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Another New! :D

Here's another new story, Fellow Bloggers! And I just want to let you know that I'm giving up on that diary story. I've been doing too many mistakes with it, and I promise with this one I won't!

The Interesting Life of Madeline Sheers

Chapter One

It was the year of 2004. Madeline Bernadette (known as Maddy) Sheers was a catholic thirteen year old orphan. After her parents died, she lived with her best friend, Serena Stars, she was also an orphan and the same age as Madeline. She loved her best friend like a sister and they both watched out for each other every day with kindness.

They both missed their parents so much. And when one was crying because of it, then the other would hug her and say a few comforting words.

They also wanted to be adopted so much, but they didn’t know how, and that made it worse because it just made them feel sadder. They would give anything just to have their parents back.

“We shouldn’t go on like this, you know. We’re getting big,” said Madeline one day.

“You’re right...but I just can’t help it,” cried Serena, almost bursting into tears.

“Come on! We’ll get adopted someday...maybe...”

“See? It’s always like that; Maybe! And maybe always turns out to be NO!” Serena laid her hand on her forehead.

“It’s okay. Maybe doesn’t always turn out to be no.”

“Oh, yes it does!”

“You know, Serena, I’ve never seen you like this. Something’s really wrong.”

Serena sighed. “I’m sorry, Maddy. It’s just not easy for anyone to lose their parents. You should know and feel that.”

“Yes, it isn’t, it really isn’t. But you’ve got to learn to face those things and move on in your life, because those things aren’t going to change ever. And if they’re not ever gonna change then that means you’re gonna be sad always and that totally isn’t what life is all about. Crying.”

Serena heaved a big sigh. “You are so right, Maddy. Thank you. I’ll try to face it and move on like you said, but don’t be too pushy about it because…because…well, I’ve never done that sort of thing.” Serena looked ashamed.

“Of course I won’t, I promise. Don’t worry, I won’t laugh or anything like that.”

“Thanks. Well, shouldn’t we be getting to bed now?”


“Okay, well, goodnight!

“Night’, Serena!”

Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Story!

Hi Guys and Girls! Here's a story that I just started by me. It's about a girl from a while ago, it's her diary actually, lol. Enjoy!

Michelle Conk’s Diary

September 11, Saturday, 1988

Hello Diary! My full name is Michelle Bernadette Conk. I am a catholic 12 year old. I live in California. It’s really hot right now. I have one sister named Maria and her middle name is Therese. I like to call her Maria Therese a lot (so does my parents) because it sounds really pretty. My mother’s name is Faith and my father’s name is Frank. Now I haven’t much time to write because I am at my Uncle Tom’s house right now. I just want to add one more thing. We live in a very cute (I think) and small red house. I love it a lot! J I have to go. I’ll write more tomorrow.

September 12, Sunday, 1988

I just woke up. I have to go to morning Mass soon, so I can’t write too long now either. L I’ll just say that yesterday I played a lot of badminton with my Uncle and family in the front yard. It was so fun! :D My parents and Maria Therese were on one side and I and Uncle Tom were on one. And guess what? We won! I have to get ready for Mass now. More tomorrow!

September 13, Monday, 1988

Yesterday I left my uncle’s house. Although we had a great time yesterday! We went to the park and then got ice cream! Yummy! Aw man! I have to go start school now!

September 14, Tuesday, 1988

I just finished my school. Ugh! Math is definitely my hardest and worst subject! And to make it worse, I’m horrible at math. :P If only there was some way to get out of it….but I’m stuck doing it for the whole school year which won’t be fun for me. L Maria Therese is awesome at spelling for her age! Really, I wasn’t that good when I was her age. I guess I’m not that type of person who is good at school I guess. Oh, I have to go, we’re going shopping.

September 15, Wednesday, 1988

Yesterday when we went shopping we bought shampoo, glitter pens, stationary, tights, toys, all kind of clothes, etc. My family absolutely loves shopping! Although no one in my family loves it more than Maria Therese, oh my goodness! She would go shopping every day after school if she could! Oh, dinner break’s over! I have to go!

September 16, Thursday, 1988

I’m getting’ pretty good at this, aren’t I? I’m writing every day! But guess what? I probably won’t be doing that anymore because I’m going to visit my Grandmother in Boston pretty soon with my family! J I can’t wait! I have to go, it’s supper time!

September 17, Friday, 1988

Today I spent my whole dinner break playing with Maria Therese outside! Wow! Well, I’m glad I got to get a lot of fresh air and exercise! Oh, I have to go, I have to pack and get ready to go to my Grandmother’s tomorrow. I’ll probably write more in a few days...

September 21, Tuesday, 1988

I’m in bed now at my Grandmother’s. Oh, these past four days, I’ve been having so much fun! First, we talked a long while with my grandmother (she’s the sweetest Grandmother anyone could ever have!), then we ate ice cream sundaes, then we went shopping, then we went to an amusement park and got cotton candy! It was the best day ever. And so were those other three days! I have to go to sleep now. More later, I promise.

September 23, Thursday, 1988

I’m back home now. This week we have school off because we were at Grandmother’s house. Yay! Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, it was just a rest day for us because we were pretty tuckered out when we got back; we had a tiring but fun week! I don’t have much else to say, so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll put away my diary and pen and study.

September 24, Friday, 1988

Another school day for me and Maria Therese! Although, believe it or not, it’s still pretty hot! I know, crazy, but that’s just how California is like. ;) I really love it because I just plain love hot weather all year ‘round! (Okay, maybe not all year ‘round, but pretty much! It’s gotten I guess pretty chilly in the winter. And only a few times we spot a few sprinkles fall down in the winter time.) Oh, Maria Therese wants me to come outside and see something, tomorrow I’ll write about it!

September 25, Saturday, 1988

Okay, yesterday Maria Therese showed me a gardener snake that was in our backyard! No, really, a real snake! I was really surprised and scared. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m afraid of them. I don’t really know how to describe how it looked like….let’s just say it looked really cool with stripes, hehe. I have to go, it’s breakfast time.

September 26, Sunday, 1988

Today we are going to afternoon Mass so I have some time to write. I spot some crab grass near the corner of our front yard today! Now that’s pretty good for late September actually, haha! No, really. To tell you the truth, I don’t really have anything else to say! I guess more later!

September 27, Monday, 1988

Now it’s back to school again I guess. I have 10 subjects. Oh dear! I’m sorry, but I better get started! I’ll report to you how school went tomorrow!

Fantasy Story

You read the beginning of this one before, but I added more.

The land of Airloniea was dying. The crops were failing, the king was on his death-bed, their arch enemy the Northern Riders attacked more every day, sickness was raging through the villages, and many Airlonians though it the end of the world.

When the old King did finally die, the throne was passed to his eldest son, a wise and caring man, but it seemed he could do nothing to help his poor country. The trouble grew more and more every day, and it looked like what was left of Airloniea would soon fall into the hands the hated Northern Riders.

Just when there seemed to be no hope left, an old elf appeared at the castle door, begging to see the King. The guards admitted him to the King's study, where the desperate King was pacing the floor in worry.

"Worry yourself no more, my King." said the old elf with a bow "For I have something that will end all this pain." The elf then drew from beneath is ragged cloak, a thick book. It has a smooth leather cover, covered in strange elven letters and printing, the book had gold edged pages, and a tasseled bookmark hanging out of the edge.

"What sort of trickery is this?" asked the King tiredly.

"This is no trick." said the elf "I have spent countless days making this book. I have called upon the strongest magic to create this. And now, at last, it is done. I give it to you, my King."

"How will this book help me?" demanded the King "If I find you have just been fooling with me..."

"I will tell you, how helpful this book this." said the elf, almost madly "This book is very powerful, for anything written in it shall become true."

"I don't understand..."

"Anything ever written in this book, will come true! It does not matter who it is written by, or when it is written, it will always, always, come true. You wish to cure your country? Then you can do so with this book!" The elf paused, and then looked the King in the eyes "But I warn you, your majesty, use this book with great care, or you might just wish you'd never seen this book in your life."

The King backed up away from elf, looking afraid. But the elf continued.

"And while the Book's power is certainly very strong, I'm sure some things will be beyond its limits." The elf then pushed the book into the King's hands and bowed quickly. "I wish you the best, my King, may you stay wise." Then the elf left the castle, and was never seen again.

The King did use the book to build his country back up. But he was careful with what he wrote, and used it wisely. After Airloniea was back on her feet, the King gave the book to a trusted knight. He sent him to take the book and and ride to the top of Mount Forge, a mountain to the far West, and chain the book to a rock on the summit. The knight did as he was told and Book remained unused and forgotten on the mountain.

And as the years wore on, Airloniea forgot about the powerful book. And even when disaster struck, and the country had trouble, the book was never taken out, for nobody remembered it......


Hundreds of Years Later.............

To the North of Airloinea lay a cold and unforgiving country. The land of the Northern Riders. The Riders were known as cruel and evil people, and indeed most of them were. Wars broke out among themselves and other countries constantly. The country was worn-torn and savage, where people were given little freedom, and good, honest, men and women were rare. Most Riders loved nothing more then to make trouble, especially for Airloniea.

But not all the Riders were like this. A precious few were truly very good kind people.

A young Northern woman, no older then eighteen, ran along the dark and rainy streets of Airloniea's greatest city, Athena. She had crossed the border into Airloiniea the night before, and now her daring mission was almost done.

Her black hair fell down her back, her dark eyes sad and full of tears, held closely to her chest was a well-wrapped bundle. Her tears slipped down her face, joining with the rain. She was well-built, and had breath-taking beauty. She was dressed in a ragged cloak and dark green dress, her hood now pulled over her eyes. She ran around a corner, her breath heavy. Footsteps raced behind her quickly.

"Fael! Fael!" The young woman swerved, and turned around, tears still in her eyes.

A young man, also a Rider, stepped into the shadows. He was dressed as a solider, dark shaggy hair under a cap, and a thin buckskin coat over his well muscled arms. He too, looked young, not yet even twenty.

"Fael." he reached for her arm "It doesn't have to be this way." She didn't resist his touch, and instead buried her head on his shoulder.

"You're right, Merlinn, it doesn't. But it is best this way. You know that."

"Fael! No!" he held her tightly, as she cried.

"Yes, Merlinn, we must. You know too well the fate that lies ahead of her if we don't." saying this she unwrapped a fold of her carefully held bundle. She held a baby in her arms, no older then a few weeks old. "I will not raise our child in that war-torn North, Merlinn! It is best to leave her here, in Airloniea, where she has a chance. Some kind couple were raise her here, in safety."

Merlinn hugged Fael and his baby daughter close. "You are right, Fael." he whispered "Tis, best. But the thought of her growing up and never knowing us..." He picked up the baby from her arms and looked at her in the moonlight.

"I know, Merlinn. But it is better then having her grow up in war. In a country where there is no freedom, no joy, nothing to live on."

Merlinn nodded, and gave his daughter back to his wife, he pulled a simple leather cord off from around his neck. Hanging from the cord was a metal coin with a hole through the middle of it. All around the coin were strange symbols and figures. Merlinn slipped the necklace over the baby's head and gently tied it.

"It's been in my family for generations." he whispered "Maybe it will help her find her way back to us."

Fael nodded and kissed her daughter. "We should hurry. Tis' a wonder we haven't been caught yet." She took a glance at the great house that stood ahead of them. It must be owned by a rich family of high ranking. Fael took a few steps forward to the great stone steps that stood in front of her, then broke down crying. "I can't do it!" she sobbed, clutching the baby.

Merlinn took his wife's hand, and together they climbed the steps, and laid the baby by the entrance. Merlinn then pounded on the wooden door, and then grabbed Fael's hand, tugging her down into the alley below to watch.

Not long after the door opened and a woman came out onto the steps. She saw the baby and gave a cry. The woman scooped up the little girl and disappeared into the grand house.

Fael gave a cry, and burst into tears in the wet dark alley, Merlinn held her close and tried to comfort her, but he too was crying.


And the child grew up in that house, the house of Ramon and Fayla, Duke and Duchess of Athena. They called her Ceili, meaning "stormy", for she had come to them through the storm. And as Ceili grew, her parents kept her story a secret. Even when she reached the age of sixteen, they never told her how she came to them. Instead, they let her grow up thinking she was their own flesh and blood daughter, they let everyone else, both family and friends, think it too.

For they felt ashamed that their beloved daughter was not a real Airlonian but a Northern Rider. And so they guarded the secret of her true heritage even from Ceili herself.

Chapter 1:

Ceili awoke to the sun shining through her window onto her bed. She blinked in the bright light and stretched. It was going to be a wonderful day, she and her parents were going to go to Schcora, the capital of Airloniea. King Ferdimon had want of her Father, so they must go.

Ceili was very excited. While her parents were good friends with the King she had never met him. And the King had a daughter, Marianna, who was her age. Ceili was sure they'd have a wonderful time together. They'd stay at the castle as long as the King needed them, and that could be weeks!

Ceili bounded out of bed at that thought, and rushed to get dressed. She slipped into a long green silk dress that set off her dark hair and eyes. She quickly went to the mirror to fix up her long black hair, sweeping part of it up into a tight twist on the back of her head and letting down a few locks to frame her face.

Ceili reached for gold hoop earrings, they were made by dwarves and very beautiful. She put them in and tugged her necklace out from under the front of her dress. It was a simple yet beautiful piece of jewelry. A brass colored coin hanging from a leather cord, all her life Ceili had worn it, never once could she not remember it upon her neck. While it did seem more like something a man, not a young lady, would wear, it seemed to fit her. And Ceili had no intention of ever taking it off, it was part of her.

Ceili was soon all ready to go, Solna, the family maid, who was really more like a second mother to them all, had already packed up everything Ceili might need. So now there was nothing left but to take one more look at herself in the mirror then run down the stairs.

On her way down to the entry way, Ceili bumped into her Mother.

"Ah, Ceili, good to see you're ready!" Said her Mother, tying her velvet cape about her slim shoulders, and smoothing her blond hair under her tiara. "Run on out to the courtyard now, your Father has the carriage ready. You know he hates to wait, he wants to get to the Estern Forest before it's too dark."

Ceili nodded. The journey to Schcora would take at least two long days of travel. So they planned to spend the night in a small Elven village in the Estern Forest. The Elves would be glad to have them, and it was about halfway through, making it was perfect place to spend the night.

Ceili ran down the stairs to the outside of the house. The carriage was waiting in the yard, four white Elven ponies hitched up to it, and her Father waiting inside. Ceili took one last look at the grand house she called home, then got up into the carriage, joining her Father, and minutes later Solna and Ceili's Mother got in.

It wasn't long before the driver, a young warrior elf by the name of Lija, called to the horses and they were on their way.

Ceili's parents were soon deep in conversation with Solna about politics, ancient history, and magic. Ceili didn't care to join the conversation, and instead stared out the window, looking at the passing city. Athena was home to men and elves alike, and sometimes, a few dwarves.

As the carriage pulled through the streets, people and elves came running out to the edge of the roads, all of them hoping to catch a glimpse of their beloved Duke and Duchess on their way to serve King Ferdimon.

Ceili starred back at them through the window, watching all the eager faces, most of them fair-headed, native, Airlonians, but a few elves dotted the crowd and every now and then a dwarf.

Ceili looked with wonder upon all the light hair and blue eyes. Just like her parents, and all her friends, and everyone else she knew, had. Everyone, except for a few elves, had straw-colored hair, paper-white skin, and eyes the color of the sea.

Ceili reached for her own dark hair, and looked at her reflection in the glass window. Why was she so dark? Everyone else in her family was as light as the other Airlonians. Why did she have dark hair and eyes? Why?

"Ceili" a sudden voice pulled her out of her heavy thoughts "Ceili?"

"Yes, Father?" Ceili pulled away from the window.

"Ceili, I forgot to tell you this before we left, but Ferdimon wanted me to tell you that Marianna won't be at the castle while we are there."

"Why, Father?" asked Ceili sadly.

"She's going to be staying with her Aunt this summer. Her Mother too. I'm sorry, Ceili, I know you were wanting to meet her."

"Aye." agreed Ceili sadly, wondering what she would do with herself at the castle now.

They had left the city of Athena now, and were racing through the country-side. Ceili leaned against the heavy wooden door listening to her parents and Solna talk worriedly about why the King might have need of them.

"I heard from my sister that there's rumors about the Riders planning a war against Airloniea." said her Mother sadly "Goodness knows what those blood-thirsty men want now!"

"Riders could be the problem, no doubt." agreed her Father

"I wish we could just have peace." said Solna sadly "Has war not been going on for hundreds of years now?"

"Yes." agreed her Father "Tis' very sad we live in such hard times."

"If it truthfully is the Riders we must be very careful." said Solna "There numbers are larger then we all think. They have a lot of power, and could hurt Airloniea more then most people think is possible. I just hope whatever it is, it gets settled soon."

Ceili sighed. She didn't care at all about those wild distant Riders who sometimes attacked Airloniea. Yes, they often did cause trouble, but they were always driven away before too much harm was done. Why should this year be any different? Ceili was afraid of little, and she was not at all afraid of Northern Riders.

She sighed again and rolled her eyes as her parents continued their worried conversation.

"What if...?" "And then...?" "Should that ever happen..." "I heard..." "Well, I hope..."

When Lija stopped the carriage a few hours later to water the horses, Ceili begged her parents to let her leave the carriage and ride up top with Lija. He was sure to be more exciting company, then the three adults worrying. They let her, glad she wouldn't be pressing her nose to the window, and sighing anymore.

So before the horses started up again, Ceili climbed up onto the seat with Lija.

"Hello, Miss Ceili." said the elf with a smile "What brings you up here? The conversation too dull below?"

Lija knew Ceili well. "Aye." she replied laughing "All history and politics and worrying over those Riders. I couldn't care less! Why can't they just relax and enjoy the day?"

Lija cracked the reins over the horses' backs and asked them to move forward. "Not everyone is fearless like you, Ceili." he said, as he untwisted the old leather reins, "And these days even I am nervous for what can be coming."

"What do you mean, Lija?"

"The Riders have not yet attacked for almost a year now, your Father gets called up by the King for a private mission, and there's all those robberies."

"Robberies? Of what?"

"Armor, bows and arrows, swords, war-horses, and the like. Things a country needs for battle. Large amounts have been found missing from all different cities." Lija shook his head "It's the Riders. I'd bet my life upon it. They're planning a wicked war against us."

"But anyone could have stolen that stuff! Or maybe they weren't stolen at all, and somebody just misplaced them."

The elf laughed, "That would be a lot of armor and weapons to "misplace", Ceili. And the North is poor, they most likely can't afford to make their own, why not steal it from their hated enemy?"

Ceili sighed. "Now you sound just like Father, Lija! I came up here to get away from all that!"

"Sorry, Ceili." said the elf shrugging "If you had any fear at all you'd be afraid of this. But I'm happy for you not to be pulled down with all this dark news and just be happy and carefree. You're young, Ceili. You don't need to worry."

"Well, Lija! You're not old! You're nearly as young as I am! And here you are, worrying just as much as my Father!"

The elf sighed and shook his head. "I'm an Elven Solider, Ceili, if there are any problems I'm going to be the one who has to fix them. And I'm also going to be the one protecting you should a war break out. And don't forget, eighteen is a lot older then sixteen." He cast her a grin.

Celie felt ashamed suddenly. "I'm sorry, Lija. I forgot."

"There's nothing to be sorry for!" he said laughing. Lija was always a good sport.

It was so easy to think of Lija as a care free child like herself! They had grown up together, and now, suddenly, he had so many duties and jobs. He had already completed his training as an Elven solider and was now in one of the highest ranks in the whole army. Yes, he was driving their horses today like any other young man, but he was also their body-guard. Lija did have a right to be concerned. And he must be right about eighteen being older then sixteen. Lija was always right.

It was dark when they got to the Estern Forest. The minute the carriage pulled up to the large golden gates, elves appeared from among the thick trees beyond it, and swung the doors open. Cheering with excitement and welcome.

A single young warrior elf, who looked about Lija's age, jumped up into the carriage. He appeared to be a very good friend of Lija, for the two seemed delighted to see eachother.

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Farming Family

This story is re-written, for the same reason Emily's is. Ask us in a chat or something if you want to know why. It's about the Ferrier's, the Davises cousins who share some farmland with them. :D (You don't have to read it if it turns out to be boring. There's no plot, I just enjoy writing about families, and wanted to share it with you.)

Also, please tell me if the script is too tiny, and I'll change it. And the "Quid tempor" part is supposed to be "How long did it take you?" in Latin. I still need to work on that part, hehe, it's not the correct Latin form of it, and it's not even all of it. Anyway, read on:

Chapter One: Sweet Sisterhood

Michelle and John Ferrier married at Christmas in 1994, a lovely, happy couple, both very young and having just finished college at St. Thomas Aquinas. Red roses and glowing candles filled the church, the Latin Mass was simply beautiful, and Michelle’s little sisters could never stop hugging her. Her mother kissed the couple both on the cheeks, murmuring to her daughter, “I’m so happy for you, my darling.” Snow was gently falling outside, sparkling like thousands of diamonds when they gathered on the ground. The young couple nestled next to each other in their limousine, kissed each other once more, and held on to each other the whole ride.

They live together in a very small, white house with blue trim in New Hampshire that John’s great-grandfather owned, with a big barn, huge fields, an apple orchard, and the surrounding land, where most of the relatives lived and shared the fields with them, helping them plant and plow the crops. Michelle’s first baby was a beautiful little daughter, Helene Celine, with bright blue eyes and thick blonde hair, just like her mother. Almost every other year they had more beautiful children.

Helene was a petite teen, bursting with energy, enthusiastic, and as daring as her brothers. Her short blonde hair was mostly curls, and she was very slender, sometimes Mama worried about her, but then, she was growing very fast now, and it was very normal. She loved riding her beautiful, muscularly shaped pure-bred mare, Chesnutt, who had a glossy auburn coat and a long, soft mane. Helene was sitting among all the May, white apple blossoms, little bunches of sweetness with a pink glow, surrounding her, and the sweet notes of bird song was ripe upon the air, oh the air! It was so full of fragrance, of all the blossoms, of new grass, of sweet pollen. Everything was so hot now, but it was a pleasant kid of hot. She heaved a deep, contended sigh and pushed her curls out of her eyes. She began picking big bunches of blooms and gathered them up in her arms. They smelled so sweet, a really fresh sweetness. She swung down from the apple tree and pranced all along the orchard, between the rows of trees. She was just reaching the Macoon row when two little girls, very small for their ages, came running at her. They looked like identical twins, with fluffy yellow curls cut short around their round faces and bright blue eyes. The slightly taller one was Alice, five, and the other was Irene, her little sisters.

“Hey, honeys, is it Mama? Does she want me again? I already swept out the barn, if that’s what she’s asking, but I forgot to feed the chickens. Cecile’s probably doing that anyway, well, what is it?”

The little girls were exclaiming over the apple blossoms, smelling them and taking a few for themselves.

Finally Alice informed, “The boys are having a soccer game and they told us to tell you if you wanted to play.”

“Where are they?”

“The field,” Alice replied vaguely. “Can we take these to our room, Helene?”

“Oh yeah, sure, go ahead.” Helene thrust the blossoms into their arms and ran off through the grass, yelling out, I’m coming, don’t start yet!” The grass seemed to shimmer in the sunlight, and the hills looked hazy in the distance. The small houses on the edge of the field could barely be seen, but they were little cottages near the orchard next to all the crops. Most of the relatives lived in the simple, pretty cottages, which had graceful trees surrounding them.

William and Stephen were kicking the soccer ball around. They were two typical teens, tall and gangling, with blond hair that was slightly curly and was always growing too long before Mama could get the chance to cut it. Benedict, who was four, had the same hair and was small like his sisters, looked up to them more than anything. He would do anything they did, copying their every move. He was jumping up and down now, trying to get at the ball, yelling with glee when one of them kicked it in his direction. “The goal, get it to the goal!” Stephen was shouting at him.

Benedict ran as fast he could, trying not to let the ball go astray, concentrating hard so Stephen would be impressed with him, but then he realized he didn’t know where or even what the goal was. He slowed down, tears on the verge of pouring out, when Helene came to the rescue. Good old Helene. She kicked the ball hard and it flew away towards the woods and through the two maples.

“Score!” Stephen shouted, running over to clap her on the back and jump around.

“That’s not fair,” William protested. “Helene, you can’t pick his side, I’m all by myself. I need you.”

“Ask Cecile. She’ll do anything you ask her to. And you’re the best here, it’s ok if we have more than you do.”

“Fine, sure.”

Cecile was sitting on the sidelines, by the thick woods bursting with green leaves behind her, with Alice and Irene, who she had just joined. “Yo, we need ya!” Will yelled at the top of his voice. Cecile was quite and timid, and the only one in the family with very long blonde curls. She was very pretty and graceful, as motherly and gentle with the babies as a very experienced mom. She had very sensitive, tender feelings, and was already eleven years old, but of course she looked much younger because she was so petite. She stood up and walked over gingerly.

“It’s two to one to my team,” William informed. “You better play well; we’re already in the lead and I want to keep it going.”

“All right,” she sounded a little nervous. She never liked soccer and would rather stay on the sidelines and help the little girls cheer lead, but she didn’t want to start an argument with William, so she had to stay.

Helene started because her team was losing. She kicked the ball so hard it flew away far, but Stephen caught up with it and so did William. They had sort of a struggle that turned into a wrestling match until Helene broke it up and took the ball toward the two maples, but Cecile intervened, running as fast as the poor girl could go to the goal, between the two apple trees on the edge of the orchard.

“Go, CiCi, go! You can do it!” urged William, running toward her to help. “Hang in there, I’m coming!”

Benedict tried to stop her, but she was too fast. She kicked as hard as she could, but Stephen was gaining on her, and was much faster still. It would have been another wrestling match with the two boys and to boot, Cecile in the midst of it all, if Helene hadn’t interrupted it again and headed toward the maples. Stephen ran to guard her from Cecile and William, but it was no use. William kicked it hard and long, with such force his leg went straight up and hurt like nobody’s business. He yelped and groaned, swaying and yelling out to the only meager glimmer of hope, “CiCi, come on, get it to the goal!”

But alas, Cecile grew even more nervous with all the pressure. She tried her best, bolting towards the ball, Raphael and Helene on her heels. Her legs were starting to feel tired and there was an awful stitch in her side, but she sped on, and kicked the ball with all her might toward the orchard. It slowed down just before the two apple trees, and for a moment it looked like they were lost, but the ball rolled right through them. She began yelling in triumph and jumping up and down, and didn’t realize that Benny was kicking the ball toward the maples like mad. He was puffing and his face was all red, but he was determined. The maples were only two yards away, he could see Cecile coming at him from the corner of his eye, the goal was only a few feet away; he kicked the ball as hard as he could and it flew between the maples. Nothing was more beautiful than that. That ball sailing along through the beautiful maple trees, the beautiful yells of triumph from Stephen and Helene. The tears were coming now, pouring down his round face. It was beautiful to be high up, being carried by his older siblings; it was beautiful to be hugged by Alice and Irene, who were shrieking, “Go, Benny! Go, Benny! You, rock, rock, rock, yeah, yeah, yeah!” And even their dance to go along with it was beautiful. It was beautiful to hear Mama’s call for dinner, which meant the game was over, and he had won the game, simply beautiful.

On the way to the house everyone was laughing and yelling at him, hugging him, slapping his back, even William, who thought that just a little bit of congratulations wouldn’t hurt, even though he lost. And the whole way home Cecile kept a hand gently gripping his shoulder and smiled her comforting smile at him.

They all trooped up the stone steps and through the light blue painted door that matched the shutters and gingerbread and entered the kitchen, sweaty, weary, but happy.

It was a small room, like the rest of the house, but cozy. The walls were painted light blue, there were white cupboards, but the cupboards under the sink were made of oak and glazed over. In the right corner there where white shelves on the walls, in the shape of a whatnot, with Mama’s china rested there. On the left side there was a long oak table and chairs. There was a small pitcher full of apple blossoms in the center. On either side of the front door there were two windows with china on the sills and white ruffled curtains. Fresh air was drifting through them. Mama stood by the stove, stirring a huge pot with of spaghetti and boiling hot water. She was petite and slender, with long blonde hair like Cecile’s, rosy lips and gentle features. Little Maria Therese was draped over her shoulder, sleeping softly. She was so tiny and pudgy with big blue eyes and short yellow curls. She was already four months old, and had been born last Christmas. She had long eye lashes and rosy cheeks.

Mama shushed them all when they came stomping in, shouting about the triumph. “You’re going to wake the baby,” she whispered. “Quiet down. How was the soccer game?”

“Mama, I scored a goal!” Benedict couldn’t help puffing out his chest.

“Yes, I saw from here,” she smiled, and her eyes turned into crescent moons.

Stephen gave him another clap on the back. His heart seemed to swell even bigger.

“Helene, take the baby for me, will you? Cecile and I will finish up getting dinner ready.”

Helene gladly took the little one in her arms and walked into the quieter living room. One-year-old Jeffrey was running around in circles. He was so little and chubby, with his yellow hair in a buzz cut. He had just learned to walk around, and could talk very well for his age, although pronouncing R’s and L’s were beyond him.

“He’wen!” He shouted with glee, jumping up and down, causing his shorts to slip down.

“Yes, darling, now go sit down and play quietly, Maria’s sleeping.”

He nodded enthusiastically and ran off to his blocks by the wooden toy trunk. The living room had worn hardwood floors, white painted walls, and a circle of big, comfy armchairs and sofas in the center with a rope rug. Behind was the wooden staircase, and to the right were wooden book shelves, an old brick fireplace, and a mahogany hutch with china and photos and a few baskets.

On the left by the bay window was the small, beautiful, glossy, cherry wood piano that Grandmere, Mama’s mother, had given them. It was for the whole family, but really it was Helene’s now. She was the only one who played, and did it all the time.

Maria Therese was beginning to stir. Helene gently lifted her down onto a sofa, and took of the heavy wool blanket to reveal a pale pink, short sleeved pajama. She was so little that Mama said it didn’t matter what she was dressed in during the day. She bent down and kissed her soft, rosy cheek. Maria smiled, her eyes sparkling. Helene left her there with her bottle full of cold, creamy milk and walked over to the piano. She sat down on the bench and settled her long, thin fingers on the keys. They flew gracefully over them, filling the room with a sweet, beautiful melody. She had never had a real piano teacher, but Grandmere had started her off, and she had mostly taught herself. She loved it so much; it was her inspiration, how she calmed down, where she found her true happiness. She only knew a few songs, but every one of them was truly beautiful, she thought. She played them over and over until she realized she had been playing for over a quarter of an hour. Maria was still holding her bottle and kicking her legs up in the air. She smiled at Helene, and resumed her kicking. Helene walked over and scooped her up, then wandered into the kitchen. Mama was setting a huge bowl of steaming pasta with butter and crushed tomato sauce on the table.

“Let me take the darling,” she said, running over for her baby. Maria smiled again as she snuggled into her Mama’s arms. Cecile laughed and stroked her short curls. Jeffrey came toddling in and Helene began tickling his pot belly. He was half screaming for her to stop and half laughing himself to death, until Mama told her to stop.

Soon Papa was coming in from the front door, being tackled by all the kids and throwing some up in the air. He gave his wife and baby daughter kisses. He was so tall, almost a head and half taller than Mama, and had brown, slightly curly hair. He was always joking and teasing everyone, and when he laughed it was so loud and deep. He taught theology and Latin at St. Thomas Aquinas College in Concord four days a week. On his days off he would work all day out in the fields. Benedict was jumping up and down, shouting, “Daddy, Daddy, I won the soccer game today! I made a goal!”

As an answer he was thrown up in the air and got a piggy back ride around the house, while the others followed them around as if he was a prince. He hung onto the broad, well muscled shoulders and made his back straight, looking proudly down at the sea of faces below him.

Finally Mama said it was time for dinner and Helene plopped Jeffy in his wooden high chair, while Papa took Irene in his lap and bounced her up and down. After the silence while everyone was praying grace (except Maria, who kept squealing and kicking her legs) instantly everyone was chatting away, and the two older boys were the only ones who weren’t talking because they were wolfing down plates of hot pasta.

“Slow down, please, boys, really, you’d think I’m not feeding you enough.”

“For heaven’s sake, Michelle, it’s what you have to expect; they’re growing a foot now every week, it seems like.”

“Daddy, Snowdrop had kittens today!”

“Oh no, I mean, great! How many?”


“Cecile’s taking care of them.”

“But really Snowdrop was recently a kitten herself, you see. They grow so fast.”

“She’s the white one, isn’t she?”

“Yes, and Cecile named the other ones, but they’re all girl names.”

“Well, some can be boy names and some can be girls’, I did it on purpose because I don’t know who is a male or female yet.”

“Very smart, sweetheart.”

Cecile gave him a glowing smile.

“Well, I got a lot of laundry done today, and Helene memorized all her Latin verbs!”

“Excellent! Quid tempor?”


“That’s all right, honey, you’ll learn.”

“John, on your day off tomorrow you need to help mow the lawns with Fred, I already told him you would.”

Uncle Frederick was Mama’s brother. He was in his early twenties, tall and lanky, with fiery red hair. He owned the dairy at the east edge of the field.

“All right, but I still have to clean out all the stalls.”

“I just did it, Daddy!”

“Thanks, Helene. And did you ride all of the horses?”


“Just Chesnutt,” William budded in.

“But I’ll make sure the rest get exercise tomorrow, I promise,” she looked down at the floor, shamefaced.

Papa laughed heartily. “It’s all right, darling; she’s the only restless one anyway.”

“Yeah, she sure is, that Nutty.”

“Stephen….” Mama warned sternly.


“Daddy, did you know that Jeffy went to the potty today?”


“Yes, he was a very good boy, weren’t you, honey?”

“Yah, an’ Mommy gave me je’wy beans!”

Papa tweaked his nose. He gave out a cute giggle, dimples appeared in his cheeks, and Mama had a hard time resisting the urge to go over and scoop him up for a session snuggling and smooching.

“All right, well, if you’re done, come up to me at the sink with your dishes,” she announced, handing her husband her precious darling and filling up the sink with steaming water and pouring dish soap in. It made huge, fluffy fat suds.

“Come on, boys,” Papa clapped Stephen and William on their backs and began patting them, “Let’s go lock up the barn.”

Cecile wiped down the table and counters and swept, while Helene held Maria and made sure Jeffrey and Irene didn’t get into trouble. She knew Cecile would much rather have this job, she loved babies so much, but Mama always told Helene to do it since she was older. Sometimes it was annoying, Helene thought. Jeffrey was always jumping around and giggling, and wouldn’t quit being hyper and yelling at the top of his piping voice and Maria wouldn’t stop fussing because the only person she accepted was Mama. But Cecile had the “magic motherly touch” as Papa called it. She would have laughed with Jeffrey quietly and told him to calm down, letting him snuggle at her side. She would have bounced Maria Therese on her lap and thrown her up in the air and tickled her until she was in such a fit of giggles that she didn’t have time to think about her mother. Helene tried to bounce her, but she only screamed the louder and Jeffrey was hopping around in circles around her in her chair, and she knew he would start protesting loudly if she grabbed at him and pulled him toward her to snuggle. It seemed like forever until Mama came into the living room, exclaiming, and “Ooh! My sweetheart! My little daring pumpkin pie!”

Maria let out a little giggle as she snuggled down in her wool blanket and her mother’s arms. Cecile came in next, scooping up Jeffrey and holding him. “Come on, girls, let’s give these babies baths,” Mama kissed her baby girl’s forehead.

They all got the little ones into the bathtub upstairs. They mostly played with the huge wads of soap suds, while Mama tried to shampoo their heads. They brushed their teeth thoroughly, and got them into their cozy, fuzzy, soft pajamas. Mama brought them all downstairs and settled them on the big comfy sofa for cuddle time and reading. She sat with Maria Therese, lying across her lap, nursing noisily.

Helene and Cecile were sitting on the piano bench by the bay window, watching for the boys. A soft darkness was falling over the lush green lawn, the horizon glowing with the fiery sunlight, and glittering stars were appearing in the deep velvet sky. The duck pond, surrounded by overgrown grass and cattails, was like a crystal clear pool in the moonlight, which illuminated the lilies.

“Is it not truly beautiful?” Cecile looked up into her older sister’s eyes.

“No, I quite agree.”

Cecile nodded, pushing her long curls over her narrow shoulders. Then she did a very unexpected thing. She leaned over and hugged Helene, a quick one, but a tight embrace.

“I’ve waited a long time to do that. I look up to you,” she said very quietly, almost in a whisper, blushing slightly.

Helene was quite surprised. “Oh, well, thank you, very much.”

She was a little confused. Cecile was so shy and although very affectionate, she was very embarrassed to be.

“I’d never have thought that you looked up to me…..”

“Really? I’ve always admired you,” and here she began to blush furiously. “But I can’t ever be like you. Mama always wants me to help her. Ever since I was little I truly was very scared of going exploring in the woods for miles with you, and I didn’t want to ride horses like you did. It’s still terrifying. And I get sick when we go in the tractor with Uncle Fred, oh dear, I shouldn’t have said that, he is a good driver…..”

“Oh, don’t be silly. I’ve seen you looking deathly pale when he flies over those jumps, and I know Mama wasn’t very happy with him. Don’t be ashamed to be scared, we’re not all dare devils. Well, anyway, why don’t you just stay home then?”

Because, you don’t know how awful it feels. I did it for a while, but I felt left out. You would always come home, laughing and going on about how fun everything was, and even though I felt like staying home, I felt very left out, even if the time with Mama and the babies was special. I liked you, and I wanted to do everything you did, but I couldn’t. The boys make fun of me if I try to be all stubborn like you, because I had never acted like that, it just wasn’t me. And they can always beat me. I’m left to just sit there and feel miserable while you go off and have horse races….I mean, it’s not your fault, I wouldn’t expect anyone to realize….”

Helene felt awful. She had no idea what a terrible older sister she had been, she told herself.

“Oh, honey, I didn’t mean to, if I had known, I wouldn’t have acted like I didn’t care….how could I be so awful to you?”

Cecile suddenly looked guilty. “Oh no, why did I say all those things, I should have kept them to myself,” she buried her face in her hands.

“No, no, I should have known ages ago. Is there anything else?”

She nodded. “Now I feel forced to do everything everybody tells me to, because if I don’t people will make fun of me.”

“If I had known how terrible it was for you, I would have really reprimanded the boys. I hope you know that. They’re always teasing me, teasing everyone, I just thought….I laugh at their taunts all the time….I should have put myself in your position. I’m so sorry, darling.”

“It’s not your fault,” Cecile replied shakily, with a little sigh. “I feel better now.”

“Yeah, I bet. Listen, I promise to make sure you’re always feeling all right, ok? I’ll stay with you more often here, and don’t feel like you have to be like me, I’m not the lovely person you think I am. You are just perfectly beautiful the way you are, I’m not better, you are the lovely one. Just have confidence in yourself. You don’t need to act like other people to be beautiful, what is really beautiful is the real you. Just remember that.”

Tears were swimming in her small, sharp blue eyes. “Thanks, Helene.” She gave a weak smile.

“It’s my pleasure, darling.”

Cecile stood up, walking away and up the stairs, smiling back at her sister.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Davis Family

I had to re-write the Davis Family! So, um, here is the first chapter! It's a very long story why I have to re-write it, so, don't ask me why, lol. Tell me what you think and please tell me if it needs any changes.

The Davis Family

By Emily Anne Marie Froula

Chapter One: The Davises

The Davis family lived on a farm in New Hampshire. April and Tom Davis had eight lovely children of their own: Evelyn, aged 13, Samuel, aged 12, Isaac, aged 11, Sarah aged 9, Jack, aged 8, Rosie, aged 3, Joey, aged 2, and Charlotte, aged 4 months. They loved them all so much. They lived in a small, beige, beautiful, old house. There were strawberries growing not such a long walk from them and also blueberries. They shared a flock of sheep with their cousins, The Ferriers, they had strong, beautiful horses, fluffy feathered chickens, cows, goats, and pigs.

Charlotte was always smiling and almost never cried. She had big, bulging, bright, blue eyes with such big, rosy cheeks. Sarah and Evelyn loved to dress her up and put very tiny braids in her hair. It was so easy for Papa and the boys to make her laugh and she could sit up.

Joey was too such a cutesy with his slicked back tuft of black hair on his head. He loved to play anything or do anything with all the boys. He was always full of laughter and sweet innocence.

Rosie had short hair that was usually in a very small, cute pony tail. She too had big rosy cheeks and was very adorable. She looked up to her two sisters Sarah and Evelyn so much and followed them everywhere, dragging along her baby doll on the floor while sucking her little thumb.

Jack had the darkest hair than everyone in his family. He was always cracking ridiculous jokes and helping Papa and his brothers with all the farming there was to be done.

Sarah was a normal and kind girl who was sometimes daring and always had her hair in very long French braids. (For she had just the longest hair down to her waist!) She loved to write in her journal with her sisters under a shady tree in the summer.

Isaac was very, very daring. And sometimes very annoying. He loved to do practical jokes on people and give his littler siblings piggy-back-rides.

Samuel was just as daring as Isaac. He was always very helpful with everything and Rosie just loved to jump on his back for a ride whenever she got the chance.

Evelyn was the very helpful, kind, and daring oldest in The Davis Family. She often babysitted. She loved to race horses with her older brothers and take care of the little ones and play along with them.

Father and Mother were always kind to everyone. Mama often stayed inside baking/cooking, sewing, watching little ones, cleaning, or reading. But she still loved to be outside with everyone too once and awhile. Father always had a broad, big smile streaked across his big face and had dark blue eyes. He loved to work on the farm all day long and tell jokes to either his wife or children.

The Davis Family loved to be farmers in New Hampshire and no matter hard the work, the loved doing it because they loved doing landscaping and taking care of animals, and there was nothing better to them than being in the outside world the most.

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Hahaha... ok this is kind of super dramatic and kinda really weird.....

Ok. this is probably either going to be totally rewritten or erased, but I want to have the second chapter finished before I post any more. (don't worry. this is NOT a whole chapter!)

Abeel looked into the foggy night. Amid the clouds where the war cries of the many a knight sent into battle. Flashes of a fiery dragons breath cracked the sky. Had it been a clear night, Abeel would have seen blood of man shed and the eyes of Dragon Miarture snarl. But the grim murderer never came out on clear nights. Clear nights where when the pixies sang and the fairies danced. Abeel hated the clear nights, when she could hear the enchantment of the pixies melody and laughter from gnomes who had drank a drop too much. The dragons seemed to hate it too. That was what they seemed to have in common, Abeel and the killer. They both disliked it when the beautiful creatures came out and had balls and parties. They more than disliked it. It drove them to the very depths of insanity. But what Abeel hated most was when Daron was out in the sky. She could not touch him, nor see him, but yet she had to worry about his being burnt or devoured. She could not stand it. She longed to love the fairies, to dream in the pixies warble, to laugh with the gnomes just because she had the ability. But it was impossible. She could not do it. All she could do was imagine it all go away. She could dream about being free, to not have to worry about Miarture, But on the mantle was the claw that killed her father, had have been left in his chest when he fell they had kept it. every morning she saw it and her hearts worries where refreshed.

Seriously. PLEASE tell me if there needs to be any changes! If you think it needs work, or if it need to be rewritten or anything like that. It is just a hobby, I don't care if it gets criticized. I welcome criticism!

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Chapter 1

Here's a new story I'm writing. Tell me what you think.

Chapter 1: Flames

Fern ran through the flames holding a new born baby girl. Her husband was holding a baby boy,they wore twins. The flames wore stared by a drunk man who had know idea what he was doing. Now Fern and her husband wore running for there lives and for there children's. But Fern did not know were to go! she seemed to be running in circles! Just then she spotted an opening. She called to her husband but he was know were to be seen! She spotted him on the ground holding the boy closely. As she ran to him she saw that he had been badly burned! he wispered "take my son he is young and I am old he should live!" "no! we must try to help you!" Fern said "take the baby's to shelter so that I know they are safe then come back if you must my dear Fern" She ran to through the opening witch had gotten much smaller and put they new born baby's under a tree far from the fire. Then she ran back through the opening again. She got to her husband and saw that he was dead. "no!!!!" she cried putting her head on his back. She saw that the opening was no more and she prayed one last prayer that her children wore going to be safe without her.

Mary let out a burst of laughter as her brother Marten fell off a horse for the third time that morning. "Oh Mary don't laugh" her brother said sadly taking the rain's "I'm sorry... but I mean how hard can it be to ride a horse?" Marten had been practicing on a horse for a week and did not seem to be getting any better. He was practicing for the Civil War that he was dying to be in. He was 14 and they had to be over 18 but he had a trick. He was going to right Over 18 on a peace of paper then stick it in his shoe then he will stand on it and he could say her was over 18. When Mary had herd what he was going to do she could not stop laughing! Marten was her twin brother and their parents died in a fire years ago and then a kind old man named Mathew fond them and ever since they had fond him like a father.

"Oh it's harder then you think" Marten said "Marten please let me try!" "well why not? your just going to fall off" Marten helped Mary up on the horse and then she said "Walk" the horse began to walk she fond it rather easy to stay on and she began to like it. "you have to say trot know" Marten said "Oh right. Trot" the horse began to go faster but she held on. "now canter" Marten said sounding rather sad "ok... Canter" the horse began going much faster but she held the rain's tite. She new that she was supposed to say Gallup now but she was not sure she wonted to say that. Slowly she said "Gallup" the horse bolted off but she stayed on in. In till she said in a rather scared voice "whoa" and the horse stoped right in front of Marten. Oh she thought Marten will not be happy that I could ride a horse and he could not. When she jumped off Marten did not look sad nor did he look happy he just got back up on the horse. For the rest of the day Mary and Marten did not talk much.

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chap. 10

Chapter Ten

After finishing "You Are", Justin was laughing, and the crowd was yelling, he grinned, and let them carry on for awhile before announcing the next song.

"This is a favorite of mine. I find it, rather encouraging, mean, I sing it to myself when things start getting tough. I don't think I'll need to give you the name of it, because I hear it's pretty popular."

The lights dimmed, as he began to sing, "Keep Stayin' Strong".

You're beyond your boundaries, surrounded by your enemies, and trying to kill the memories, that are tearing at your heart,
Keep stayin' strong, it won't be long, keep hangin' on.
Keep hangin' on, it won't be long, keep stayin' strong...

The music was somewhat sad, yet it was powerful and happy at the same time. Justin was doing what he did best, bringing songs alive.

The rain is falling like a battle and the war is raging on, you fell and lost your step, and now have forgotten who you are,
Keep stayin' strong, it won't be long, keep hangin' on.
Keep hangin' on, it won't be long, keep stayin' strong...

After he had finished, the lights grew bright again, and Justin announced the next song. "Well, from what I've heard, this song is not 'Missing an Identity' with you guys!" "Missing Identity" was a very popular song from his first album.

Somewhere on the mark between insane and sanity, I lost myself inside of me.
Some people think it sad, maybe others think it funny.
But you truly don't know pain until you have no identity...

This, Ella knew, was Maria's favorite. She looked down at her sister, who was happily clapping her hands to the beat and singing along.

I don't know myself, or at least not any more,
One day, the me I knew, got up and walked out the door.
Am I dark, or am I light?
Do I love peace, or want to pick a fight?
Am I dumb or am I smart?
Do I love this world, or want to tear it all apart?

The next song, Justin said, would speak for itself. And, of course, it did. "Tell Me" was Ella's Mother's favorite. Sometimes, Ella would catch her singing it while she cleaned the house, but Ella's mother always denied doing so.

Speak a little louder, speak a little clearer, you know, your voice really matters, to me.
Say what's on your mind, whisper what's on your heart, this never ending silence is tearing our worlds apart...

Tell me, tell me,
Just one word,
Tell me, tell me,
Everything you've heard...

Tell me, tell me,
Just anything,
Tell me, tell me,
What you're dreaming...

What is hidden in your soul? What is written there?
Why do you never show the world any of your thoughts or cares?
Your silence is killing me, and I really want to know,
Who is that you love, what emotions do you grow?


Maria and Ella were jumping up and down. Both of them were out of breath, Ella couldn't imagine how Justin could hold the notes for so long, and sing so loud without passing out.

"Ella! Ella!" said Maria, tugging on Ella's shirt "I can see why you love him so much now!"

Ella just nodded, it would be too hard for her to talk.

Justin was amazing. He was indescribable.

Next Justin sang, "Life Ain't Easy", a favorite with a lot of people, especially Ella, these days.

Life ain't easy, no one said it was, cause' life has many burdens, yet it has a lot of loves.
That's what some one told me, when I was very young, and as the days pass by, it keeps proving true...

You gotta take the sweet with the sour, the blue with the gray, you got to try and make, the best of every day...

After that, came the heart-wrenching, "Ruined". This one always made Ella want to cry. The music for this one, unlike "Life Ain't Easy" which was bouncy and happy, was slow and deep and mournful. Yet, everyone had to agree, it was one of Justin's best songs ever.

You were all I ever had, and you were all I wanted,
And now that you have left,
Everything is ruined. Yeah, ruined.
Everything is ruined.

I wish I could take it all back, relive it all again,
Think before I spoke, and I give a thought before I act.
But history isn't something you can just rewind,
Once it's said and done, it's upon the scrolls of time...

Ella, along with the rest of the audience was captured, and silent. The stadium was dark, with only a single light down on Justin, and he didn't dance around the stage like he usually did.

I am just a man, and mortals make mistakes,
Some easy to undo, some harder to erase.
The scar I left on you, no doubt will show forever,
Leaving me to see the torture of my thoughtless error.

I never though it would cause so much pain,
That my heart would break in two,
Now I realize, that my world revolves around you.
Could you accept my apology?
Will you please forgive me?
Could you say, that it's alright, and you're coming back to see me?

Once done, the fans roared and Ella was close to crying. She was very easily sent into tears, especially by Justin Fairway. "Ruined" was followed by "Throw Me a Line" and a few others, all of them big hits. After they were finished, Justin held up his hands for silence.

"Alright. How was all of that?" he asked.

"Awesome!" yelled the fans.

"Ok, that's good, because I thought it all turned out pretty well too. Did you know you guys are the best fans I've ever sang for? And that's saying a lot!"


Justin knew he had to start ending the concert, though he didn't want to, he would have been happy to drag it out the whole night and sing every song he knew. But, he knew Mike would not approve, fun as it would be, so he took the microphone from the stand, and began to walk around the edge of the stage.

"So far, I've been very unfair tonight." he said, almost laughing "I've been singing only my favorites. That's not fair huh? Well, lets fix that then!" He stopped, and looked over the edge, into the mobs of screaming people. He was looking for someone in particular. Ella.

Where was she? Then he spotted her, with someone who appeared to be her little sister, right next to him, only inches away. He bent down.

"Hey you! What's your favorite song?"

The girl had stars in her eyes, as he gave her his hand, and pulled her up onto the stage under the bright lights.

"So, what's you name? And what do you want me to sing?" Asked Justin, acting as if he had never seen her before in his life.

"I'm Ella." she said, smiling and looked simply amazed.

"So, Ella. Give me a song to sing. The sky's the limit!"

Ella closed her eyes for a second. Then she flashed a grin.

"You still haven't sung on of your biggest hits, and one of my favorites, could you sing 'Dare'?"

"Well, of course, sweetie!" he said hugging her "That's one of my favorites to perform!" Justin pointed over the where the band was waiting to begin the song. "Now see the space right between the drummer and the base? You, get to stay right there, it's the best seat in the house, trust me."


Ella's heart was pounding so hard from excitement she though it might come out of her chest. She had been chosen! Was this really all happening? She had held Justin's hand, she got to chose his very last song to sing on tour, he had hugged, she was up on stage inches from him, and, he had called her "sweetie"!

This was beyond her wildest dreams. And Ella had some wild dreams.

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Chapter Nine

It was the day of the concert, and Ella was going crazy with excitement. "What should I wear?" she asked her Mother, while combing her freshly showered hair.

"It doesn't really matter, honey." said her Mother holding back a laugh "Just pick something clean and decent."

Ella laughed. "But I'll be right up next to the stage!" stars came into her eyes "I hope I get his autograph!"

Her Mother rolled her eyes. "You're crazy, Ella."

"Oh yeah. I know!"

They left at 5:00, so they would have no chance of being late.

"Bye! Have fun!" called her parents, as Ella started up the car, and Maria got in. "Don't worry, we will!" answered both girls.

How could they have anything but an awesome time?


Justin had been at the stadium since 3:00, there was so much to do before a show, especially one like this. Every person from his hometown, and all around it, was there, and they all wanted to say hi and wish him well, before taking their seats.

"Sure beats bagging groceries huh?" asked one of his old friends, slapping him on the back.

"Yeah, a bit more cash and a bit more fun." said Justin with a grin.

His friend nodded. "You know, this is going to sound silly, but, can I have your autograph?"

Justin laughed. "Yeah, man! Of course. Where do you want me to sign?"

The boy handed him a battered baseball cap, and Justin signed the brim with a flourish. Over the months he had gotten very good at writing his name.


Ella and Maria found their seats, if they stretched out their hands, they could touch the stage.

"I can't believe we're actually here!" said Ella

"I know!" cried Maria "It's like a dream come true for you, huh?"

"Haha yeah. It really is though. And aren't these the greatest seats ever?"

Maria giggled. "Yeah. Everyone who sees us will think we spent two thousand dollars on them! They'll think we're really rich."

"I hadn't thought of that, but you're right! Isn't that insane that some people could really spend that much money on tickets?"

"Yeah. Totally."


Justin's hairdresser, Kate, combed and gelled Justin's hair for the last time that year.

"Oh sweetie! You look cute!" she cooed "Awww!"

Justin rolled his eyes. That was Kate for you.

"I'm going to miss you so much, honey!" she said, sighing "You'll be sure to contact me when you're touring again, won't you?"

"Of course. I wouldn't trust anybody else."

Kate smiled. "There, all done! You look perfect!" Justin shrugged on his leather jacket, and uncased his guitar. "Bring down the house as usual, and have lots of fun! I'll be watching from backstage."

"Thanks a million, Kate! I couldn't have done any of this without your help."

Justin went to a small room backstage, and mentally ran through the show in his head. He got to choose when and how it all ran, and he was very choosy about the order of things. Mike came into the room, he glanced at his watch.

"Whew! Look at the time! You ready to rock and roll one last time, kid?" he asked.

"One hundred and ten percent ready." said Justin "How does the crowd look?"

"Full house, as usual, and all of them dying to see you. They love you here." said Mike "And listen..."

The fans could be heard chanting Justin's name over and over. "Jus-tin! Jus-tin! Jus-tin!"

Mike nodded. "It's going to be fun, trust me." he paused "Do your ultimate tonight, kid, make this your best yet, have fun, take some risks, they'll love you no matter what they do."

"I got it all taken care of." said Justin "What do you think of me pulling one of the fans up on stage and letting them pick a song for me?"

"Sounds cool. I know you know how to put on a show. Now you should get going before the fans start a stampede in here to get you!"

Justin slung his guitar over his head and went behind the stage, waiting for his cue to take the floor.


The Mayor Wentley came out onto the stage and held up his hands for silence. He was laughing, and looking very pleased.

"I remember announcing to a much smaller crowd, not too long ago, that Justin was going to sing, a few of you were there. Now I knew this kid had some talent, but never did I think he had this much talent and that he'd go this far! Now every American knows his name, nobody does not love his songs, he's the hottest artist in the world, and, ladies and gentlemen, he's performing here tonight! Give it up for Justin Fairway!"

Justin came running out onto the stage, and the lights flashed wildly overhead. The crowd screamed, and Ella joined in.

The mayor shook hands with Justin, and then gave him the microphone.

Justin waved to the yelling throngs of people, then once they settled down, began to talk.

"I'm back home, and boy does it feel good!" The crowd screamed again, but soon settled down, waiting for what he was going to say.

"Now, before I get this thing going I want to thank all of you for coming out tonight, I especially want to thank the Mayor, this school, and my agent, Mike, because they're the ones that set up this whole show. I would have ended my tour awhile ago in California if it weren't for them. I also want to thank the band, you know, many people don't know just how important they are!" He smiled, Ella lost her breath. "And, of course, a very special thank you goes out to my family and friends, especially my big brother, Matt, because without them I wouldn't be singing. Not here, not anywhere."

Ella couldn't have been more excited.

"You know, I could go on forever listing people I have to thank. Sadly I don't have time to do that, but I want everyone to know that I am very grateful, and if I didn't directly mention you, that doesn't mean I'm not thankful and I don't know you exist!" Justin put the microphone back on the stand, and fingered his guitar. "Alright! Lets get this party started!" he yelled, then he remembered something, "Oh yeah, one quick note about the show tonight, I'm just going to run through all my favorite songs, then I'm going to pick one person, and bring them up stage with me and let them pick a song for me to sing while they watch from the stage! Got it?"

The crowd roared about this, and Ella's heart only beat faster. What a wonderful thrill.


Justin strummed his guitar's string for a few moments, picking up the beat, before jumping headlong into the song. You was going to start out with "You Are". It was one of the first he had ever done, and had a wild and energetic beat, not the fans were needed more energy.

Some things you just can't put to words, and one of them is you,
I can't even think, when you look the way you do, because when I look in your eyes, you give me that hope,
that the sun will rise tomorrow, and love we'll always know.

The crowd was enthralled, and Ella was in heaven.

Yeah, you're my hero,
You're my darling,
You're my baby-girl,
You're the only one I notice in this crazy world...