Thursday, June 25, 2009

New Story!

Hi Guys and Girls! Here's a story that I just started by me. It's about a girl from a while ago, it's her diary actually, lol. Enjoy!

Michelle Conk’s Diary

September 11, Saturday, 1988

Hello Diary! My full name is Michelle Bernadette Conk. I am a catholic 12 year old. I live in California. It’s really hot right now. I have one sister named Maria and her middle name is Therese. I like to call her Maria Therese a lot (so does my parents) because it sounds really pretty. My mother’s name is Faith and my father’s name is Frank. Now I haven’t much time to write because I am at my Uncle Tom’s house right now. I just want to add one more thing. We live in a very cute (I think) and small red house. I love it a lot! J I have to go. I’ll write more tomorrow.

September 12, Sunday, 1988

I just woke up. I have to go to morning Mass soon, so I can’t write too long now either. L I’ll just say that yesterday I played a lot of badminton with my Uncle and family in the front yard. It was so fun! :D My parents and Maria Therese were on one side and I and Uncle Tom were on one. And guess what? We won! I have to get ready for Mass now. More tomorrow!

September 13, Monday, 1988

Yesterday I left my uncle’s house. Although we had a great time yesterday! We went to the park and then got ice cream! Yummy! Aw man! I have to go start school now!

September 14, Tuesday, 1988

I just finished my school. Ugh! Math is definitely my hardest and worst subject! And to make it worse, I’m horrible at math. :P If only there was some way to get out of it….but I’m stuck doing it for the whole school year which won’t be fun for me. L Maria Therese is awesome at spelling for her age! Really, I wasn’t that good when I was her age. I guess I’m not that type of person who is good at school I guess. Oh, I have to go, we’re going shopping.

September 15, Wednesday, 1988

Yesterday when we went shopping we bought shampoo, glitter pens, stationary, tights, toys, all kind of clothes, etc. My family absolutely loves shopping! Although no one in my family loves it more than Maria Therese, oh my goodness! She would go shopping every day after school if she could! Oh, dinner break’s over! I have to go!

September 16, Thursday, 1988

I’m getting’ pretty good at this, aren’t I? I’m writing every day! But guess what? I probably won’t be doing that anymore because I’m going to visit my Grandmother in Boston pretty soon with my family! J I can’t wait! I have to go, it’s supper time!

September 17, Friday, 1988

Today I spent my whole dinner break playing with Maria Therese outside! Wow! Well, I’m glad I got to get a lot of fresh air and exercise! Oh, I have to go, I have to pack and get ready to go to my Grandmother’s tomorrow. I’ll probably write more in a few days...

September 21, Tuesday, 1988

I’m in bed now at my Grandmother’s. Oh, these past four days, I’ve been having so much fun! First, we talked a long while with my grandmother (she’s the sweetest Grandmother anyone could ever have!), then we ate ice cream sundaes, then we went shopping, then we went to an amusement park and got cotton candy! It was the best day ever. And so were those other three days! I have to go to sleep now. More later, I promise.

September 23, Thursday, 1988

I’m back home now. This week we have school off because we were at Grandmother’s house. Yay! Sorry I didn’t write yesterday, it was just a rest day for us because we were pretty tuckered out when we got back; we had a tiring but fun week! I don’t have much else to say, so if you don’t mind, I think I’ll put away my diary and pen and study.

September 24, Friday, 1988

Another school day for me and Maria Therese! Although, believe it or not, it’s still pretty hot! I know, crazy, but that’s just how California is like. ;) I really love it because I just plain love hot weather all year ‘round! (Okay, maybe not all year ‘round, but pretty much! It’s gotten I guess pretty chilly in the winter. And only a few times we spot a few sprinkles fall down in the winter time.) Oh, Maria Therese wants me to come outside and see something, tomorrow I’ll write about it!

September 25, Saturday, 1988

Okay, yesterday Maria Therese showed me a gardener snake that was in our backyard! No, really, a real snake! I was really surprised and scared. I know I shouldn’t be, but I’m afraid of them. I don’t really know how to describe how it looked like….let’s just say it looked really cool with stripes, hehe. I have to go, it’s breakfast time.

September 26, Sunday, 1988

Today we are going to afternoon Mass so I have some time to write. I spot some crab grass near the corner of our front yard today! Now that’s pretty good for late September actually, haha! No, really. To tell you the truth, I don’t really have anything else to say! I guess more later!

September 27, Monday, 1988

Now it’s back to school again I guess. I have 10 subjects. Oh dear! I’m sorry, but I better get started! I’ll report to you how school went tomorrow!

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Mary-Catherine said...

How lovely! Awesome idea! A girl's journal!