Lea really couldn’t be.
“See this fine young tabby cat?
He’s old and not the least bit fat,

“And as I waited outside your house,
I saw him chase a little mouse.
He scrambled after the poor beast,
Bound to have his little feast.

“But the little mouse scurried into a hole,
And old kitty here never had his full.
I felt for him, cause I know what hunger is,
So I hoped my bed for tonight could be his.

“I went to fetch him, but he’s rather shy.
Nonetheless, I coxed him, by and by,
To come with me to your cheerful home,
Where I hoped you’d give him a little bone,

“And maybe a little bed to rest,
‘Til morning comes and this old pest
Goes to scramble about, happily free,
After a helpless mouse or up a lofty tree.

“I hoped you wouldn’t mind,
But if you let him stay, you’ll be awfully kind.
I’ll give him my bed, for the night,
And I’ll find my own place to sleep tight.”

“Don’t be silly!” Lea cried gleefully,
“This cat shall have a bed with me
Every night forever more,
And so shall you, so good and poor.

“You shall live here with my mother,
Share my sister and my brother.
We shall be a family,
You shall live here happily!

“Please do stay here with us
Let my mother cuddle and fuss,
She wants you as a son, to raise and love,
To admire and be proud of.

“So what do you say,
Will you with us stay,
And grow up merrily with us here,
Where you’ll no longer hunger or fear?”

Young Nate with tears and utmost shock,
Could not in his blissful happiness talk.
To be loved, to have a home,
A place to really call his own!

With happiness unheard of, unimagined ever before,
He realized his lonesome boat had finally reached shore.
Here he was, at home at last.
Regardless of his lonesome past,

All his wishes had now come true,
A home his own, a large house – blue!
With a happy sigh of bliss,
He gave his new sister a kiss.

“There’s my answer, sweetest sister,
Another name could not be fitter
For you, so sweet, so kind and fine,
And to imagine…a sister…mine!”

And together, Lea and young Nate,
Thanked kind, sweet Mistress Fate,
For united them as siblings, friends.
They knew they'd live happily, to the end.

Chapter Five

Chapter Five: A visit With Cousins

One early morning when Mama was making breakfast in the kitchen, and the children were working in the farm outside, Mama thought they could invite the Ferriers, (their cousins) over for the afternoon and dinner. She did not tell papa about it until he came inside. And papa said that was a great idea. Only a little while after the children came inside with pails full of berries, and eggs, and milk. Then they had breakfast, and Mama and Papa told the children they were going to invite the Ferriers over after lunch. There were cheers and laughs, the children were so excited that they were going to see their cousins again. They ate their breakfast quickly, and hoped that the morning would pass very fast. The boys went outside again and played with their dog Scotch. The girls went outside too and waited in the pond. Rosie splashed in the water. “Hey don’t splash me,” cried Sarah. “Okay” said Rosie. “I can’t wait, we are going to see the Ferriers today!” said Evelyn, very excitedly. “Yes!” cried Sarah. “And I can’t wait to see Irene!” said Rosie. “And think of all the things we can do together too!” said Evelyn. Mama was outside too now, watering her garden. And she went to tell the girls that she just called the Ferriers, and invited them here. “Yes, I can’t wait, I can’t wait!” exclaimed Rosie. Mama laughed and said “I can’t wait either honey.” “What time is it?” asked Sarah. Mama looked at her watch and said “11:50.” “Ten minutes and an hour, right Mama?” asked Sarah. “Yes” replied Mama, and she went inside to her baby Charlotte crying. So she picked her up, and feed her cold creamy milk. She was glad that their cousins were going to come, and have their time her kids. It was 12:00 very soon, and Papa told the children that the Ferriers were going to come in one hour. Evelyn gasped; all the children were so surprised that it did go by so quickly. “Yay!” said Rosie. “Oh, yes!” cried the boys. Mama looked down at the floors of her house, it was so messy, and the Ferriers were going to come so soon. So she told all the children except for the two babies’ to help her clean the house before they got there. So they all pitched in to clean it. They hurried because they knew that it would take awhile to clean the whole entire house. Evelyn quickly picked up the toys in the living room and picked up her own room. Mama and Sarah cleaned the kitchen. And Sarah also cleaned her room, they all cleaned their rooms. And soon the house was clean, and it was 1:00 but they did not come yet and Rosie did not understand. Isaac laughed. “They maybe five or ten minutes late, honey but it’s okay” said Mama. “Oh” said Rosie, still not understanding. Come, Rosie let’s go and pick some berries while we are waiting” suggested Evelyn. Mama smiled at Evelyn, and Rosie went with her outside. But right when they went outside, the Ferriers big van parked next to their house on the country road. “They’re here, they’re here!” yelled Rosie. “Yay!” cried Evelyn. And the Ferrier family poured out of their van. “Helen!” cried Evelyn. “Evelyn!” cried Helen. Helen and Evelyn hugged very tightly. Sarah saw Cecile and said “Oh, Cecile, your finally here!” and they hugged each other tightly too. And Rosie found Irene and Alice with Aunt Michelle holding their hands. “Hewo, Awice an’ Iwene” Rosie said. “Hewo, Wosie” Irene said. “Hi, Rosie!” said Alice excitedly. The three girls hugged. Mama hugged Aunt Michelle and laughed. “We are so glad you could come!”Mama said. The grownups started to chat right away. And the boys went to ride on Streak their VERY fast and VERY rough horse. And the girls chated under a cherry blosom tree, and wrote in their journals. All the grownups went inside, and Mama fixed up some lemonade and coffee with whipped cream on top. “Thank you so much, April!” said Aunt Michelle. “Oh, you’re welcome.” Said Mama.

Meanwhile, outside Cecile held a blue bag over her shoulder, and took a container of a bunch of coins. “This is my coin collection.” She said. “Oh, cool!” exclaimed Sarah. “Do you wanna see my new doll house?” Rosie asked Alice and Irene. “Sure!” they said. And the girls went inside and played with the dollhouse. “Can you tell me what your writing in your Journal, Cecile?” asked Sarah. “no, not right now but maybe later.” Cecile answered. “Okay, you can read mine later too.” Said Sarah. Helen and Evelyn looked at a Reminisce magazine, and talked about it.

“Ooh, look at that dress and that girl!”They would say, or:

“I would love to have that horse right there!”

“Do you want to see Scotch our dog, I think he’s inside?” “Oh, yes I don’t think I ever saw him before.” answered Cecile. The two girls went inside too, and played with Scotch. But Helen and Evelyn stayed outside. “Did you have lunch yet?” asked Sarah.

“Yes, we had lunch before we left.”

Cecile petted Scotch gently. “He is a nice dog.” said Cecile.

“Thank you.” replied Sarah.

“It is Joey’s birthday soon!” exclaimed Sarah.

“Ooh, how old is he turning?” asked Cecile. “Two.” “I know, lets arrange a game of capture the flag boys against girls!” suggested Cecile. “That is a great idea.” said Cecile. “First let’s have some lemonade, before we tell everyone.” said Sarah. So they had lemonade, and then got everyone to play. Once they got the flag, (which was a cup) and everyone was outside, they played. The girls hid their under a berry bush, and the boys hid theirs up in a tree.

And finally when they were done hiding their flags, they all ran out and guarded and tried to either save someone from jail or get the flag. Soon the game was over and the boys won. But they did not care much because they had fun anyway. Mama opened the door of their house and yelled “If you want a snack come inside, children!” So the kids went inside and saw that it was tarts. “Hurray!” exclaimed Sarah. And everyone ate a snack of raspberry tarts. “Let’s play another game after this!” suggested Cecile. “Like what?” asked Sarah. “Maybe we can play tag outside.” said Cecile. “Okay.” replied Sarah. So they went outside after their snack and played tag with Evelyn and Helen too. And after they played tag outside all the girls picked apples and rode on horses. Evelyn had a horse that was white and was named Moonlight, and Helen and Evelyn ride on that one. Cecile and Sarah rode on their pretty beige horse named Caramel. With some help from the older girls, Alice, Irene and Rosie rode on Snowflake for a little while. Then they collected four eggs from the chickens, and tried to pick them up. But of course it was not hard for Evelyn too, because she was the one who always took care of them. Alice Cecile and Sarah picked blackberries and gave them to Mama inside. Soon it was 4:00 in the afternoon, and Mama began to roast hamburger meat. The four oldest girls went under their shady apple bosom tree, and wrote in their journals and talked. They laughed and talked about how fast Streak and Thunder bolt went, and that they should be trained. Evelyn looked beyond the fields and saw a glimpse of the boys going in the woods. “Hey do you guys want to go in the woods?” she asked. “The boys are.” “Yeah let’s go!” exclaimed Helen. So the girls put their shoes on and ran through the fields and into the woods. They saw some a couple of red and yellow leaves in the woods, and they knew that it was because fall was coming. The woods were so pretty with the tall trees, and the sun setting. The Davis girls helped the Ferrier girls make their own forts, and the Davis boys helped the Ferrier boys to make their own forts there. After all the forts were made, Cecile and Sarah cleared in their forts and around them. So did Helen and Evelyn, and Alice Rosie Irene. The three little girls pretended they had a store in the woods, and they used rocks to put the nature supplies on. They solled in their little pretend store, neat sticks, colorful leaves, mas, and shiny rocks that looked like crystals. “Look, over here Sarah, it’s our store in the woods!” exclaimed Rosie. So Sarah and Cecile walked over. “Oh, that’s so nice, may we buy something?” said Sarah. “Oh sure!” answered Alice. They looked at the things and said they wanted to buy some of the rocks. “Okay.” said Irene. “Here they are, there for free too!” Wow, thank you.” said Cecile. Then they heard a faint call. “Time for dinner kids!” yelled Mama from the house. So all the children went out of the woods and into the house. “What is for dinner, Mama?”asked Isaac. Hamburgers!” said Mama. And the table is all set too, so why don’t you sit down.” Everyone sat down, and Papa led grace, then everybody started preparing hamburgers. And they all started chatting until they were finished eating. Thank you so much, that was so good April!” said Aunt Michele after they were done. “Oh, thank you for helping me.” Mama replied. “Well, kids we should be going pretty soon.” said Aunt Michele. “No!” cried Irene. “Oh, honey I know you want to stay but we have to leave sometime.” said Aunt Michele. Evelyn gave a big sigh, and all the children put sad faces on. “It’s okay guys we will see each other again soon.” said Mama. So everyone said “good-bye” and hugged each other tightly, hoping to see them again very, very soon. They all walked out the door, and ran across the fields to the Ferrier’s van. Again the children hugged them for the last time, they would not see each other for quit a few months. But Aunt Michele was right, they had to leave sometime. They hated to see their van move away already.

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The Four Marks of the Church

A while ago I wrote an essay on the four marks of the Church for my theology class. I didn't think it was too bad, and a friend of mine had told me of a writing contest that was held one every few months by a Catholic magazine called Voices, published by Woman for Faith and Family, they read. I never imagined I would actually win, or even get second or third place, but nevertheless, I sent my paper in.

To my utter surprise, a few weeks ago a large packet came in the mail, containing TEN copies of the magazine, and a check for $100!!!! I was published! I won the contest! I was totally surprised, but happily so indeed!!! You can read the paper here, if you'd like to! I'd love to hear what you think of it!


Here's what I'll be posting

From now on I'll be posting In The Search of Elves here. I won't be posting it on my other blog any more.

As some of you know, it's my fantasy story.

Here are the basics.

Medina used to be a great peaceful country, but then Inari, the mean and cruel country, invaded them and destroyed everything. They enslaved all the men, and killed off almost all the magical creatures, (the unicorns, talking animals, dwarfs, fairies, and most of all, the powerful elves.)

Hundreds of years later a brave girl named Elsa, and her Grandfather go off on an impossible journey to find what's left of the magical creatures of old, and their good friends the elves, hoping, that with the elves' help, they can free Medina again.

I'll start posting right away, a few of you have probably already read the first couple parts, so don't bother reading it unless you want to.

Please everyone, tell me what you think of In The Search of Elves! Thanks!

P.S. I've re-written this story about five million times, I've been having the hardest time getting it right, but I think I finally have!

Hey There!

I've decided on the basic idea of my plot!

The Dad goes off to Iraq, after first finishing a new addition, and the mother gets pregnant. She has twin babies right before he comes home at the end of the book. Is that good? Thank you so much for all your help!!!!! I really needed it.

Chapter Four

Chapter Four: The first Day of School

It was September 1st and Mama had just woke up, Nursing Charlotte. Evelyn was outside feeding the animals, and after she picked berries with Sarah and Rosie. Samuel, Jack and Papa were working in the barn.

After breakfast, Mama started school for the first time that year. Jack, Sarah, and Rosie started handwriting, but Samuel and Evelyn started grammar. They hated school, they wanted to play outside all day, but Mama did not let them until they finished their work, but only sometimes she let them have breaks. It did not take long for Rosie to finish her work, because it was her very first time and her work was very easy for her. Sarah stared down at the problem that was there work, it was so hard complicated she did not want to do it at all on the papers But it took all morning for Jack and Sarah to finish their work, and Evelyn and Samuel until in the afternoon. The subjects for Jack and Sarah were: handwriting, grammar, and math. And Rosie learned her numbers and letters. Evelyn was going into ninth grade, Samuel was going into seventh, Isaac sixth Jack third, Sarah fourth grade, and Rosie preschool. And with Evelyn’s break, she rode on her horse, and played with the chickens, so did Sarah and Rosie. Jack had his first spelling test with Mama. They usually had their first spelling tests when they were eight, and Isaac had his first time that year. Rosie only had two sheets of work every day which were letters and numbers. “I love school!” decided Rosie, excitedly. Mama laughed and gave her daughter a hug. “I’m glad honey” Mama said. At 11:00 Sarah and Jack were finished with their work, and Mama corrected it. Then she did multiplication facts cards with jack and Isaac. And they practiced their story writing in their five star notebooks that Mama have them, after they did their main school.

Evelyn and Samuel studied hard on their work even though they did not want to. They took a break for lunch then they finished at 1:00. Mama read out loud history science and religion books to Sarah, Jack and Isaac. And they were finally totally done with school. Jack, Sarah and Isaac all did map skills too. And Jack did his first spelling test ever. Samuel was finally done with his math, and helped Papa in the barn with the animals. They milked the cows in the dairy with Uncle Fred. Evelyn finished too, and played with her younger siblings in the huge field. Soon, Mama started cooking dinner at 3:30 she did it early because it would take a while until it would be done. The children played together in the backyard until sunset, and came inside for a dinner of hamburgers. When they were done, the five oldest all helped Mama and Papa clean the kitchen. Then the whole family sat in the living room and said a rosary.

Then the older ones went outside to play ghost and the grave yard, Evelyn, Sarah, Isaac, and Jack counted to twelve and called out, “mid night!” and went looking for Samuel. And a little while later, he ran out from his hiding spot, and made ghost sounds, and scared Evelyn and Sarah, but the boys of course did not. After all of them had their turns being the ghost, they went inside. They chatted drew and read, until 9:00 and they all went to bed. And they were all were happy that the school day was finally over.

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A new story!!

The strange creatures crouched tensely in the darkness, their beady black eyes glistering ominously in the moonshine. The two girls, their slim figures draped in dark robes of finest velvet, huddled together, trying to stifle their rapid breathing, clutching their hands to their chests, fearful lest their pounding heart give them away. The frightening creatures turned their horrendous heads this way and that, their noses sniffing the chilly October air, their ears straining to catch the least noise. Suddenly, a beast larger and fiercer-looking than any of the others pushed his way to the forefront of the large troupe of monstrous beasts.

“What’s going on here, what’s holding us up?” he barked, his voice a cruel rasp that sent shivers down the girls’ backs.

“We heard somethin’, Sir,” answered a stout, burly looking creature, with boils and warts shimmering with puss in the moonlight.

“You heard somethin’, didja? An’ ye though’ tha’ was enough to stop our ‘ole company, just to sniff around a bit? It was doubtless a ‘armless animal, ye dimwit!” the frightening creature retorted, spit flying as he roared. “We ‘ave to be to ‘Amwerst by the mornin’, and we still got miles ter go! Now get a move on, ye scraggy animals, and march!”

“Yes’r, Chief Malgrot, sir. We was just ‘oping to catch a rabbit or deer or summat… we’re ‘ungry, sir,” replied the grotesque creature sullenly.

“’Ungry, are ye? ‘Ungry? You’ll know soon enough the meaning o’ that word, sergeant!” bellowed Chief Malgrot, his fists flailing through the air in his outrage. “Now MARCH!”

As the army of monsters resumed their trek through the frigid night, their stomachs growling, the two girls let their breaths out at last. The tallest, drawing her cloak more tightly around her, gave a sigh of relief.

“I thought we were done for, then,” she muttered.

“What were they?” breathed the younger girl. A shudder ran through her body which had nothing to do with the cold.

“I don’t know, but they looked evil,” the other replied, grimacing. “They seemed to be talking, didn’t they?”

“More like bellowing at one another,” whispered the younger girl.

“If they were indeed actually speaking, it was in a language I’ve never heard before,” murmured the older girl, looking thoughtful.

“No, well, you wouldn’t, would you? You never even mastered Latin properly.”

The older girl gave her companion one withering look, and stood up.

“Come, we must find some sort of shelter,” she said, peering around in darkness.

“I don’t want to sleep in this sinister forest, Izzy,” whimpered the smaller girl, shivering again. “More of those creatures could be lurking anywhere.”

“Come on, Delaney,” groaned Izzy, pulling her sister up, “we can’t stay here all night.”

The leave-covered ground crunched beneath their boots; the trees here were unlike any they had ever seen before. They were as tall as castles, and so thick that to circle one completely would take more than three minutes. The wide, sturdy boughs branched out in hundreds of directions, with myriads of broad leaves, bright with the brilliant colors of autumn, waving in the cold breeze. There was only one thing to do: the girls clambered up one of the giant trees, twigs and branches snagging at their clothes and scratching their arms and faces. Some of the boughs were twice as wide as a bed, and the leaves provided coverage from the chilly wind. The two girls huddled together on a broad bough, pulling their cloaks around themselves, their fingers numb with cold, their dresses torn and muddied. Slowly, they closed their eyes and drifted off, overcome by exhaustion, fright, and anxiety.

A Poem by Anna

For literature I'm supposed to write my own "epic poem." It is supposed to have the 9 elements of an epic... Long, narrative poem, Elevated style, Imposing hero, Vast setting, Full of action and deeds of courage, Supernatural forces, Invocation of the muses, Long catalogue of ships, Begins in the middle of the story. I think is the most fun I've had with any of my assignments this year, but even so, writing this is HARDER than I originally thought it would be! I've started several times and had to restart again and again! Here is one of my tries....I thought it was going along great...until I remembered I was supposed to start in the MIDDLE of the story! Nonetheless, I'm going to finish it, because it is really fun to write!

Just so you know, this is about a "true" story. You can find the full account (though not in poetic form!) in Herodotus' The Histories!

Sing, O goddess, of the power
Of mighty Cyrus, full of valor.

He, who born among the mighty
Was guarded best by Aphrodite.

But a sweet, endearing babe
He was kidnapped by a knave.

Late in the silent, tranquil night
He with the little babe took flight.

He was to kill him out of sight
But in his heart, there was a fight.

Kill the child, so young, so dear?
He could not do it; that was clear.

But, alas, the job must be done
It must be finished now 'twas begun.

To a herdsman he took the child,
"Kill this babe, or I shan't be mild."

The herdsman, he took the little babe
To his cottage in the glade.

“My dear,” he told his loving wife,
“I have been told to take his life.”

The wife, she cried, “Let not it be,”
Let us raise him, you and me.”

"But dearest," so the herdsman said,
"I must give proof that he is dead."

"But you see," with saddest heart,
She told of their own babe's depart.

"He was stillborn," she mourned to say,
"But now we have a trick to play."

They took their own sweet, dearest babe,
And Cyrus' clothes to him gave.

"Now he looks of noble birth,
And they can put him in the earth."

The herdsman took the babe his son
And gave as proof his little one.

And so they raised the child, wee,
In their land so good and free.

And so Cyrus lived happily for many years,
'Til news of his existence reached hostile ears.

To Be Continued.......

Chapter Three

Chapter Three: Hike In the Woods

Evelyn went inside, and asked Mama if she, Sarah, Samuel, Jack, and Isaac could go for a hike in the woods down to where the stream was. “Yes, you can go if you are very careful and not get lost, understand?” Mama said. “Oh yes Mama of course we will be careful don’t worry about us!” and she went outside and told everyone. So in a flash they all got their shoes on and started the hike to the stream. They ran through the woods, and the leaves crackled under their feet. They went past their forts and paths. They got to a place with a ton of ferns, and the ferns tickled their legs as they ran through them. Then, they got to a place that Jack did not go to before. Because it was a place where they were usually not a loud to go to, but now they were, because they were going to the stream. The woods were very pretty with green leaves on the top, and all of the trees were very, very tall. They always loved to go in the woods and just explore. The sunlight splashed all over the ground. It was so hot outside the children sweated like crazy. It took a while for them to reach the stream, but they loved hiking in the woods it did not matter to them. “I think I can see the stream, a little bit!” exclaimed Sarah. “I can see it too!” said Evelyn excitedly. But there was still some ways for them to go. They walked down a steep little hill that made you feel that it was pulling you down. They walked about ten steps more, and they got to the stream! “This is it” said Samuel. “Yay, we are here” said Jack. They jumped to rock to rock, and splashed the water around, and laughed. Evelyn and Sarah even got their cloths wet a tiny bit. They put their hands in the cold steam water, it was so refreshing. They went farther and farther. Samuel and jack skipped rocks into the stream. Sarah tried to jump on a rock, but she landed in the water and got her shoes and feet all wet and dirty. But she did not mind that much, because it was kind of refreshing. They could hear the stream rushing down, like a little water fall. The boys cleared the rocks out of the way of it rushing down. The girls helped a little too. The sun beamed hard on them as they ran aside the stream that went very, very far. They could not even reach the end, they weren’t even close. But they loved being there. Sarah brought a piece of paper and wrote all about what she found there, which were: a red brick rock. Two red leaves. And another brick stone with two letters on it. And a toad, But that was not all what she found she kept looking, for Sarah just LOVED exploring. She would even explore the whole day if she wanted to. Evelyn and Sarah washed their faces in the cold stream water. Sarah found red and grey pebbles and put them in her pocket. And she held the two first red leaves in her hand the whole time. At 3:00 PM they started the hike home. They ran up on the side of the stream, going up to where they were before. And they jumped to rock to rock, and went through the prickly little trees. Sarah ran as fast as she could, not looking where she was going and fell on a very sharp rock and got a bad cut on her knee. “Ouch!” she cried. And Samuel went to see what was the matter. “Are you okay?” he asked. “I think so” Sarah said in a faint voice. “It hurts” she said. Sarah limped and walked slowly. Finally they reached the place with their forts. And they went up a little hill passing even more forts. They climbed rocks, and came to a bright sunlight. They went past little trees and went into their backyard. Everyone ran to their house and went inside. Mama was in the kitchen, glazing blueberries with cream and sugar with one arm and holding baby Charlotte in the other. ‘What about a snack?” Mama said. “Sure!” exclaimed Evelyn. “Oh dear, you have a cut” Mama said looking at Sarah. “How did you get it?” Mama asked. “I fell on a sharp rock” answered Sarah. “Okay, just leave it alone, and let it turn into a scab and heal., that’s the best way” said Mama, handing out bowls of blueberries out to the children. Joey was having his nap in his crib upstairs, and Rosie was playing with her toys in the living room. “Do you want a snack of blueberries, Rosie?” Mama asked. “Oh yes” Rosie said and ran into the kitchen.

After, Rosie asked Sarah to play dollhouse with her. Sarah knew that her little sister loved playing dollhouse, especially with her so she said yes, and went upstairs with her. They played for a half an hour, then they went outside once more and picked flowers to give Mama, and put in their hair. Mama was gardening harvesting carrots, cabbage and beats, and she watered other vegetables.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

I Am Joining!

Hey! I am joining now! Hear is my first post.

Rangar was a young boy, fifteen years old. He lived with his sister, Tara, and his mother, Dolona. His father, Targelf, was the Duke of Garania. He spent a lot of time with his good friend the King.

One night as Rangar was eating dinner, he asked. "Where is Father?"

"He hasn't come back from talking with the King." Said Dolona.

"I know."

Rangar looked at his sister, she was ten. She looked worried.

"Don't be worried, Tara." Said Rangar. "It's only a one mile walk. He's done it hundreds of times."

"Yeah." said Tara "But look at those clouds!"

Rangar looked out the window. There were clouds as black as coal. His Mother gasped.

"He'll be alright." she said slowly. "Now go to bed."

Rangar walked up the stairs. He crept into his bed. He pulled the blanket over his head.

The storm hit fast. Thunder and lighting cracked across the sky. Rangar wondered what it would be like to be out in the storm. He got up to see Tara.

When Tara saw him, she whispered "I'm so scared!"

"Don't worry, he'll be alright." said Rangar reassuringly.

"What if he gets struck by lighting?"

"Well....I guess that could happen. But I doubt it. I didn't come here to scare you, Tara."

"That's okey. You can go now." said Tara quietly.

Rangar went to his bed and fell asleep.The next thing Rangar knew, it was morning. He jumped up and ran out of bed.

Dolona was making breakfast.

"Did Father came back?" he asked eagerly.

"No." she said shaking her head. "No he didn't. Now go, your sister is getting dressed and you should be too."

Rangar walked up the stairs. Then suddenly his Mother called him. "Rangar! Come here!"


"Someone is here to see you."

He went down. In the kitchen was a man. He had a white beard, a staff, and a crown. It was the King!

"Oh! Hello!" said Rangar.

"Hello." said the King.

"King Rincein?"


"Is there any news of my father?" asked Rangar.

"No, Well.....there is a little bit.... Now come, sit down, I will tell you all I know."
"Well." Said the King sitting down. "The story of your father is very grave. We think he was captured by an army of dwarfs. They were seen last night."

"Someone needs to go find him!" Cried Rangar.

"There is no one to do it, but you and two others." Said King Rincien.

"Who else?" asked Rangar.

"I have them at my castle." said the King. "Do you want to meet them now?"

"Yes," said Rangar standing up.

"Then go." said Rangar's Mother watching them.

Tara came down. She had heard it all. She looked at Rangar. "Get dressed into some proper clothing before you go to the castle!" she said smiling.

Rangar did, then they went to the castle.

When they got there, the two others were waiting. There, sitting by the door, was a man. He had yellow, shoulder length, hair. He was wearing a helmet with horns on it. Next to him was an elf. He had pointed ears and almost white hair. The man had a bow and a quiver full of arrows, and the elf had a sword.

"Meet Dragorn, my best warrior." said the King pointing to the man. "And meet my elf, Elmiris. They will be good to you and protect you on your journey."

"It is good to meet you." said Rangar.

"And the same to you." said Dragorn and Elmiris.

"Now." said the King. "Go say goodbye to your Mother and Sister. After that, you will go."

"What? Leave that soon?" asked Rangar surprised.

"Yes." said the King. "Those dwarfs are very far ahead of you. Now go."

When Rangar got home, he told Dolona and Tara everything.

What should I put in next?

In the fantasy story I'm writing, I've already had the main character meet several creatures on her adventure. So far she's met a talking panther, a dwarf, and a bunch of fairies. Plus she just escaped some of her enemies.

Who or what should she meet next? I really, really, don't want to copy of other fantasies, so I kind of have to be careful what I put in it. (Like no fawns, centaurs, or talking trees.)

She can't meet an elf, because the whole adventure is about her going off to look for elves.

And she wouln't have to meet somebody, she could find something, that would eaither be helpful or maybe dangerous. So what do you think? What should she find, or who should she meet next?


Chapter Two

Chapter Two: A new Dollhouse

“Come in for lunch” called Mama. So they all went in for inside. They had tuna fish sandwiches and apple tarts for lunch. Suddenly Sarah said she had a head ache. “Oh no” said Mama. Go lay down.” So Sarah went and lay down on the couch. “Here, I will give you some medicine before it gets worse” said Mama. After lunch, Eve heard a banging from upstairs, and went up stairs to see what it was. When she got there, she saw that it was Papa banging nails into wood. “What are you making Papa?” asked Evelyn. “Don’t tell Rosie and Sarah, I’m making a dollhouse for them” answered Papa. “Oh wonderful, I won’t tell them” exclaimed Evelyn. “Could I help you?” “Maybe a little bit” answered Papa. “Now, can you hold this piece of wood for me?” asked Papa. Meanwhile, downstairs, Sarah took some blueberries from the fridge, and ate them with Rosie. Mama, held baby Charlotte on her lap carefully sitting on a chair. She kissed her soft rosy cheek. Sarah and Samuel went in the woods, picked some blackberries and cleared their forts. And Sarah decorated her fort some more. “Let’s ride on horses!” exclaimed Sarah. “Okay” said Samuel. But first they went inside to ask if the others wanted to. Rosie of course wanted to, because she loved riding on horses a lot. So they went outside and rode on the horses. Soon it was dinner time, so Mama called everyone to come and eat. They had hamburgers for dinner, which Mama had roasted. After dinner Papa said he had a surprise for Sarah and Rosie. “Yay” said Sarah. “Yes, come on I’ll show you” and He led them up the stairs, and into their room. And right before their eyes was a beautiful new dollhouse sitting between Evelyn’s and Sarah bunk bed and Rosie’s toddler bed. They were so surprised and happy that they could not speak, but finally Sarah said “oh thank you Papa so much!” “You’re welcome; I knew you girls always wanted a dollhouse so I decided to make one for you two. The dollhouse had a living room, a kitchen a school room and two bedrooms. They loved it so much they played with it all evening until Mama said it was time for a rosary. So they went downstairs got a rosary and sat down. After the rosary, Mama and Papa put Rosie and Joey to bed. Evelyn and Sarah took their books from the book shelf and read a chapter or two, and chatted. But soon after Mama said it was now time for the older ones to go to bed. So they said good night and crept upstairs to their bedrooms, and said their own night prayers to themselves. And at 9:00 in the night Mama and Papa went to bed. At 6:00 in the morning, Mama awoke to baby Charlotte walling as loud as she could. So Mama hurriedly got dressed, and crept down the stairs with Charlotte in her arms. She cradled her in her arms on the soft chair in their living room, while feeding her warm milk. Mama saw Rosie quietly walking down the stairs. “Good morning Rosie” said Mama. “Good morning” said Rosie. “I’m hungry” she said. “Well, it’s a little early now, so just wait a tiny bit more” said Mama. “Evelyn walked down the stairs in her cloths already. “Why are you in your cloths at this time of day?” Mama asked. “Because I want to pick berries for breakfast very early.” answered Evelyn. “Alright” said Mama. “Where is Sarah?” asked Rosie. “She is coming” answered Evelyn. Mama got up from the chair and started to make some blueberry muffins for breakfast. “Why don’t you girls go and pick some blueberries, because I need blueberries to make blueberry muffins of course. “Yay!” exclaimed Rosie, and at that moment Sarah came down the stairs. “Come on Sarah, let’s go pick blueberries, Mama is going to make blueberry muffins” said Rosie. “Okay” said Sarah. And they went outside. And they also met the boys working in the fields. “How about we play with our new dollhouse when we are finished” suggested Sarah. And they picked as many berries as they could and eat a few. Before eating breakfast, Evelyn took her two littler sisters on for a ride on one of their horses in the apple orchard. Then Mama called them in for a breakfast of blueberry muffins. And they went inside to eat. After, Sarah and Rosie went upstairs to play with their new doll house as they said they would. They loved doll houses a ton especially the one Papa made for them. And they loved everything about dollhouses. The two girls played dollhouse for an hour, and then Sarah read her very favorite book: the Mary frances sewing book, to herself, under a shady cherry blossom tree outside.