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Hello, everyone! I jsut wanted to say that me and Juliette are going to re-do the part we last posted. I will post it soon. I am aslo sorry that I haven't been posting ina long, long, long, time! But I promise you all that I'll post it tomorrow. ;) :) Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I deleted Ambrose's Story Blog and made Rangar! It will be all about my story Rangar! My first post is out now so check it out!

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas one and all! I hope everyone has a wonderful, super, perfect holiday season! Have a amazing Christmas tomorrow, everybody!

Because of these wild days, I won't be posting for a few days. Just letting you know. I'll probably come back on Sunday or Saturday.

So, once again. Merry Christmas! (And I'll be seeing some of you rather soon!) (And the ones I won't be seeing, I sure wish I could meet up with you!!!!)

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more of my story!

"You're leaving so soon? I can't believe it!" said Dolona.

"Oh no!" cried Tara. "No! I'll miss you so much!"

"I want to stay longer, but the King says I have to go now. And I've got to find Father!"

"Then go find him, and good luck!" said Dolona.

Rangar said goodbye and slowly left.

He found King Rincien and the others at the castle.

"Here is a bag of food and supplies. I've got one for Elmeris and Dragorn too." Said the King handing him a bag. Then he pointed to the forest. "The dwarfs were last seen in those woods, not very far away."

"Then lets go!" called Rangar.

Rincien went into the castle and the three of them left.

They found a trail in the leaves as if somebody had been dragging someone through the forest. Every now and then they would spot a drop or two of blood.

"They probably knocked him unconscious and dragged him some where." Said Elmeris.

My second post.

Okay well I am getting a little sick of all the stories I am writing now so I need a new one. But I can not think of any kind of good plot for it. The main character will be a fourteen year old boy named Eldor. I can only seem to come up with ideas for other peoples stories! I have been trying to come up with something for weeks now and I am getting board. I need to write something!!!!!!!!!

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More Of The Davis Family!

Sorry for not posting The Davis Fmaily for a while. But here's some more now to make up for it. Guess what? This is the chapter before the last chapter! Soon I'll start writing the second story.

Chapter Twenty: Snow

The day after they left to go home, it became very chilly outside. And everyone had to wear sweaters inside because it was so cold. The girls knitted scarves and sweaters for the winter.

“Do you think it’s going to snow soon, Evelyn?” asked Sarah.

“Maybe, it’s so cold, it’s bound to!” Evelyn shivered.

“You’re right about that.” She replied. Then the girls laughed together.

“That is a pretty scarf your making.” commented Evelyn.

“Thanks.” Sarah blushed. (She was secretly making that scarf to give to her for Christmas). And she hoped the secret didn’t get out. Sarah was a very good knitter and always did it in the winter. It was always her favorite activity to do when she couldn’t play outside because it was too cold. And the only thing she would be doing else was playing dollhouse (Because Rosie begged her to all the time) and baking cookies.

Evelyn always loved to play the piano. But they never had one. And because of that she was very sad. She tried to hide her sadness and love for pianos but sometimes she just couldn’t help it. So she asked Mama for a piano for Christmas but all she said was, “We’ll see.” even though she longed for a piano she loved being with her family just as much. Though Evelyn knew that piano’s coasted way too much. And Papa even lost his job. She hoped very much that he could find a job without moving. And she hoped he would find a new job very, very soon. Evelyn was very sad she felt like crying, but of course she didn’t. She was a thirteen year old.

“What is wrong?” Sarah asked her when she saw that Evelyn was sad.

“I just hope Papa finds a new job soon, that’s all. Don’t worry.” She answered.

“Are you sure?”

“Of course.” then they both went back to knitting. Over in the kitchen Jack and everyone younger than him was making Christmas cookies. Joey, though, wasn’t really making the cookies, because he was only basically just eating the dough. But no one cared because he was a baby. But a person or two chuckled a little bit.

Soon Sarah was getting tired of knitting, and started to make some cookies with them. Everyone wished for snow to cheer them up sometime. But it didn’t come that day.

Pirate Story!!! (In Which We Find Jamison Isn't So Bad After All )

Chapter 16: Feeling a Little Bit Better

Sarah woke up in a small room, she blinked in the light. The room was well worth looking at, for there were interesting things everywhere.

A shelf held pieces of driftwood, shells, smooth strange colored rocks, along with other things you might find on exotic beaches. There was a safe with several padlocks on it, several cigar boxes, maps of all sorts, a long curved sword, a fishing spear made by Indians, and an old figure head of a dolphin.

On a desk was a pile of charts and a small framed painting of a young girl with dark hair and sad eyes. His sister. Marie.

Along the wall was a large collection of "Wanted" posters, all starring Jamison. There were ones from France, Spain, England, Italy, and many others, he was wanted for stealing, kidnapping, escaping jail, and many other crimes, none of them murder though...

It was a very cluttered room, but in a pleasant sort of way.

Sarah suddenly realized how sick she was. Then she remembered what had happened. It felt like years ago she was down in the hold. Surely she would have died, had Jamison not come. Well, maybe he wasn't too bad after all...

Then, there was a knock on the door. "Come in!" called Sarah, sitting up. It was Jamison. He looked tired and worn out, but relived. "Ah, good, you're awake. You know, you nearly died."

Sarah nodded.

"You feeling any better now?" he asked

"Aye. A little. How's Skinner?"

"Not very good."

"And everyone else?

"Pretty darn sick."

"Why aren't you?"

"Lady luck." he laughed "I don't know how long it'll last though. David fell last night with it."

So, Jamison was the only well one on the whole ship! Even the captain had come down with it, he told her. This left Jamison alone to care for the sick and run the ship.

There seemed to be no end to the dreadful sickness. It struck you, and never left. Sarah could barely sleep for five minutes before awaking with a fit of coughing and a burning fever.

Sometimes Jamison would come, but not always. There were many others that needed his attention.

One time Sarah was half asleep, burning up with fever. It was hard for her to tell what was real and what wasn't. Horrible dreams haunted her from hour to hour. She was locked in an everlasting battle, and it was pulling her to pieces. At last she fell asleep, but it was not a restful one.

Jamison had heard her cry out, and had come to see what was the matter, he found her asleep but as hot as fire. He looked up at the picture of his sister on the desk. There was no doubt she was probably dead now. All because of pirates, pirates like himself. He suddenly felt angry at himself, like he never had before.

"How could I let this happen?" he whispered "Its all my fault she's here, dying of this blasted illness. How could I have been so thoughtless? She's so...innocent and trusting, or at least she used to be. What am I doing? I've always known its wrong. I've got to stop all this, this life, this cruel trade. I just can't keep living this way!

"But where can I go? The only people who accept me are pirates..." he paused "But I can't keep hurting innocent people..."

Then, Sarah's fever broke, and she relaxed into a real slumber. Jamison sighed a breath of relief.

"How could I do such a thing to her? If she survives this illness, I'll be lucky. I want to make things up with her, but... How could I ever expect her to forgive me?"

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more in the search of elves

Hi'ya guys! Ok, I've got a question, do you want me to keep posting In The Search of Elves here or at my new cool blog for it. Here are the facts.

In The Search of Elves is really really really long. And, it is, I find, hard to read little bit by little bit, its a much a better story if you can really read it like a book. Also, I could start posting a new story of mine here, I stopped posting In The Search of Elves here.

You are up to Part 13. So, if you want to read it over at my blog, just click Part Thirteen over in the archives and read away! I post more almost every day.

So, tis' your choice, where do you want me to post it from now on? I don't care, I'll do whatever you think is best! :)

Elsa looked around, nervous, and ready to jump up and run if she had to. She cast a glance at her sleeping Grandfather, then, she heard the noise again, this time though, it was different. It sounded like a voice, only a little different. It was a thick gruff voice.

"Hello." it growled

Elsa backed away. "Who, who, are you?"

The voice came from beyond the fire, in the thick darkness. "You may call me Jagen." said the voice.

Who ever it was, was not a human, not with a voice like that. Yet Elsa knew it could not a Crelis. Such a thick voice, so...strong, and powerful.

"What are you?" asked Elsa daringly, casting another look at her Grandfather. Should she wake him?

"Come closer, and you will see me." answered the voice.

"I don't, I really think I want to come closer." said Elsa nervously

There was a sound of laughter. A thick rumbly laughter. "I won't hurt you, so long as you don't hurt me, and you don't seem like the kind of creature who would cause me pain. But very well, since you won't come to me, then I shall come you."

Elsa jumped up, her skirts falling about her.

A slick, dark form appeared from behind the fire. A panther. A lean black panther.

"Oohhh!!" breathed Elsa "You, you, can talk?"

"Yes." purred the cat.

"But you're an animal!"

"Any animal who wants to talk, can talk. But it takes years of practice, and even then as you can see with me, our voices are not as good as yours."

"I didn't know anybody lived here in the Still Woods, at least, I haven't met anyone since we've been here. And we've been traveling for days!"

"It is true, nobody lives here. It is just an empty place. An empty place one must travel through. Now, may I ask where a little girl like you is going?"

"Well... I don't think I can tell you. Well, then again, maybe I can. You aren't Inarian are you?"

"No! Never! I am Median through and through, my lady."

"Oh good! As am I!" then Elsa lowered her voice "We were slaves, my Grandfather and I, but we escaped, and now, now, we're looking for the Elves." she paused making her voice even lower "For war."

Jagen thought it all through, then sighed a happy sigh. "Ah, at last. Your race has suffered long enough. And I am very tired of hiding. Ah, at last the time as dawned for war. I wish you all the luck in the world, my little friend."

"Thank you, by any chance do you know where the elves could be? Because, well, we really haven't the slightest idea."

"I'm afraid don't. I've never in my life met an elf. But if I were you, I'd try the Almeron mountains and beyond. Or maybe even the Tharks mountains. The Fallerin woods wouldn't be a bad place to look either, in fact it would be a very good place to try indeed. Ah, well, that gives you places to look."

"Thank you." said Elsa "Even that helps. Seeing how my Grandfather and I have never even left the slave village once."

"I'd best be going now." purred Jagen slowly "It is never safe for a talking panther to talk too long in this world of evil. I wish you, and your Grandfather, the best of luck. May you find the elves! And also, if it does all come down to war, I am willing to fight at anytime. Leave word with somebody, just about everyone knows me, and I'll come. May luck be with you, little friend!"

Then, quick as he had come, Jagen the panther slipped off into the dark, heading North.

More Of A Life Of a Princess

"Now, while I eat my breakfast I want you to clear away those leaves over there." Mr. Willams ordered.

"You mean your not going to let me have any of that?" Bell asked, suprised.

"Why would I? You're my slave!" Mr. Willams screamed.

"What? That's the way you treat a princess?"

"Of course!" then then Bell knew she just had to escape. But she didn't know how or when. Maybe at night when he was asleep. Bell waited for night to come for a very long time. She wanted more than anything to escape. She could see William and her mother, and eat. That day seemed like years and Bell grew hungrier and hungrier, and her throat became dry of thirst. This is not a life of a princess, she thought miserably.

"What's the matter, girl?" Mr. Willams asked when he saw she was staring into space.

"I'd think you'd know, especialy when your starving me to death!" cried Bell, angrily. But Mr. Willams just grunted, seeming not to care. Bell sighed, feeling very sick. She couldn't bare living like this, even though she was only living like it for only two days.

It was finally night, but Mr. Willams would never fall asleep.

But atl ast, finally he fell asleep.
Bell got up on her tip toes and scrurried away. But something miserable happened, Mr. Willams woke up!

"You think you can escape, do yah?" he said.
Then she just flashed him a horrible glare, and chrugged back on the grass where she would try to fall asleep.

Later at night when Mr. Willams had fallen back asleep, Bell was still awake and something shook her.
"Bell, are you awake?" someone whispered.

"Yes." she whispered back.

"I saw how miserable you were, and came to bring you home." And the next thing Bell knew, he was William!

"Oh, william! You're so kind! But you must be quiet."

"I know." he said, then they both tip toed as quietly as they could out of the woods.

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A Fresh Start

As you know, my brother Thomas and I will be rewriting Elderin. We have worked out the plot, so the rest is just thinking up names for characters and writing it, really. I will be writing it very soon, but will be posting it here in January. Okay, so that's it. Just thought I'd give you a heads up. See ya!

Revising, rewriting, redoing

Hey Everyone!!

First off, sorry I haven't been posting much in the last while! I hate to say that I'll probably be posting even less for a while. I'm going to try and redo Elvaeria. It just doesn't seem right to me! It's not at all how I had planned it to be, and now I'm going to rewrite practically all of it and take it in a rather different direction. It will probably be a while before I post any of it, because I want to have a sizable amount written before I start posting it again, you know?

Sorry guys, especially to the people who never even got to be in the story!! :(

I have hundreds and hundreds of (what I think) are simply great story ideas, and I really want to start writing all of them right now, hehe, but we'll see!! There may be a few new stories posted on here soon, but then again there might not, because I don't want to put a lot of time in other stories while neglecting the ones I already have going!! You know what I mean?

Well, ciao for now!



Another Quiz!

Want to see what character from my pirate story you are? HERE'S the quiz I just made! I was Jamison! lol! Tell me who you are!


Here's some more of it! The princess story! Tell us how you like it!

"What, what?" Bell said, rubbing her eyes, and not knowing what was going on.

"You better work for me before I start to stealing-" then Mr. Willams paused, remembering not to give anything away.

"Steal what, Mr. Willams? You were going to steal?"

"No! Now get to work!"

"What do you want me to do?"

"Gather nuts and berries, hurry!" and with that she started off. She did not know where the nuts and berries were, but she knew she had to find some or something terrible would happen.

Bell loved picking berries, so it was fine to her, but she just had to find the berries. Where are they? She thought.
Now Mr. Willams was getting angry. "Where are ye? Hurry up!" he called. Now Bell was getting really worried. When would she find rhe berries?
At last she found a few raspberry bushes over in a corner, she quickly picked couple by couple, then she picked as many nuts from the ground as she could, then she brought both food to Mr. Willams.

"Well, finaly!" he shouted, grabbing the berries and nuts from her hands. Even though she took a very long time she still wanted her to feel bad.

He didn't even say "thank you!" thought Bell all mad.
She certainly did not like living there, and wished she at least waked up from her bed every morning.

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Kateri's Pirate Story: Chap 15

Here's another chapter. This chapter just goes to prove Jamison is not entirely mean! ;) Tell me what you think!

Chapter 15: Only Worse

Skinner was more then just tired, he was sick. He didn't get up the next morning, and the crew confirmed he really truly had come down with something.

This put Jamison and Captain Frite in fearful moods. If one person got sick, they all would, it was unavoidable.

"Lets hope for the best!" cried Cardshark cheerfully, as he got to work that morning "It could just be a small cold."

"Or," cut in the grouchy David Rock "Or, it could be the mumps, or small-pox, or the flu, or measles, or..."

"We get the point, Dave." said Johnny tiredly.

"Or!" cried David "He could be faking it all! To avoid all the work and sleep all day long! That's it! I bet he's tricking us all!"

"Nope. He's not." said Cardshark "He was burning with fever. You can't fake a fever."

"Well!" interrupted Arnold Beer "Just be glad its not scurvy!"

"Alright, that is true." agreed Cardshark "Lets all be thankful right here and now that its not scurvy."

The next morning, Sarah felt sick, and she wasn't the only one. Cardshark and Daniel Plank were down too. Sarah still did her chores, fearful for asking for a day off, but she did them slowly, and it took a lot out of her. But the next day, Sarah didn't even get up.

Her whole body ached all over, the pain was unbearable. The fever felt hot one minute and cold the next. And then, there was the horrible cough, causing her to shake all over. Sarah felt she could not move an inch, it hurt just to raise her head. She was trapped in dizziness and pain.

Johnny, who was really a rather kind lad, saw to it that she had something to eat and drink, but it wasn't long before he too fell with it. Sarah did not move from her hammock in the hold. She stayed there for hours on end, there was no difference from day or night. She hadn't the slightest idea who, if anybody, was left healthy aboard the ship. There was no footsteps and no voices.

One day, Sarah thought it might be the fourth day of her falling ill, she felt she would die of thirst. But she could not move, it hurt too much. But she was so thirsty... Gritting her teeth and holding back tears, she slipped onto the floor, and coughing, she pulled herself up.

She could not stand, she would have to crawl, this was going to be hard to do. Sarah glanced up at the wooden steps, they looked like a mountain, she would have to clime them. Nearly in tears, and wanting to stop, she reached for the first step. The fever was burning, eating away at her little strength, she couldn't pull herself up those dreadful steps, no matter how hard she tried.

Sarah fell at the foot of the steps, too tired to even cry. "I might die down here." she thought to herself. That was a scary thought. She knew many people died from illness at sea, what were the odds of her surviving this?

Then, there was the sound of footsteps. Two people. Sarah raised her head. "Oh please, please, let them come down here and find me! Surely they aren't so cruel to not give me a glass of water.... Please. Please let it be Johnny or Skinner, anybody..."

The hold door swung open. It was not Johnny or Skinner, but Jamison Dread and David Rock, two of the three meanest sailors aboard.

"What in...?" began Jamison "She's down here? Not with the other sick? What the...? Who knows how long she's been down here!" He reached for a lantern, and ran down the steps. Sarah fought not to black out. "She's still alive, but heck knows if she'll make it. Dehydration."

Jamison picked her up in his arms. "There's no more room with the other sick." said David.

Jamison paused. "Then she can have my cabin, I'll sleep on the deck."

David Rock took the lantern and they raced up the stairs.

The ship was deathly quite. The crew lay around in various places, all sick and burning with fever. It seemed Jamison and David were the only ones still well.

Somewhere along the way to Jamison's cabin, Sarah blacked out.

More Of Our Princess Story!

Here's some more of me and Juliette's story! Hope yah like it! Please tell us what you think!

"Yes, very." said Bell, her teeth chattering. Then mother laughed, and the two stepped into the parlor and sat down together on one of the couches.

Suddnely, a huge filthy hand apeared from behind the couch. It covered Bell's mouth, as she struggled to scream.

"No!" cried her mother, but she was too late, the man escaped outside with her.

Her mother was half sad, half happy, because she could do what she wanted to do in her whole life, steal the poor's money that was given from Bell. And so she did it right away, happily. She din't care hopw sad they were or how they couldn't aford a thing, she loved money too much for that. If Bell heard what happned she would be the mist sadest and angriest girl on earth.

The man brought Bell into the woods where he threw her against a tree. Bell screamed in pain and shouted, "Who are you? What are you doing to me?"

"Well, first of all, I think you'd know what a man would do with a princess! And second of all, my name's Mr. Willams! Now be quiet or else I'll kill you!" Mr. Willams shouted.

"Yes, Mr. Willams. But I don't know what a man would do with a princess." said Bell, more frghtened than ever. But she felt so barve saying that.

"Then you'll just have to find out! And what did I say?" then Bell was silent the rest of the day. She just wondered what men really did to princesses. Did they kill them? She really hoped not. She just wished Mr. Willams would tell her. And she wished she was back home with her mother. Didn't she have enough sadness in her life already?
She felt like dying rather than deal with this guy. Fir her whole life except then, she was happy with father and mother at home. But since her father left everything was horrible. Her mother started steeling and wouldn't let Bell go outside and now she was captured.

Soon it was evening and Bell fell asleep with no dinner for the second time ina row! You would think that would never happen to a princess.

In the morning Bell awoke to a shout from Mr. Willams: "Get up, girl! I wouldn't be sleeping if I were you!"

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Ok, this is CRAZY!!!!!!!!

I'm rewriting Elderin!!!!!!!! I know, I know, this is the millionth time!!!!! But it's just not right. I've been talking about it a lot with Thomas and he really wants to change the plot. I do too! This is the first part, and then comes two other parts, about two siblings, but you'll know about them later. Now it's about Hoenir, and it's going to be different. I know, it's CRAZY!!!!! But it's going to be cool.

Chapter 14....

Remember how funny and annoying Johnny was in the last chapter? Well, he's in this chapter again too! Please, tell me what you think! Jamison may have started to like Sarah quite a bit in the last chapter, but of course, he's denying everything in this one! Here's chapter 14!!! Tell me what you think.

Chapter 14: In Charge of The Galley

Sarah, for the first time in weeks, was feeling very happy as she scrubbed the grimy decks. She had found that, even in the worst places, you could be happy. And today, for no particular reason, she was feeling joyful.

The warm sun beat down upon the deck and Sarah's back. She found the work actually pleasant in the sun. Jamison had not been so gruff and angry today, in fact, he had yet to say a cross word to her.

Once she scrubbing was done, she emptied out the buckets of dirty water, and went to the galley to help prepare dinner. She was surprised to find Skinner leaning against a table, with no dinner being made.

"What's wrong, Skinner?" she asked

"Ah, I'm just tired, I guess. Why are you here? Is it dinner time already?"

"Aye! Tis' nearly six o'clock!"

"Ah, well, I guess I'd better to get to work." he seemed to have trouble getting to his feet.

"Oh! I'll help you! I'll do most of the work, alright, you do the simple things."

"That's might kind of you, Sarah. I just don't know what's gotten into me today."

It was clear Skinner was very tired, and he seemed to have no appetite at dinner. The next evening, he was even worse.

"I'll do it all by myself." said Sarah "You go rest, Skinner. Don't worry, I can do it."

"If you say so..." said Skinner tiredly "It's a might kind thing..." And he left the galley to his bunk.

Sarah got to work right away. She sighed when she saw what Skinner had laid out. Salt pork and hard tack was so...plain, not to mention Sarah was pretty darn tired of it.

"I'll make a real dinner." said Sarah to herself "A real home-like dinner." she glanced at the clock "Yikes! I'd better get working!" Sarah had helped at church dinners and county fairs, so she knew how to make a good, fast, large meal. She didn't have much to work with, but she found she could make do.

Biscuits were put in the oven instead of dry hard tack, and the fresh fish was cut, neatly and cleanly. Sarah would have nothing to do with the heads or guts that Skinner often turned into sauce, instead she tossed them over board. Once the fish was cooking, a barrel of apples caught her eye.

She only had a little time till dinner, but apple pie would be so good... Rushing she went to find a pie pan and some clean flour. (Often the flour aboard had worms in it.)

Soon the crew began coming into the galley.

"What's taking so long?" whined Arnold Beer "Its already half past six!"

"Where's that lazy, good for nothing, Skinner?" demanded Jamison

"He's not feeling good," replied Sarah reaching for the tin plates "So I told him to rest."

"Oh no!" cried David Rock "The slave girl made dinner by herself! Heck knows what she made! I bet you my head she put rat poison in it! We'll all be dead by midnight, I tell you!"

"Be quite, Dave." said Johnny Terror "Ya talk too much, mate."

But, by the end of dessert, the whole crew wanted Sarah to do the cooking from then on.

"There's another reason to make up with Sarah." whispered Johnny Terror to Jamison "She's makes good pie."

Jamison shook his head.

"Come on!" cried Johnny "She'd make a pretty darn good wife, for you! Beautiful, obedient, smart, and good in the kitchen. Come now, Jamie, she's the one for you!"

"Bother me any more, Johnny boy." said Jamison pointing a knife toward Johnny "And I'll have ya walk the plank! I have no feelings for the lass at all! Git' that into yer head! Ya hear?"

"But, but, I thought you said you was wanting to talk...?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about, kid! Now, quite, lad, I don't want to listen to you any more."

"You know what, Jamie? That's the problem with ya, you never listen to me!"

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More Of Princess Story!

Here's some more of the princess story! Please tell me if we need to add anything in it, or change anything in it! Thanks!

Bell sighed and thought, good. Then she thought what her mother was meaning to tell her.

"You know darling, we did invite your friends the other princesses for tomorrow morning. And i thought you could cancel your visit with the shepard boy."

"Oh!" gasped Bell, she had not thought of that, "well...maybe you could let me tell him? It won't be long, I promise!"

"Ummm...okay." answered her mother, and with that Bell dashed outside, telling her mother she would be right back. And she actaully was, because all she had to say was: "I have to cancel my visit with you tomorrow morning because I just can't make it that time." and then he said it was absoloutly fine and she smiled and ran back.

"Well, that was quick." her mother said when she was back.

"Yes, well, he didn't have much to say and kneither did I."

"Aaahhh." and that was the end of their conversation, for they were silent the rest of the tea time. And soon her mother ordered the maid to take a away their dishes.

"Yes, ma'am." the maid said.

Soon Bell got up from the large elegant table.
"Well, those cookies and tea were quite good." she said.

"Yes, they were." her mother agreed. Then Bell went to her room to change her pretty dress, because it was quite dirty now, going outside a lot and all.
When she came back down she had a pretty blue silk dress on, with a neckolace that matched it.
Then she started to sew a quilt for the winter, for they needed at least one extra blanket in the house. She absolotly loved to sew and did it all the time, and her mother loved it because it wasn't an outdoor thing to do for her daughter.

When she stopped sewing she decided she would grab some food and sneak outside to give it to the poor people.
Careful not to make any noise, she tip toed to the door. She would also have to be very careful not to make herself all dirty, for her mother would be very mad when she came back.

The poor people were very polite to bell. Then Bell thought, no wonder they were very kind anbd polite to me, I'm a princess!

When she stepped foot back into the palace, she realized that she managed to not get dirty! She was very suprised and releaved. And, better yet, her mother didn't notice her open the door. So Bell was then releaved. Bell started to read a book, because there was nothing else to do. But if her father were there, she would have done many fun things with him, and he would convince her mother to let her go outside whenever she wanted.

Bell thought her mother would be happy her father wasn't there to do that. And she was. Bell was, of course, not glad of that.

Bell felt like crying again, and she couldn't read while crying, so she put down the book.

"Oh, my dear princess, you don't have to cry all the time for your father, your fifteen now." her mother said, sitting down next to her.

"I know, but I just can't help it." Bell said, wiping her tears. Then her mother wrapped an arm around her and sighed.

It was the year 1867 in the winter, and Bell became very cold even in the palace. So she went up to her room to find a warm shawl.
When she finally got it on, she felt very warm, but not as warm as her father's hugs.

"'Tis cold, isn't it, Bell?" mother said.

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More In The Search of Elves :)

The next day they started out early. Elsa was sore all over from running and sleeping on the ground, but after a bit of walking she began to relax and loosen up.

The Still Woods were rightly named. For nothing moved, or made a sound. Everything was just...still. It was very pretty though. Huge trees, covered in moss, grew up around them, and large colorful slabs of rock could be seen poking up from under the ground after dipping into pools of clear water.

But no animals could be seen or heard. Elsa didn't know where the wolves had gone off to, but she was fine with not seeing them, they could stay hidden forever for all she cared.

So their first day of full traveling went well. They saw nothing unusual and met no one. That night they settled down in a large hallow tree, with a fire burning on the outside. And Elsa, no matter how long she listened, couldn't hear a single wolf.

That night was the best one Elsa had ever had. No worrying about working for her mean owner the next day, no thinking about the evil Inarians, no small cramped cottage, and best of all, she was on a real adventure. A real live one. An adventure to help set her beloved country free again. So what if it was dangerous? She was not afraid of danger of any kind. She could, and would, face it bravely, ever single minute of it.

The next day they continued plodding on. Almost never stopping, for it was sunny and warm, the perfect weather for traveling. When the food they had brought along began to run thin, it was no problem, for the trees were full of fruit and nuts.

The Crelis, who only ate meat, would have starved here, but it was bountiful for Elsa and Grandfather, in fact, it was much better then the poor food they had been given in the slave village.

Every day they went further and further in the Still Woods. The days were long and cheerful and the nights quiet and peaceful.

One night, as Elsa slept by the fire, she was awakened suddenly. But Elsa was very tired, and unsure what could have aroused her, but then she felt something watching her. She turned into the darkness. Something had made a noise, and whatever it was, was walking closer and closer to where she lay.

Chapter 13!

Here's some more of The First Mate. I always liked this chapter, isn't Johnny funny?

Chapter 13: Sorrows

The Ransom had lost a few men, including Mitch Snarle and Old Buck, but this did not seem to dampen the crew's excitement very much.

Jamison was laughing as he counted his earnings and looked upon his loot.

Sarah watched him from the corner of the ship. Jamison spotted her. "Didn't care for the raid eh?" She shook her head. "Well, better get used to it. We'll do this a few more times while you're on board."

Sarah noticed Jamison's right arm was dripping with blood. Yet he didn't seem to notice it, only once he loot was safely locked away in his private cabin did he care for the wound. Many others at earned injuries too, witch Sarah was called upon to help doctor. She found this the worst job yet, and it often took her breath away just to look upon the deadly wounds.

The night after the raid was a long one. Once Sarah was free to go to bed, she was too horrified with the images of what she had seen to fall asleep. Laying with her hand upon her bag of gold, she finally, after hours, fell asleep.

Sarah, of course, had terrible dreams that night, and more then once she awoke in a cold sweat, shaking and scared. One time after she had been awakened from a night mare, she found herself so horrified and upset, she began to cry.She longed for her sweet home more then she had ever before. Sarah was so lost in her agony, she didn't hear the heavy footsteps coming down into the hold.

"What did I tell you?" said Johnny Terror quietly "I knew she'd be upset."

"So what?" asked Jamison "She didn't take the raid too well. She's probably never seen a drop of blood in her life till now. No wonder she's all freaked out."

"She's crying."

"Yeah? What about it?"

"She thinks there nobody on the ship who cares about her."

"Well, she's probably right."

"No, there is somebody who cares about her. She just doesn't know it yet."

"And who could that be?"


"Me? What are you talking about, kid?"

"You know darn well what I'm talking about, Jamie."

"Don't call me Jamie!"

"So...Go on..."

"Go on and do what?"

"Go comfort her, Jamie! The poor lass is crying her heart out!"

"Are you crazy, kid? You had two many beers didn't you?"

"No! I only had one, or wait...was it two? Maybe three, I forget. But anyway, go on!"

"No! If its so important, johnny, go do it yourself!"

"Me? Are you mad? No, Jamie Dread, this is for you to do. I can tell you really, deep down inside, want to do it. You're secretly longing to have a word with her. So give in! Go talk to Sarah!"

Jamison sighed. "You know what, Johnny?"


"You're really annoying."

"Well, thank you!"

"Its not a good thing."

"I know..."

"You're a strange kid." said Jamison shaking his head "But you're right. Yeah, ok, maybe I do what to talk with her. But you know what? Its never gonna work. To her, I'm the devil. I'm the reason she's here right now. And to tell you the truth, I don't think she can ever forgive me."

Elvaeria, Ep 8

Okay guys, here is some of Elvaeria. To be completely honest, I really dislike this chapter. It just doesn't seem very well written. =/ Anyway, tell me what you think!!

_ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

The Council Room was an immense, circular room. Like all Elvin buildings, it was created entirely from bender, twisted, or carved wood and decorated with everlasting flowers and leaves and other beauties of nature.

As Kateri, Emily and Vaerizanda entered through the wide, arched doorway, the saw before them the entire Council of Elders. These were the finest of elves, aged, experienced, wise and just. Some had spent their entire lives studying, learning, and training just to have the chance to be a member of this ancient order. Others had gained their knowledge not from books, but through life, having experienced much as either warriors or adventurers. All were respected equally and admired greatly.

Standing before the group of Elves, Emily and Kateri could not help but feel small and insignificant. But they both knew they had much to explain and even more to reveal, Kateri most of all.

“Thou come’st before the Council of Elders to enlighten us with the events thou hast experienced through this day, Princess Kateri, Princess Emily. Honored One, thou may feel free to tell us your part in this tale, or thou may simply watch and listen. We would feel honored if thou wouldst join us at the Table of Elders.”
“Thank you, Wise Ones, I would be honored to join you. But first, I must tell my part in the story, though I wish to go last of all.”
“Let it be so, then,” the tall, striking elf who had spoken before said, inclining his head. “Now, Princess Kateri, please tell us your tale.”

“Early this morning, Emily and I decided to travel out of the Kingdom of the Elves, to hunt for some Melra berries for the grand festival this evening. We had just found such a lovely, full patch of berries as never before was seen, when suddenly, we heard voices…Human voices,” Kateri said, continuing, “We peeked through the branches, and we saw a noblemen, holding a bundle in his arms, and a poor peasant. The nobleman threatened the peasant with death if he did not take the bundle and kill what was in it….a baby! Emily and I know the grave sin of killing an innocent, and we knew we had to do all we could to protect it. We thought it would be simple enough, for the man was to simply leave the babe in a clearing. We were going to take the baby, once he left him somewhere, and bring it to a loving home of humans.”

As Kateri told her story, the Elders faces showed no change in expression, but Emily’s face seemed to go through all the emotions. Sometimes, she looked frightened, others, excited, sometimes, angry, and other times sad. But as Kateri drew her story to a close, not only did Emily’s face shone with amazement, but so did all the faces of the Elders.
“The Lithos Athanatos?” the Elders cried, disbelief, incredulity echoing through all their voices.
“Show us,” the eldest of the Elders, Mecaezer, said, leaning on the edge of the table, his eyes squinting, so as better to see.
Kateri had carried the stone with her since she found it, unable to let it out of her sight. Now, she drew it from the sack slung tight around her waste.

A hushed, astonished murmur ran through the group of Elders as they watched this.
“Bring it to me,” Mecaezer said, his voice low, reaching out his hand for the large, round stone.
Nervously, Kateri brought the stone to the Table of Elders. All waited in silence until she placed the stone in the hands of Mecaezer, and then slowly back away.
Laying the stone onto the center of the table around which the Elders sat, Mecaezer closed his eyes, placing his hands over the stone. Silently, his lips moving rapidly, he uttered words in a language unknown to any but the wisest of all elves, the language of the White Elves. The stone glowed, turning soft blue, and then fading to a pale pink, the pink slowly turning brighter and brighter until it glowed brilliantly red.
“There can be no doubt,” Mecaezer said, opening his eyes. “This is the Lithos Athanatos.”

Princess Story

Here's some more of our princess story! I have to tell you, I wrote fifteen pages of this story, and I only posted five pages here!! Hehe. But here's the 6th and seventh page!

When she opened the door to her huge palace, a maid, named Anna was right there at the doorway. And she had a huge plate in her hands with a cake on it.
"Happy birthday, Bell! Here is a cake for you!" she burst out.

"Oh, Anna! Thank you so much! How beautiful! Oh, you shouldn't have!" Bell excaimed.

"Oh, anytime, now do come in and eat some!" and Bell did exactly what she said, and told her mother what Anna did for her and how kind she was. But her birthday still wasn't the same without father, so she looked sad.

"So, what conversation did you and William have?" Mother asked, being snoopy like always.

"It's none of your bussiness!" Bell cried, losing her temper.

"How dare yous say that to me!" screamed her mother.

"Oh, I'm sorry, mother." Bell said, remembering how sensitive her mother was.

"You better be!" her mother shouted. Now beel was frightened by her mother's ruddness, and so she went up to her room where she would be safe.
Bell tried not to think of how nice her father was, and how he could calm dow her mother.

And she didn't like the idea of her mother not wanting there to be anything between her and William. So she cried again. Though she thought it was babyish to cry for things she wanted. But there were very inportant things. Her father in the war, having the rudest mother, and losing her true love. Then she thought she couldn't spend her life in her room crying, so she went downstairs.

"There you are, darling! I was wondering when you'd come down." said her mother, in her snoopy way.

"Yes, well, I came down." Bell said, seeming anoyed.

"Good. Because it's almost time for tea."
Soon Mary came into the room with a tray full of tea, cookies, and cakes. (Mary was one of their maids).

"Here you are, ma'am." she said.
And soon Bell and her mother sat down to tea and talked a little bit.

"So Bell, you really like being in the outdoors and your friend William?"


"Alright then..."

"You won't start another argument with me, will you?"

"No, dear, don't worry." mother said, though she was kind of lying.

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More Elderin!

Then he realized what had jolted the ship so violently. “Canons, they have canons!” he shrieked, scrambling down the rope ladder. He was so high above the ground it made him dizzy. “Get everyone up here! A ship! They’re attacking!”

The deck was empty and silent.

Hoenir heard a slight hiss from a dark corner. Two big eyes bulged out of the darkness. “Afraid of a little surprise, are you?” whispered Eyrieth.

Hoenir couldn’t bear it. He lunged forward into the darkness, screaming in rage, jumping on top of Eyrieth. He squealed and coughed, his breath coming out in wheezes, as the bones in his chest cracked.

“You, knock it off, you little worm!” shrieked Hoenir. He threw Eyrieth against the railing and spat out, “You! If I hear you speak one more word to me you’ll know what will happen!”

There were just a few rasps coming from his mouth as he curled up on the floor. “The little leech,” Hoenir muttered to himself.

He ran down the cabin stairs, into the darkness of his father’s room. A thin shape was curved over in a corner, and a thin, slithery voice sounded, “What is it, boy? Lost your way?”

“No, father, you have to gather everyone on the deck. A ship is attacking us! They have canons! You have to come now!”

The captain hobbled over to Hoenir. His bony hand gripped his shoulder like an icy claw. “Get up there, boy, now!” he whispered.

Hoenir suddenly shrunk back, afraid. His father’s eyes were narrowed and dark, fixing on him like a serpent’s. He wrinkled his face in disgust and climbed back up the rickety stairs.

He ran around, shrieking all over the ship, “Attack! Attack! Get your weapons, hurry!”

All the sailors reluctantly appeared, cursing and shouting out protests, some half drunk.

The captain was hobbling about, wheezing out orders, “Get to work! Fetch the cannon balls! I’ll kill you myself for them if you don’t get movin’!”

Hoenir raced across the deck. He dragged the huge, heavy canon over the wooden panels, the wheels on the platform screeching on the surface. He lugged enormous, heavy metal balls, the weight seeming to pull down on his arms.

“Ready, aim, set, fire!” screamed his father, as the head sailor lit the cannon and the force threw the ship backwards. Hoenir was hurled back against the ship’s sides, his back slamming against the railing. His stomach turned and bile rose to his throat. He began coughing up waste; it seemed to never end; by the end he was sobbing.

“Boy, git up!” His father hissed, “No son o’ mine can’t survive a little attack. Git to yer feet, I tell ya! Now!”

Hoenir stumbled on his legs. They shook uncontrollably.

“Clean out the cannon! We’re shooting another one!”

Hoenir grabbed a long handle cleaner and stroked it in and out of the metal tube. He managed to lug the huge ball into the cannon; his arm sockets seemed ready to rip off. The lead sailor launched the missile; the noise broke the air and clutched at Hoenir’s chest. He fell to the floor, trying not to scream. The deck was weighed down with the sailors, who seemed to flood from the cabins. The ship was looming closer. Torches were glowing on the deck. The sides were long and smooth; the masts were built of strong oak.

“Fire, they’re going to light the ship on fire! Quickly, light anything you find that we can carry. We’ll be ready for them!”

Here's more...

Here's more of the princess story! Sorry I only posted a little bit, earlier today. But here's more to make up for it!

"I'm sorry I couldn't shop for you yesterday, your father left. But I can now, what do you want?" she asked.

"All I want is to see William every morning." Bell said.

"No, dear, never! I asked you what do you wwant for a gift?"

"If I can't have that, I won't have a gift!"
Her mother refused a second time, but once she saw how sad she was, she sighed and agreed.
Now bell was happy, but not all the way happy her father was still in the war. But she still went to visit William.

When she reached the meadow she told him that she named the sheep Emma.

He smiled and said, "I love that name!"

"Thanks!" she replied.

"Today's my birthday..." she then said slowly.

"Oh! Happy birthday! I wish I had a present for you!"

"The only gift I want is to be with you." she said, looking up into his eyes.

"Oh..well..uh..." he stumbled, not knowing what to say.

"My father's in the war." Bell said, changing the subject.

"Mine is too." then they were silent. Soon Emma bawwed and crawled onto William's lap. Then Bell laughed and said, "I'm sure Emma is glad to see you again."

"Well, he's pretty used to me." he laughed.

"Of course!" she laughed back.

"Yu're a kind girl. I mean, you give money to the poor all the time."

"Yes, well...I better go now, bye!"

"Bye!" he cried, and she left with her sheep.
Bell thought it was a weird birthday, having no presents or anything. But she did not care. She didn't want to be spoiled or anything like that.

More of Kateri's Pirate Story

Here's another chapter. By the way, this is a little gory, it was a lot worse, but I cut out the worst parts. ;) Tell me what you think! :)

Chapter 12: The Raid

Sarah still did like or trust Jamison the slightest bit. But she found she did not hate him, and she really was beginning to feel sorry for Jamison. But still, she could not find it in herself to forgive him.

They had been at sea for over three months now, each day feeling like a year to Sarah.

One afternoon, Daniel Plank gave a shout from the crow's nest.

"Ship ahoy!"

This brought an excited crowd onto the deck, all the crew peering into the misty sea trying to spot the ship.

"Gimmie that spy glass!" thundered the captain, snatching it from Mitch Snarle. He looked through for a moment. then handed it to Jamison. "tell me who you think it is, lad."

Jamison looked through it. "Red sails, sir. Sails as red as blood. Who could it be but Bloody Bill and his crew?"

This brought shouts from the Ransom's crew.

"We'll raid them today then?" asked David Rock

"That we will." said the Captain greedily. "Men, prepare yourselves for battle!"

In minutes, the whole ship changed. Sarah stood in a corner watching, terrified. The crew became a horrific sight, and she didn't like looking at them. Cutlasses, guns, daggers, and clubs, all well used, appeared and were readied. The great cannons were prepared, and the sails were raised, taking the Ransom straight toward Bloody Bill.

The two ships moved closer and closer. Captain Frite stood in the bow, bellowing threats and cheering on his crew to get ready. Jamison stood on deck keeping an eye on Bill's ship and keeping his crew under control. As they got closer, Bloody Bill's crew could be heard yelling foul things, the Ransom's crew answered back just as harshly. Sarah blocked her ears.

Then, there was a still silence as the two ships got into each other's range, suddenly, Jamison gave a yell, "Fire!" And the battle began.

David Rock and Johnny Terror began to fire the huge cannons. The whole world felt like it was shaking. Sarah blocked her ears again, and knelt in the corner, hiding behind the empty crates. There was no end to the terrible noise. Sarah didn't know who was winning, or what was really going on.

There was the everlasting yelling, and the thunder of cannons. Smoke filled the air, making it hard to breath, and making Sarah's eyes water.

Then, there was the sound of splintering wood. The Ransom had hit its target. Jamison gave a yell for his crew to clear out Bloody Bill's ship quickly.

"Loot it! But, blast it, be quick! Quick!"

There came savage yells from both ships. Sarah peeked out from behind the boxes and watched the Ransom's crew invade Bloody Bill's ship. Mitch Snarle got aboard first. fighting off several of Bill's crew, he tossed down more ropes, letting more members aboard.

Jamison quickly and skillfully shimmied up the ropes, and soon disappeared into Bloody Bill's cabin to loot it out.

Sarah watched the fight, horrified at the violence. It seemed they were no longer humans, but beasts. She covered her eyes, trying to block the awful sights out, but she could still hear it. The yelling, metal hitting metal, cannons blasting, guns firing, people cursing, and the terrible cries of pain...

Then, as quick as it had began, it ended, for Bloody Bill's ship was very close to sinking. The Ransom's crew immediately left it, their arms, bags, and pockets full of loot. They were bloody, tired, but clearly happy.

Sarah watched as the ship sunk below the sea, drowning everyone who was left alive on board it. Sarah felt sick.

How could somebody enjoy this horror?

More Of my New Story!

Here's more of me and Juliette's princess story! Please tell me what you think of the rest! Because I'm not sure if we should change it or not. Thanks!

Meanwhile, at home, Mother was very worried about Bell, she was gone for so long.
Bell finally spot the lamb beside a rock in the woods. "Oh, look! I found her, William!" she cried.
"Oh! why, thank you, thank you!" William cried, lifting up the lost sheep.

"You're welcome." she answered with a smile.

He said with pleasure, "Since you found her, I want you to keep her."

"Oh, really? Will you really do that? Thank you so much!" she cried, suprised.
She started to walk home with the sheep following her.
Whewn she reached home her mother was very happy she was safe but disapointed that she got all dirty.
"How could you get so dirty? You are disgraced!" she yelled, all hot and mad.

"I'm sorry, mother. But look at the lamb William gave me!"

"You've been playing with that shepard boy again?"

"He's not just a shepard, he's William! And he reminds me of -- father..." at this rate her voice lowered, thinking of her beloved father.
With not another word she marched up to her room, and that night she cried herself to sleep.

The next morning she woke up to her mother saying, "Happy birthday, my dear!"
What a terrible birthday, Bell thought. She was turning fifteen.

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More, In The Search of Elves (at long last!)

Here's what I lasted posted, in case you have no idea what's going on. :)

The Crelis sniffed and grunted. Then they spoke to each other in their thick gruff voices.

"Lets go back." whined one "We're missing the feast!"

"We will go..." said one "Once we find the slaves."

"Why bother hunting them? They will not survive long. Not with the wolves in this forest. And if they do get by the wolves, witch I doubt they will, but if thy do, they'll be so lost, they'll never come back."

"Alright, alright. Very well. We will go."

And they thundered out of the forest, disappearing in the thick trees.

Elsa and Grandfather slowly made their way down the tree. They woods were dreadfully dark.

"Are there really wolves?" asked Elsa

"I don't know." said Grandfather "I hope not."

Then somewhere, not too far away, there was the lonely howl of a wolf. This was followed by another, even closer.

That night was not a restful one. Grandfather built a fire, but they didn't dare sleep much, for the wolves were very close. Often they could be seen walking throughout the trees.

"Do you know where we are?" asked Elsa

"Hmmmm...yes...I think we're in the Still Woods. Yes, I'm sure that's where we are."

"Do you think there any elves here?"

Grandfather laughed. "Nay child, we are but a few miles away from home! We're still very close to the Inarian city. I don't think the elves want to be that close to the Inarians."

"Where will we head toward tomorrow?"

"The Almeron Mountains, but that is along long way from here. I haven't the slightest idea what we're going to run into."

"Do you think we might find a Unicorn? Or fairies? Dwarfs possibly. Or maybe a dragon...?"

"I don't know, Elsa. I really don't know."

"The Inarians couldn't have killed them all off, could they? There must be at least a few magic things left, right Grandfather?"

"I don't know. But I suppose we are going to find out, aren't we?"

"Oh yes! Yes we are!"

You asked for it...

Everyone was asking for more, (especially Ambrose, Juliette, and Lucia), so I will make a sequel to In The Search of Elves. Of course, I won't be posting it for a long long long long very long time. But I thought I'd let you know.

By the way, it'll be called In The Search of Cyrus, it'll have all your favorite characters, and some new ones too.

Also, I'll be trying to post In The Search of Elves more often. I know I'm way behind!

TTYL everyone!

How Do You Like It?

How do you like this new look? I tried a few other colors, like blue and pink, but they didn't seem to fit. What do you think of this brown style? Please let me know!

New Story!

I know, Anna, that you wanted me to post the story about the Davis Family. But somehow it can't work out. Sorry! but here is a story about a princess that me and Juliette are working on. But I'm warning you, it has love in it!!! So you don't have to read it if you don't want to. Oh, yeah, and it has no chapters!

A Life Of a Princess

Bell hugged her father, not wanting to let go.

"I wish you didn't have to go to war," she cried, tears streaming down her face.
Bell hated to watch her father walk away to war.
Bell was a princess but not selfish at all, but rather kind. And she gave some of her riches to the poor. Her mother was quite the opposite, and she wanted her to marry a very rich prince.
It started to rain, but Bell did not care, she watched her father go off to war, sadly, even though she hated to.

"Come along, dear let us go inside. It's raining, you'll get sopping wet." said her mother, she was very sad and worried for her husband.

"Oh mother! I hope he doesn't die in the war! Why does he have to go?" Bell sobbed.
She went inside sobbing all the way. Her mother followed her, trying to explain why he had to leave.
"My young princess, your father has to go to war because they need an extra soldier, if they don't, they will probably all die." explained her mother.
Bell went up to her room thinking all the while about how lonely it would be without father.

But she would try her best to visit the poor children, they were lots of fun to play with.
The sun rose and the sky was blued, and in the center of the sky there was a rainbow.
So she went to see the Shepard boy, whom she was very fond of.
She sat down on the meadow, where she watched him tend his sheep.
The Shepard boy noticed her and said, "Hello."
She blushed saying "hello" back.
Then she had to say, "You're a great shepard boy."
"Thank you." he replied, flattered by her complement.
His name was William. And he had blonde shaggy har and light blue eyes.
Even though he was poor and dressed in rags, Bell thought he was dashing.
Bell offered him plenty of money all the time, but he always refused and said that a shepard boy was the life for him.
That moment William found out that one if his sheep was lost. Bell helped him loom for it.
They checked behind the bushes and down the hill but she was not there.
William looked very worriedd because she was just a lamb and wouldn't find any food to eat.

Bell saw how worried he was, and said, "Don't worry, we'll find her soon."

They looked until the sun was just about to set.

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Elvaeria, Ep. 7

Hey everyone!! Here is some more of Maedaeria, newly renamed as Elvaeria!! Tell me what you think! I know this one is wicked long.



As Kateri, Emily, and the Pegasus waited in the lounge of the Place of Councils, they talked over the many frightening events which had taken place that day.
“After I left you, what happened?” Emily cried impatiently. “And where did you come from, Honored One?” she added, looking admiringly at the fantastic Pegasus before her.
“Before we answer any of these questions, I think we should all introduce ourselves properly,” Kateri said. “I’m afraid I don’t even know your name, Honored One.”
“Nor I yours, until I heard it spoken with the title ‘Princess’ before it!” exclaimed the Pegasus, smiling faintly. “So you are the Elvin Princess?”
“I am Kateri, Princess of the Elves, yes. This is Emily, also one of the Elvin princesses. She is my cousin.”
“Which of you is the daughter of Lidaera, Queen of the Elves, and as such, the heir to the kingdom?”
“Kateri is. My mother is Lidaera’s younger sister, Cilnaera.” Emily said, adding, “But we still did not know your name! Won’t you tell us?”

“Dear ones, I cannot blame you for not knowing this ancient tradition, because it has been so long since a Pegasus such as myself has walked among you, but it is the way of the Pegasus to only impart her name to those she truly trusts and admires. But as it is, I have now come to the conclusion that I can trust you, and that indeed, I do admire you. My name is Vaerizanda.”
“Oh, how beautiful,” Emily gasped, her eyes wide.
“Heaven Sent….that’s what it means, right?” Kateri asked, smiling.
“Yes, that’s right. But now, I shall tell you my half of the story.” Vaerizanda said, as she took a sip from her bowl of the same strange, whirling mist that the two elves were drinking.
“Now, where to start…Hmm. My friend, Kaezira is her name, had been traveling for weeks….But wait, no….No, it is necessary to go even farther back than that.

“Kaezira, the woman from whose gown this small piece of material comes from,” Vaerizanda began again, indicating the piece of cloth with her snout. “is a simple peasant from the land of Linaeria. She is the daughter of a farmer of no importance, her mother has been dead these many years, and she does not even know her name, as apparently it is painful for her father to speak of it, and he has told her nothing of her mother. She has no title, no significance to anyone, except those who know her as the sweet and loving girl she is. She is truly amazing. She has a heart larger and truer than anyone I have ever before met before .
“I met her one day in the forest; she was picking berries for a pie. Well, we formed an immediate bond. Since then, we have been fast friends. But not too long ago, she traveled into Elvaeria alone. She was looking for me, in fact. She traveled deep into the forest. Too deep. She became lost. After hours of searching through the forest for the way home, she came to a small hut. Hoping that whoever lived in the hut would be able to help her, she naively knocked upon the door, not knowing that evil exists even in the seemingly peaceful Land of the Elves.
“What she saw there was too horrible for words. An entire family slaughtered. She nearly fainted than and there, and she would have, had not circumstances forced her to keep her wits about her. For, you see, the murderer was still there. A outlandish creature, she said. A monstrous creature! I myself have never laid eyes on him, but she described him to me thoroughly. She did not wish to tell me, it frightened her even to think about him, but I made her, for the more I knew about this monster, the safer I could keep Kaezira.
“Well, as I was saying, the murderer, some kind of monster, was still there. He was dressed in a long, black cloak, and in his arms he held a girl. She was a gorgeous girl, Kaezira said, and she seemed to be unconscious. He stared at Kaezira, stared and stared. Then, he slowly stepped from the house, and, spreading enormous, black wings, soared up into the sky, after whispering three words to her. ‘You are next.’”

“How horrible!” Emily exclaimed. Kateri remained silently, her eyes large.
Zaerizanda was watching her. She looked at her, her eyes searching, before continuing.
“After Kaezira told me all this, I knew it was no trifling matter. I told her we had to flee from her home, for the monster would surely come after her. I was sure it had some way of searching her out and discovering where she lived. She was heartbroken, for she loved her father dearly, and she had a brother who was in the Lindaerian army, and who knew when she should see him again. At first, she refused to go, but her father, hearing of the horrendous affair, would not hear of her staying where she could be in danger.
“So we set off. For weeks we have been traveling through the forest, going through the safest routs. You may think it foolish to travel through Elvaeria when that is where the monster itself must live, but, though you are of the ancient and honored race of elves, even you have little knowledge of the secrets this forest holds. Even though you are of the noble race of elves, you, and your elders with you, cannot image the mysterious contained in Elvaeria’s depths. I knew we would be safer in the forest than anywhere else. I knew especially one place where the beast would surely never find us….The Kingdom of the Elves.
“We had been traveling two weeks, with no sign of danger, when suddenly, we felt as though we were being followed, watched. Before long, we knew the monster was on our tails. There was nothing we could do…We simply continued to travel, staying one step ahead of the creature.
“We were so close to reaching the Kingdom of the Elves…Closer even than we thought…When Kaezira fell and hit her head on a rock. This injury was not too severe, but it held us up for two days. When we were at last able to move again, the creature was right behind us. We had nothing to do but run. Run we did! We sped through the forest, doing all we could to reach the Kingdom of the Elves before we were overtaken. We would have made it, had not I in my carelessness run under a low hanging branch. Though this branch was high enough not to harm me, it knocked Kaezira right off my back. Then, before I knew what had happened, I had tumbled into a hole…what I now know was the well…and everything suddenly went black!” Zaerizanda broke off with tears in her eyes. “My fault, all my fault!”
“Oh, Zaerizanda, it’s not your fault! Truly it isn’t—” But before Kateri could go on, the door burst open and aged Meginia was before them.
“The Elders are ready for you!” she breathed.

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Ahoy! More of my story.....

Ahoy mates! More of me' story! What do you think of it? I could never seem to get this chapter just right. What do you think of Jamison's past? Please tell me! I never thought is was quite...oh! I don't know! So anyway, if you have any suggestions, please tell! :)

Chapter 11: The Past

"Jamison was born in the Bahamas to a rich family. They were well known, and owned a huge plantation. Jamison had an older sister, Marie, to whom he was very close to.

"When he just a lad of ten, and Marie fifteen, they were captured by a crew of pirates. Some think it might have been Captain Eddie, but nobody knows for sure. They sold Marie into a slavery, to a tribe of Indians, but took Jamison aboard with them, raising him as a pirate.

"A few years later he got in a terrible fight, with the captain of the crew. The captain was an excellent swordsman, and torn Jamison's arm nearly in two, that's where he got that dreadful scar. Jamison would have died then and there, but there was mutiny during their duel, and Jamison managed to escape the captain's wrath.

"He soon left that boat, and moved to another pirate ship, he never stayed long on any craft, for he didn't get along well, and he was even a wilder man then he is now. But at last he came here, at the age of nineteen, and has stayed here three years so far. I think he'll stay most likely, for he seems to fit.

"Growing up on a plantation, slavery was a normal thing to him. Though he was mad about what they had done to Marie, he saw it as bad luck and part of the trade. Though every time he kidnaps another person into slavery, I tell it gets harder and harder on him. I've noticed it seems to pain him sometimes, but of course he'd never admit it.

"Captain Frite keeps telling him to kidnap more, and being the First Mate he can't deny his orders. Plus Jamie needs the money, and it is part of a pirate's life, kidnapping and slaving... Though I've noticed more and more he seems to hate what his life is. Sadly, tis' only putting him in an even worse mood then usual."

Sarah interrupted. "Then was doesn't he just stop? Why doesn't he just free me? Why can't he be nice?"

Skinner laughed. "Sarah, what would the crew think if all of a sudden their first mate refused to do any slaving? And what if he was gentle with all the prisoners? What then, huh? He'd be kicked off the ship, or, they'd kill him. He's a hunted man from shore to shore, the only place he can hide is here, aboard a ship. He does it because he has too, where else could he go? He's fighting himself and the whole world, Sarah. You should not hate him, but try to befriend him."

Sarah gasped. "Never! We can never be friends! I will never love him, we are not meant to be. We are enemies, and nothing more. No friendship of any kind is possible, Mr. Skinner."

"But, Sarah! Its not really his fault! Tis' the way he's been brought up, and he's had a hard life. Trust me, he would never do kidnapping on his own. Tis' Captain Frite he sends the poor boy to do his dirty work, knowing the lad has no where else to go..."

But Sarah refused to listen. Jamison Dread was a horrid man, and she would never befriend him.

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Pirate Story

Here's the latest installment of my new story. I promise to try and post some of Maedaeria soon (BTW, I think I'm going to change its name to Elvaeria...what do you think?). I have a lot more of it written, but I haven't had a chance to type it out on the comp yet! (Yes, I actually wrote it in a notebook!!! hehe)

Anyway, please tell me what you think!! Some that you haven't read yet, Kateri!! hehe! Anyone who doesn't know what's going on, you can read the beginning of the story here , or, if you've read the beginning but haven't read th second chapter, you can read that here. BTW, this story, like Kateri's, is still unnamed, with nothing more than "Pirate Story" to describe it!! Any ideas for a name??



* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Emma Camille stood on the gangplank, taking one last look at the scene before her. Her father, Mr. Camille, a tall, handsome man, stood beside her younger brother Matthew on the docks, waving. Matthew, his plump cheeks stuffed with sweetmeats, gazed absentmindedly into the sky.

Emma, tearing herself away from this sight, quickly boarded the St. Bartholomew, on which Mrs. Montclair and her daughter Viviane stood waiting for her. Mrs. Montclair looked sympathetically into Emma’s eyes as the young girl reached them.
“I’m sorry, I don’t know what’s come over me,” Emma murmured, blushing, as she brushed a stray teardrop from her cheek.
“Oh, dear girl, you’ll see them again soon,” Mrs. Montclair laughed, giving Emma’s shoulders a squeeze.
“Come on,” Viviane smiled, linking arms with her friend. “Let’s explore the ship!”

As the two girls walked along the deck, arm-in-arm, Viviane tried to cheer Emma up.
“Don’t worry, Emma; you’ll see them all in a few months! And you’ll be so busy bashing it up in France and Italy, you’ll never know where the weeks have gone!”
“Of course, I know you’re right,” agreed Emma, trying to smile. If only she could explain to her friend that it was not pining for her family that made her heart ache. Indeed, she scarcely felt she would miss any of them at all. But no, admitting such would be unforgivable. Even Viviane would never understand what Emma meant, for she had grown up with a dotting mother who loved nothing more than to be with her daughter.

Later that night, Emma lay on the bottom bunk, Viviane fast asleep above her. Emma, curled under the warm covers, silently scribbling into a small, leather-bound journal.

“Dear Diary,
"So far everything has been so amazing. This ship, the St. Bartholomew is enormous, and filled with the most interesting people I’ve ever seen. I know that this is going to be one of the most amazing and unforgettable times of my life. Ahead of me are three months full of new and exciting places to see, new people to meet, whole trunks full of the loveliest gowns, hundreds of balls, and amazing adventures! Isn’t it strange, than, that I am not completely and entirely happy?

"But I can’t help it, you see, because I know I am not loved. How can that be, you may ask, when I have hundreds of friends and admirers all around me? I think there is one thing that every girl longs for more than anything else. Probably most girls don’t know how much they long for it, because they have it already, and have had it all their lives. But I know it. And I long for it more than words can tell.
What is this thing, you may well wonder, which is highest in the desires of my heart? It is simply this: a mother. Oh, but you do have a mother, you say. True, I do have a biological mother, someone who gave birth to me. But that fact alone does not make her my real mother. A real mother, you see, feels something for her daughter.

"It is so hard, it is so unfair! All around me are girls who take their mothers for granted. Some even complain to me about how irritating it is that their mother is always trying to spend time with them, how she always has to know everything about them. They tell me how irksome it is that their mothers are always trying to be their friend!

"I suppose it’s not fair of me to judge them for this. They don’t know what it is like to have a mother who could care less about you. They don’t know how much I wish I had a mother who actually wanted to spend any time with me, who wished to know anything at all about me. A mother who actually wanted to be my friend? Unimaginable! Unthinkable! Oh, how longed for!

"It would comfort me to know that the reason my mother cares so little about me is simple because she is not a maternal women. Or, perhaps, she loves me a great deal, but she is simply the kind of woman who does not show her feelings easily. But this cannot be so, for I have never known a child more dotted on, more lathered with affection, than Matthew, my own brother! My mother absolutely adores Matthew! It seems her whole life revolves around him. She can scarcely stand to have him out of her sight for two whole minutes at a time.

"So what is so wrong with me, than, that makes her care so little for me? If only I knew. Perhaps I could change it. Perhaps I could get rid of whatever offends her so! If she dislikes my hair, I would cut it off! If she dislikes the way I dress, I would throw out my entire wardrobe! If she dislikes my laugh, I would never laugh again!

"Dear Diary, listen to me complain! I am surely on of the luckiest girls in the world. I have everything, some would say. My father is rich, my house is large and elegant, I always have the latest fashions and loveliest gowns to wear. I go to dozens of balls and parties a week, I enjoy scrumptious food. I only lack one thing. A mother.”

* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 10


Chapter 10: Island Stop

Without the main mast, traveling was almost impossible. So the Captain declared the crew must row. Sarah included.

They of course, would not row all the way to the Bahamas. They would stop at the next island and a cut a tree for a new mast. But the closest island was still a good way's away.

Rowing was a terrible task. Sarah thought she might black out after she had done her first share of the daily row. Dizzy from thirst and tiredness, she staggered up to the deck. She soon collapsed, having no strength left.

"Come on!" called Jamison almost cheerfully "Get up!"

He too, had just finished his share, but looked no worse for his wear. Just really sweaty.

"I can't. I don't want to." said Sarah "I'm too tired."

Jamison sighed, and said something about "annoying lazy kids", under his breath. But kindly helped her up.

"Get below, deck. Clearly rowing is not good for you."

Sarah was surprised at his sudden, almost very nice, attitude, and gratefully made her way below deck.

She was not called upon for the rest of the day. And the next morning, Jamison declared Sarah would only have to do a quarter of the rowing.

She went on doing only a quarter of it for nearly a week. Till she found it easy to do. Jamison noticed, and soon told her to do half. Sarah realized what he was doing, he was building her up slowly, till at last she would be able to do a full day's row.

It was only two weeks' time till she was rowing a full day's work.

It felt like years, those weeks. The rowed on and on for weeks.

Then, one wonderful day, Daniel Plank gave a cry of land.

It lay ahead of them, just a little speck. But this excited everyone on board, and they rowed faster and better then they ever had before.

Setting anchor in a small bay, then planned to go ashore the next day. The idea of walking on land, and no longer rowing, but the whole crew in a delightful mood. Everyone was almost polite and rather cheerful during dinner. There were no fights and chores were done without Jamison yelling.

The next morning they raced ashore onto the beach. The Caption and Jamison soon found a good tree, and with swift blows they hacked it down. Then, with the help of pulleys, then set the new mast into place.

Once it was in, the crew gave a loud cheer, and the captain was so happy he declared everyone could have an extra glass of ale that night. Sarah kindly declined hers, and Arnold Beer took it gratefully.

They rose the black sail the next morning and a strong wind pulled them out of the bay, and sent them sailing along the beautiful coast.

"Beautiful ain't it?" asked Skinner

"Yes." agreed ed Sarah gazing at the beauty that laid around them.

"Well just you wait till you see them Bahamas! They're gorgeous!"

"You've been there before?"

"Twice. Captain tries to go every year."


"Rumor has it Captain Eddie buried his treasure on one of the islands."

"Captain Eddie?"

"One of the best pirates in history! If his treasure really is hidden there, well, it'll be more loot then this crew has ever pulled in. Captain Frite has been longing for it all his life. So that's one reason why we go every year."

"What's the other reason?"

"Well..." Skinner paused "Well, the slave trade is pretty darn good down there."

"Oh." sighed Sarah "Have you done a lot of slaving?"

"More then I like. Mostly Africans from Africa though."

"You've been to Africa?"

"More then once. You're one of the first European gals we've ever had on board before."

"I hate being a slave! Jamison is the worst man alive!"

"Whoa, lassie, don't say that!"

"And why not? I happen to think he is!"

"You don't really know Jamison Dread. Don't hate anyone till you know the whole story, lass."

"Well, what do you mean?"

"How much do you really know about our fine First Mate?"

"Well..." admitted Sarah "I guess not a lot."

"Well then, I'll tell you all I know..."

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More of my pirate story!

If you don't know what's going on here, you might have missed the first part that I posted! You can find it here.

Tell me what you think! Praise and criticism are both equally appreciated!!


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +

Carlo knelt beside his mother’s lifeless body, his eyes over brimming with hot tears. His breathing came in short, sharp breaths as he fought to keep a manly front, to keep from sobbing aloud. Enrique leaned against the wall, his eyes closed. It was unbearable to look upon the painful scene before him, his little cousin’s shoulders shaking, his head bent. His aunt’s face was colorless, hollows around her eyes, her cheeks sunk in. Looking at her ravaged body, Enrique could no longer control his grief.
“How did this happen?” he cried, “Why did she never write? If I had known how things were here…” He looked at the thin figure of Carlo. “You’re a skeleton. Come, we must leave this house, Carlo.”
“We must give her a proper burial!” the young boy whispered, turning to his cousin, his eyes pleading.

The two salutes stood out in the deepening dim.
“She would have wanted a priest.” Carlo murmured, staring at the mound of dirt under which his mother’s corpse now lay. Placing his hand on Carlo’s narrow shoulder, Enrique bowed his head.
“Can we say a prayer?” Carlo looked up into his cousin’s face, his large brown eyes wells of sorrow.
Enrique nodded, and, although the simple words were no striking homily uttered by a solemn priest, they rang with emotion and feeling.
“Our Father, who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name…”
When they came to “thy will be done,” Carlo could no longer suppress his sorrow, and broke into sobs. Enrique knelt down beside the grave, his arms around Carlo, and placed a bouquet of sunflowers by the stone onto which Carlo has scratched the words, ‘Here lies Cossette Laurent, Darling Mother, Dearest Aunt.’

The sky was painted with gold, pink and red. A lonely bird twittered about in the trees above as Enrique gentled nudged Carlo awake.
“We have to get going.”
“Huh? Where are we going?” Carlo asked, stretching. His brown eyes had dark purple circles around them; streaks ran down his dirty face where tears had trickled in the night.
“We have to get to the Monarch before it leaves without us.”
“We’re going to the Monarch? Why?”
“You’re coming with me, Carlo. You’re going to be a sailor.” Enrique grinned reassuringly.
“But what about Mother?”
Enrique’s face fell. He looked away.
“Come on Carlo, we’d better hurry,” he murmured, standing.
“I don’t want to leave, I don’t want to, Enrique. I want to stay here, with Mother.”
“Carlo, what will you do here by yourself? You’ll starve to death,” cried Enrique, running a hand through his hair in distress.
“I won’t be by myself, I’ll be with Mother!” Carlo, tears streaming down his face, turned away. “Go on, I don’t want you.”
Enrique gripped Carlo’s arms.
“Carlo, you can’t stay here. You must come with me. Do you understand? I promised your mother I would take you with me on the Monarch. I promised.”

“Where’s that lily liver Cossaire boy? I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t show today,” grumbled a filthy, reeking sailor.
“Heh, grateful is what I’d be,” muttered another sailor, as they boarded the Monarch. “A darn wimp, that’s what he is.”
“A real mama’s boy,” laughed the other.
“Good morning, Girard, Dacre. The captain has been waiting for your arrival. Everyone else is aboard, except for Cossaire.” First-mate Philippe Damont scanned the docks, his eyes narrowed. “Ah, I think I see him now…But who is that with him?”

As Enrique hurried passed the whistling sailors and jabbering merchants toward the Monarch, he talked hurriedly to Carlo.
“Listen, I know this is probably confusing, but no one on this ship knows I have a cousin, or that I’ve ever before even been in Ravenhill. You must not let it slip that we are related, or that we even know each other at all. Do you understand?”
“Yes,” Carlo replied, but his face was full of bewilderment and uncertainty. “But why mustn’t they know we are related?”
“It’s complicated. I’ll try and explain it later. We haven’t time now. All you need to know is that you are a homeless vagabond in search of a position as cabin boy aboard a ship.”
“What is my name?”
This question rather surprised Enrique. Carlo’s readiness to accept whatever Enrique asked him to do was rather unsettling. He had envisioned difficulty in getting Carlo to follow the plan.
“Uh...Vasser. Yes, Carlo Vasser.”

“Who’s this?” Damont’s sharp voice inquired, frowning disapprovingly.
“The new cabin boy. He seems hard working, and I knew we were looking for one. So, I presumed--–”
“Well, we don’t need a scarecrow, and that’s about all this skeleton’s good for. Where’d you find him, the graveyard?”
Enrique quickly glanced at Carlo, fearful of what effect these words might have on him. The boy’s expression did not change; he stood straight and looked indignantly into Damont’s face.
“I may be lightweight, but I’m a hard worker. I could get twice as much work done any day as any fat lad.”
Damont raised an eyebrow.
“Is that so? Well…Take him to Captain Horatio. See what he says about it.”

“That was great, Carlo,” Enrique exclaimed as they hurried toward the Captain’s quarters. “Just keep that up and you’ll be first mate before we know it.”
Once they reached the Captain’s quarters, Enrique tapped softly on the door.
“Enter,” Horatio’s deep voice rumbled.
“Captain,” said Enrique respectfully, inclining his head. Shoving Carlo forward, he said, “This boy’s looking for a position as cabin boy. He seemed a likely candidate for the Monarch, so I brought him with me.”
Horatio, who had been sitting at his desk, looking over a large map, turned to have a better look at the boy.
“Is that so? Hmm, rather skinny, but seems to be made of a tough material. What’s your name, boy?”
“Carlo Vasser, sir.” Carlo replied, his chin lifted proudly.
“How old are you?”
At this, Carlo glanced nervously at Enrique.
“Uh, twelve, sir.”
“Hmm, a good age. Well, welcome aboard the Monarch, cabin boy!”

“I like him,” Carlo murmured as they left the cabin.
“So do I,” Enrique grinned, glancing down at his cousin. “Quick thinking when you said twelve. I didn’t think to mention it to you, but ten is a little young to be aboard a vessel such as this…”
“What kind of vessel is this, anyway? I didn’t see any cargo taken onto the ship.”
Enrique looked askance at Carlo, looking uncomfortable.

“Look," he said finally, turning around to look Carlo in the eyes. "You have to understand, Carlo, that not all the dealings that go on in this ship are what you could call honest.”
“What do you mean?” Carlo's dark eyebrows were drawn together, his expression unsure, worried.
“Well, Carlo…Let me see, how can I explain this," Enrique wracked his brains, frowning. "Well, it's . . . complicated. Carlo, the truth isn't always nice," he said, smiling sadly. "You see, many men aboard this ship, me included, are what...most...would call. . . . outlaws.” Carlo grimaced at the word, his face drawn.
“Outlaws? I don’t understand. You always made it sound like the Monarch was a shipping vessel.”
“Oh, well, sometimes it is.” Erique said evasively.

“Enrique, if I’m going to trust you, you have to tell me the truth.” Carlo frowned, stopping short. “You can’t expect me to be your blind follower.”
“Carlo, you wouldn’t understand," Enrique cried, almost pleading. "I'm not proud of what I do on this ship. I'd give anything to have another...profession," here Enrique gave a short, humorless laugh. "If you can even call it that. But things are complex, intricate, knotted. Everything isn’t as simple as some think.”
“I understand that, Enrique. My mother’s death wasn’t simple. I don’t understand why she died. I don’t understand what you mean when you say you are an outlaw. I thought you were a sailor, I thought the Monarch was a shipping vessel.”
Enrique grimaced.
“I'm sorry," he said, looking away. "You’re right, Carlo. I think of you as an ordinary boy, but... you’ve been through so much…you are so mature for ten...” Enrique sighed deeply. Running his hand through his thick hair, he looked Carlo in the eyes. “Carlo, the truth is, the Monarch is a buccaneer ship. We take what does not belong to us, Carlo. We steal, and plunder, and sometimes, kill. We are pirates.”