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More Pirate Story

More of my pirate story! Tell me what you think! Thanks!

Chapter 6: Going Ashore

Sarah had been at sea for well over a week. At last, Daniel Plank, who worked in the crow's nest, announced the sighting of land.

Sarah had long given up any hope for escape. She had no chance, and she knew it. But Sarah still longed to go ashore. It would just feel good to leave the ship and sea, and go on land. Oh just to step on land!

Sighing, she leaned against the ship's side. Hopefully she would go ashore. But alas, it seemed unlikely.

Sarah had yet to see the pirate captain. But she did when Daniel gave the cry for land. Captain Frite came racing out of his cabin, at the very second of the call.

Sarah took one look at him and was terrified. The Ransom's crew had been scary enough, but Captain Frite was wilder than the whole crew put together.

A hook on his left hand, long hair with beads, several gold teeth (he was missing a few too), a long scar running between his eyes, and a peg leg, that's what Caption Frite looked like. He had swords and pistols hanging on his thick belt and was drinking a bottle of whiskey.

Sarah watched in horror. She was mighty glad he didn't notice her, he was much too busy yelling at the crew to pay any attion to as lave girl.

"We'll be docking tomorrow morning!" he hollered "Ya know the rules! Don't be gone too long, and don't get yourself hung!"

The idea of docking tomorrow brought excitement to the whole crew. Sarah noticed how tricky they were. They lowered the black flag and made all signs of pirates disappear. Some of them even cleaned up and found decent clothes.

The next morning Sarah worked with Skinner in the kitchen to make an early breakfast.

"Will I be allowed to go ashore?" she asked innocently

Skinner laughed. "Let ya go running off on shore and never return? Have ya gone mad? We ain't that dumb, Sarah."

Sarah sighed. "How would you like to be tricked, then kidnapped, then be used as a slave, only to be sold later?"

"Well, look, its not my descion. Maybe if ya ask Jamie real nice he'll take you off for a little while. But don't get your hopes up, Sarah, he's not one for playing with slaves."

Sarah's eyes gleamed with the thought of going ashore. But Skinner grew stern.

"I'm warning you, Jamison Dread is not one to fool with. Don't try to pull anything on him. He's a lot more then you think he is."

Sarah nodded, then left to the decks. Jamison was yelling orders impatiently. Then he noticed Sarah.

"What do you want?" he asked gruffly

"Well, I, was, uh,.."

"Spit in out, girl! What do ya want?"

"May I go ashore? Please? I won't run away, I promise! Please! Mayn't I go?"

Jamison laughed. "You expect me to believe you won't try to pull the gun and run away?" he paused "Hmmm...I don't suppose you could run very fast..."


"Ah, whatever. I'll take you along. I suppose its best to keep you in my sight. We'll leave in a few minutes. Wait here."

Sarah was almost happy for the first time she had been aboard the Ransom. Her life was going to be pretty horrible from now on so she might as well enjoy the little privileges she got. No matter what Sarah was going to enjoy going ashore.

"Bringing along your lady, eh?" called Old Buck from a rowboat "Afraid to let her out of your sight?"

Jamison cast him a deathly glare, that silenced him at once.

"She asked to go, and I surely don't trust her alone on shore, or alone on the ship for that matter, so she's staying with me. Ya hear?"

Old Buck nodded.

They soon docked and the crew raced off. The brought along sacks of gold, marked cards, loaded dice, and other "useful" things.

"Come on!" yelled Jamison "We don't have all day!"

Sarah hurried to keep up with his big steps. As Sarah had guessed they stopped at a tavern first. Before they entered, Jamison gripped her roughly by the shoulders.

"Let me make this clear. Don't say a word to anyone in here, or its the shackles in the hold for you!" he paused "Or even worse."

Sarah nodded.

The entered the loud tavern where Jamison ordered beer just has he had done at Gilenger's. Soon he started up a card game, and won it, only to start up another and win that one too.

Sarah just watched and waited. Happy to be off the ship and see other girls. She felt the stares of many young ladies and men, but she never returned their glances, for she was forbidden to say a word.

After Jamison had won triple the amount f gold he had started with, they left. Heading through the busy streets, he led her to a store full of weapons. There bought bought a new handgun, and enough ammunition to last years, though Sarah figured pirates went through it faster then other men.

They left the shop and walked along the sidewalks, blending in with everyone else. Then Jamison suddenly stopped at a store window.

On it was pinned a "Wanted" poster. And it had a picture of Jamison right on it. Laughing, he pulled it off.

"Wanted," he read out loud "Wanted for the kidnapping of Miss Sarah Smithins. Calls himself James. Was last seen leaving Gilenger's tavern in Albandale. Reward of one thousand crowns for his arrest or death."

Jamison carefully rolled the poster up and put it in the pocked off her coat.

"They'll never catch me." he said laughing

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Chapter Eighteen

Chapter Eighteen: Getting Ready

The next day on November 26, the day before Thanksgiving, everyone was full of excitement. And Mama, Papa, and the older kids were all so busy.

The Ferrier’s had invited them over for Thanksgiving and Mama had to make a casserole and two pies, and all the older kids had to help her. On top of that there was breakfast and lunch. Mama had to wash dishes and cook like crazy. The older kids only had a little time to have fun outside that day.

Sarah made a card and a little present for Cecile. She always liked to make things like these for her cousins. This time, for Cecile, she sewed a little pouch and made a bracelet and put it in the pouch. Of course, Rosie found out she was making it and wanted to make one for Irene. And then Sarah had to help her through the whole thing.

After Sarah was finally finished she gazed at her hard work, and then went to talk to Evelyn about the baby and about Thanksgiving.

“I can’t wait until Thanksgiving! We can tell the Ferrier’s about the new baby!” Sarah thought out loud.

“Yes! We could! I can’t wait to see our cousins! It’s going to be so much fun!” cried Evelyn.

“It’s so busy today. We have to pack, Mama has to bake all day, and we have to figure out when we’re leaving tomorrow…..” Then both girls laughed together.

“Oh! And I can’t wait to sleep over!”

“Oh, yeah!” Just then, Mama called them to help her.

“We’re coming, Mama!” the girls called back, and quickly went inside.

“What do you need help with, Mama?” asked Sarah.

“I need you girls to keep these little ones away, please.” answered Mama, a little overwhelmed. Then Evelyn scooped up Joey in her arms and said, “Come on now.” and Sarah took Rosie by the hand.

“Do you want to go outside with us, guys?” Evelyn asked.

“Yeah!” Rosie and Joey cried. And they took them outside to ride horses.

“No, I don’t wanna ride horses!” cried Joey, throwing a fit.

“Shhh, okay, what do you want to do, then?” hushed Evelyn.

“I want berries.” He said, ruddily.

“Alright, Sarah can you take Rosie for a ride on a horse by yourself?” asked Evelyn. Then she nodded, and Evelyn took Joey to pick berries.

“Do you want to see how Rose is doing with her baby?” Sarah asked Rosie.

“Okay.” Rosie answered. Then the two walked into the barn.

“She’s still resting.” sighed Rosie, she was sad because Rose was her favorite horse they had.

“She is, but I know a way we can help her.” said Sarah, trying to cheer her up.

“You do?” she said, excitedly.

“Yes, we could feed her because we won’t be here to feed her tomorrow.”

“Yeah!” and they both went inside to get her water, carrots, and apples. They went inside and out without a word, and when they feed Rose she seemed very hungry, and the girls laughed. Soon Evelyn came back with Joey who was covered in berry juice and was holding a basket full of berries. And then all the girls had to all laugh again. Then they all went inside. There were two perfect fruit pies on the table for Thanksgiving. Apple pie and pumpkin pie. And they both smelled so delicious like cinnamon.

“Oh, those pies smell so delicious!” commented Evelyn.

“Thank you. I made a casserole over there, too.” said Mama with a smile.

“Oh, Mama they both look so good!” said Evelyn, “are you finally done with all the work?”

“Yes, thankfully I am.” said Mama, with a stressed smile.

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Chapter Seventeen

Chapter Seventeen: New Baby

One day, all three girls, after school, went apple picking together. They laughed and chatted while munching on apples. And they climbed trees to get the apples from the top, and they also stayed and get a bird’s eye view of the farm. It was very fun for them, and they did it for a long time until Mama and Papa called them in for a family meeting. And so they quickly went inside, for family meetings (to them) were very exciting.

“We have an enouncement to make.” said Mama when the whole family was gathered around , “I’m going to have a baby!” Then there was a big loud cheer from everyone.

“Yay! Yahoo!” they all yelled, they, then were happier than ever. They even forgot about Papa’s store losing business!

“Oh, Mama! You’re going to have a baby! How wonderful! What’s the due date?” asked Sarah, excitedly. For she loved babies so much. “August 3rd, 2009.” answered Mama, happily. All morning that day, Mama and the girls chatted and chatted about the new baby, even though it would not come in nine months. They were all so excited. “I hope it’s a girl!” cried Rosie.

“We’ll see honey.” said Mama giving her a smile. Then Sarah and Evelyn chuckled a bit.

“So Evelyn, only if it’s a girl, what cloths would you want for her?” asked Sarah, getting in to it already.

“Well, I would want maybe a pink outfit with a teddy bear on it with a blue blanket, which would be cute.” answered Evelyn, with a twinkle in her eye.

“Oh, oh! And I’d want a purple outfit with a princess on it!” cried Rosie. Then the girls and Mama gave her a big grin. “That would be pretty wouldn’t it, Rosie?” said Evelyn. Then Rosie nodded hastily.

“Now girls, we don’t know if it’s a girl or a boy yet, so let’s not get our hopes up. Besides, it would very well be a boy.” said Mama, severely.

“I know, Mama, but we were just saying how it would be with another baby girl!” Then Mama laughed hard. She thought it was so funny how the Sarah really cared about if it was a girl or a boy. So did Rosie, but those were the only people who really did care. Of course they shouldn’t; but it’s alright just for now, thought Mama. Just then, they all heard baby Charlotte crying from upstairs. She woke up from her nap. “I better go, girls. I’ll be right back.” said Mama, getting up.

“I can’t wait for the new baby to be born! And to figure out if it’s boy or a girl!” cried Evelyn.

“Me too!” agreed Sarah, dreamily. Soon Mama came back downstairs with a smiley baby.

“Mama, do you want your new baby to be a boy or a girl?” asked Rosie.

“Oh, honey, I don’t care either one. Both I’d still love and care.” was Mama’s lovely answer. Then Rosie gave her mother a smile. When the girls started to go back outside to pick some more apples, Mama stopped them and said, “You’re not going any ware until you finish your school.” Then the girls sighed and went to work.

While Evelyn and Sarah did their work, they chatted about the baby.

“It’s going to be so much fun to have another baby in the house!” said Sarah.

“Yes, it is. And when it’s close to the date we can buy clothes for him or her!” added Evelyn.

Sarah nodded and said, “And a little new boron’s feet are always so tiny and cute! Oh, do you remember their little cry?”


Then Mama’s voice called, “Alright girls, focus on your work now.”

Then they responded, “Okay, Mama!” and giggled.

Soon Mama came over to see if they needed help with their school. “Do you need help guys?” she asked.

“No.” they answered.

Then Evelyn thought for a bit and said to Mama, “Oh, Mama! The baby is going to be born in the summer! It’s going to be hard to have it in the summer for you!” she cared for her mother very much.

Then Mama wrapped an arm around Evelyn and said, “I’m going to be fine, honey. You don’t have to worry.”

Chapter Five (Pirate Story)

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Chapter 5: In The Hold

"Time to get up!" yelled someone. Sarah didn't want to, but she knew if she didn't there would be a punishment in store for her.

She looked into the early morning sun. "You're to go to the hold." said Mitch Snarle sweeping the deck.

"The hold?"

"Yes, you're to clean it up. Now get going!"

Sarah rolled her eyes and sighed, but got up, and went to get a bucket of water. She headed down below into the dark hold. Sarah lit and candle when she reached the bottom step, when the light reached into the room, she gave a cry of horror.

Rats and cockroaches scurried into their hiding places to avoid the light.

"Disgusting isn't it?" said a voice. Sarah turned around. Johnny Terror was sitting atop a packing box eating an apple. Sarah nodded. "Yes, tis' the dirtiest place I've ever seen! And I'm supposed to clean it?"

"By cleaning it, Jamie means throw out the dead rats, and whatever else dead things you find. And if something's rotting, or close to being dead, throw that out too."

The sound of that made Sarah feel down right sick. Well, what had to be done, had to be done.

"This is unhealthy..." sighed Sarah pulling a box away "I'll probably catch some sort of incurable dieses, just being down here! No person should be allowed to even come down in the hold!"

"Be glad you're not locked up down here." said Johnny pointing to the sides of the ship. Chains and shackles were screwed into the walls. Sarah shivered. "Many a man and woman has been chained to those walls. And many..." he paused "Have taken their last breath down here."

Sarah looked with horror upon the dirty chains. "In fact." continued Johnny throwing his apple core on the floor "You're the first of our prisoners not to shackled up down here." Sarah felt sick.

"Why am I so lucky?" she finely asked.

Johnny cast her grin. "You're in the special charge of Mr. Jamison Dread, seems he doesn't want to have his lady chained."

Sarah flicked back her hair. "I don't belong to anyone!" she said sternly.

"Say whatever you like!" called Johnny jumping off the crate "But remember, just because you say it, doesn't make it true."

Sarah just sighed, and continued her cleaning. She pulled away the wooden boxes, and lugged them out of the way. Then, using a piece of torn sacking like a glove, she picked up all the horrid garbage, and dumped it into an empty crate.

Finally, after hours, she was done. She packed up her crates of garbage, and left behind a hold so clean you could eat off the floor. She tossed the trash over the side of the ship. She felt proud of all the work she had done. Since she was going to be on board for awhile, she should at least clean the place up a bit.

"I'm done!" declared Sarah stepping in front of Jamison "And I cleaned it perfectly."

"Really?" he looked at her "Really? Well, lets see it then."

When he went down into the hold he gave a whistle. "Whew! It sure looks like you know what you're doing. I guess I chose pretty good slave for us."

Sarah cast him an evil glare.

"You're all done for today after you help Skinner in the galley. I hope you know know how to skin a shark." And Jamison marched up the stairs whistling.

Slowly Sarah made her way to the galley, preparing herself for the worst.

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Final Written Elderin


Part 1: Hoenir

Chapter One:

Hoenir pulled at the ropes with all his might, the muscles in his arms bulging. He clenched his teeth and heaved, gasping, until the sails rose and billowed out in the wind. He fell to the hard floor, panting and wiping sweat off his face.

“Wimp!” a slithery voice said from a dark corner, and out emerged Eyrieth, thin and lanky. His face was twisted in a nasty sneer, and his eyes shone black and there were bags of dark circles under them. Hoenir had lived with his brother all his life, but had always shuddered at his appearance.

“Takes all of your strength to raise a sail, does it, little weakling?” he spit in Hoenir’s face and shot off down the cabin door.

Hoenir jumped to his feet and ran toward the railing, gripping it with his fists and scowling, staring at the crashing waves. The sun’s rays made the water glitter like millions of polished diamonds. But the ship was huge, deathly black, and covered in slime and mold. The sailors were swearing as they raised the sails or pulleys. The ship was a lodge where cursing and hatred knew no bounds. Swindles, lies, curses, sneers, were all Hoenir had ever known. His father was the captain, much worse than his sons. Out he emerged from the cellar doors, his wicked teeth showing in sharp points as he flashed an arrogant smile. He was so thin, like a walking skeleton. He always walked with a limp and a hunch in his back. His eyes were dark and deep, his face wrinkled in thick bags on his cheeks and around his eyes. His voice was always unclear, always sneaky, like a snake whispering. His sword’s blade was of the finest, sharpest steel, the pommel was a glittering ruby resembling a rose. It always seemed to have been soaked in blood, it was used so often, and was completely naked. It was always hanging at his waist, swinging back and forth as he hobbled along. Hoenir always wondered where he had found that sword; he knew it was too fine a craftsmanship for them to create. It was stolen; he was for sure, but from whom?

“There you are, lad, aren’t ye suppose to be on the lookout, eh?” he hissed.

“Yes, sir, I was just raising the sails.”

“Is everythin’ all ready, then?”

“Yes, sir.”

“All right, ya little mite, git up there!” he screamed.

Hoenir scrambled up the rope ladder, higher and higher. He hurled himself into the small, cramped space of the lookout bucket. It was hardly wider than him, but reached all the way to his waist. His curly dark brown hair whooshed back in the strong wind. The tattered flags whipped back and forth. He squinted in the bright rays of sunlight. The sea was a shimmering color of gold, the water as clear blue as deep, dark glass. The waves were foaming and roaring, louder than the gusts of wind. Hoenir sat with his back against the mast and closed his eyes.

“Hey, wimp, asleep on the job?” came a shrill voice from the deck.

Hoenir gazed down far, straining his eyes to see in the pitch darkness. He saw a thin, slinky form. “Eyrieth,” he muttered to himself with disgust.

He looked around. The waves were black and the moonlight shone lonely and pale on the water. They were no longer anchored on land, but in the middle of the vast sea. It was freezing cold. The harbor was nowhere to be seen. They had sailed a good distance. The wind seemed to cut and bite at his skin. He wrapped his arms around himself, shouting down, “When’s the last lookout supposed to come up here?”

Eyrieth spit up at him and slunk out of sight.

Hoenir scowled. Suddenly a loud, piercing boom jolted him upright. He looked around in all directions. Against the moonlight south on the water skimmed a large ship with flapping white sails and was rowed by men in the gallows, shooting them fast along the water.

Then he realized what had jolted the ship so violently. “Canons!” he screamed, scrambling down the rope ladder. He was so far above the deck it made him dizzy. “Canons! They have canons! Get the men up here!” he shrieked.

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Part Nine of In The Search of Elves

Yikes! I hope I'm not hogging the blog with all my stuff!!! I'll try to slow down, hehehe! But here's another piece of In The Search of Elves. Here was the last part, so you know what's going on.

The Inarian solderers and Crelis jumped froward into the water. Elsa and Grandfather jumped off the raft into the freezing water. It was so cold it took Elsa's breath away.

Elsa could swim well, she had learned as a baby, but her shoes and packs weighed her down. But, she had to keep going. Sink or swim, swim or get caught. She was nearly half way across the river, one little bit at a time. Then, she saw her Grandfather slip under the surface.

There was nothing she could do to help him. The soldiers crowed around her, but Elsa had to keep going. Oh Grandfather!

The water made Elsa's legs and arms numb, but still she didn't stop. She had to reach the shore... Then Grandfather came up from under the water just ahead of her! Elsa breathed a sigh of relief.

Together they climbed up onto the shore. Coughing and staggering about, they ran into the thick dark forest. Two large Crelis were right behind them. Elsa saw them, and gave a cry, forcing herself to go even faster.

Out of breath and out of energy, Elsa went on through the dark, her Grandfather right ahead of her. There were times the Crelis were so close she could feel their hot ugly breath upon her back. But at other times, they were so far behind her, thy could barely be seen.

Then Elsa tripped, ramming into a huge tree. Shaken, but not hurt, she pulled herself back up. The tree didn't look that hard to clime, maybe it would be a good place to hide... "Grandfather! Over here!" Elsa swiftly made it to the top. Hidden in the large branches and thick leaves, Elsa and her Grandfather looked down upon the Crelis who were hunting for them.

Dreadful things the Crelis were. Ugly little creatures with blue-black skin, small piercing eyes, short stocky bodies, and huge curling horns on a few of them. Some of them at fur, and others not. Not all of them had teeth, and only a few had ears. They had pig-like snouts and huge black claws. Though short, they were stronger then most men and just as fast. Crelis were not intelligent, but they were wonderful in war.

Elsa watched as the pair of Crelis sniffed the sky and ground. Would they be found? Elsa held her breath, hoping that they'd just leave.

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Chapter Four (Kateri's Pirate Story)

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Chapter 4: The Evening

That evening was better then Sarah thought it would be. She was in charge of serving dinner to the whole crew, and it wasn't an easy task.

The pirates had dinner on the worn tables in the galley, all of them except the captain had ate in his private room. Sarah had yet to see the captain, but that was just fine with her. Most of the pirates didn't bother to thank her, or ask for things politely, but a rare few did.

Sarah refused to make eye contact with any of them, and only spoke when she really had to. Luckily for her, most of the pirates didn't even seem to notice her.

Sarah watched from the outside of the galley. Oh were they ever rude! No manners what so ever! Sarah cringed at the sound of a bad word. Sighing, she slipped out into the dark.

At least there hadn't been any fights so far, and nobody had gotten drunk. It was more then she had hoped for.

From the galley Sarah could hear the crew's conversation. She listened in, just a bit curious.

"When will be dock again? Do ya know?" asked one.

"In one week's time if the weather holds." answered Jamison.

"Will we be picking up another slave?

"Nah, that lass is more then enough for me right now. After all, we've got a long trip ahead of us. We don't want the bother of feeding any more people then it is right now."

Where were they going? At least they'd dock in a week or so. Maybe there would be a chance of escape? No, there would be no chance. Sarah pushed those thoughts right out of her head. There was no hope of that.

"It'll be good to be going home." said Jamison

Going home? Where was he from again? The Bahamas! They were going to the Bahamas? But that was ages away from here! A year's travel most likely. A year aboard this boat? Aboard with Jamison? Oh no! Never! She felt like crying at the sound of it. "But no." she thought "I won't cry. I'll cry when I leave this ship, tears of joy. And I will cry tears of joy the day I leave Jamison."

But the idea of spending at that time at sea, made poor Sarah sick. Leaning back on the wooden crates she held back hot angry tears.

"We're taking that gal all the way there?" asked another pirate.

"Why not?" said Jamison "The slave trade is very good in the Bahamas. And besides, if we sell her off now there's a much greater chance of me getting caught. Why risk that?"

Sarah fell asleep thinking dark angry thoughts. She was so mad she wasn't sure what she was going to do.

Later that night she awoke with a start. Twp pirates, Old Buck and David Rock, were on the deck firing their guns into the water.

"Shark for dinner tomorrow!"called David Rock pulling up a large dead shark.

Sarah had never felt more disgusted in all her life. She fell asleep again that night to the smell of dead fish and gunpowder.

Chapter Sixteen

Chapter Sixteen: Sadness Appearing

One November cold morning, Papa came home from work, (he had a job of selling fruit, I didn’t mention before) and he had a sad look on his face and a worried one too. And when Evelyn saw this expression on his face, she said, “What’s wrong, Papa? And why are you coming home from work so early?”

Papa was just about to cry, but then he answered, “The store I was running, well, it ran out of business.”

“Oh, no! I’m so sorry!” Then Papa quickly went inside to tell Mama.

When she heard what happened, she said with worry, “Oh, dear! This is terrible! What are we going to do?”

“I’m going to have to find another job.” he answered.

“But you know how hard it is to get any job!” cried Mama.

Soon, Rosie came up t her and said, “What’s wrong, Mama?”

And then Mama said almost crying, “Nothing, honey. It’s okay,” and hugged her.

“There’s no choice, I’m going to have to try.” said Papa, looking up at her.

“Alright.” decided Mama, quietly. Then, instead of working on the farm again, Papa just went up to his room to think. Soon, Helen came in and said to Mama, “Is everything going to be alright? If Papa lost his job?” just then tears sprang to her eyes. Then Mama answered while hugging her, “Oh, honey. You don’t have to worry about anything.” Then after comforting her for a little bit, she quickly went upstairs to talk to her husband.

“Tom,” she said, “do you think that maybe….you would be okay without a job for a little while, because don’t we have pretty much all we need?”

“I don’t know.” was his answer. Then Mama looked down at the floor, would this be the most hardest and stress fullest moment of her life? She thought. Papa didn’t want Mama to be that upset because of it and said with a fake smile, “But it just maybe so.” Mama looked up at her husband and let out a big sigh with a dreary smile.

“But you still need to find a new job before we run out of…you know.”

“Yes, I do. But it’s going to be real hard. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do it.”

“We’ll find some way. But let’s just not talk about this with the children.” Then Papa nodded, and the two of them went downstairs.

“Mama, I hungry.” said Joey’s little sweet, baby voice.

“Alright, I will get you lunch.” Mama said.

Sarah still did not know what happened she was outside the whole time. So Evelyn went outside to tell her the big news. When she heard what happened, she looked very sad. “Oh, no!” she cried, “what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know what Papa and Mama are going to do.” answered Evelyn. Then Sarah quickly went inside with Evelyn.

All the rest of that day the whole family (except the people who didn’t understand) was very sad, and Papa was thinking for a long time, already, of what other job he could be hired from.

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Chapter Three (Kateri's Pirate Story)

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Chapter 3: Getting to Work

Sarah had fallen asleep on the deck, sheltered by some old wooden packing cases. Yawning, she got up and looked about the deck. She walked briskly across it, and looked over board. There was nothing to be seen but water and sky.

Sighing, and suddenly feeling very homesick, she turned around, not liking to look at all the water without a trace of land in sight.

Sarah stepped carefully about the ship, looking at everything. Nobody else was on deck, except for a few sleeping pirates. Sarah wondered where they were going. Leaning over the starboard side of the ship, she realized how foolish she had been.

Who in their right mind would trust such a sailor? To go off alone with him in the dark! How foolish!

Tears fell from her eyes, mixing with the sea below. Her life as she had always known it was gone forever.

Then a strong hand fell on her shoulder, wrenching her away from the side of the boat. It was Jamison Dread.

"It's time for you to get to work!"

Sarah's eyes blazed with anger and fear. "But what can I do?" she asked

"There's plenty of work around. You can start by scrubbing the decks." He forced a pail of water into her hands and marched away.

Sarah cleaned for hours as the ship moved on, taking her further and further away from her home. Sarah may have been young, and had never left the town of Albandale all her life till now, but she was not going to give herself up for lost. Sarah was smart and stubborn. Often too stubborn her Mother had said.

With fury she scrubbed the old wooden decks. Her wrath seemed to strengthen her, for never had she scrubbed so hard in all her life.

After hours, she was done. Jamison returned and looked at her work.

"Well done. You'll work in the galley now."

Sarah tried to remember what the galley was.

"Go on!" yelled Jamison pointing to the back of the ship.

Sarah flicked her golden hair, threw Jamison a terrible glare, and marched away.

Sarah found the galley was the ship's kitchen. Slowly she entered the dark room.

"Who's there?" growled a voice

"It's me, Sarah."

"Sarah? Who in tarnation is that?"

"Uhhh, I'm the girl that was kidnapped by Jamison Dread..."

"Oh! Oh! That, Sarah, ok, what do you want?"

"Ummm... I'm supposed to help you..."

"Alright! Alright! Come on in, then!"

Sarah walked into the dim room, being careful not to hit anything. Somebody lit a candle and soon light poured into the darkness.

A short fat man was sitting at a grubby table peeling potatoes and carrots. He had tattoos all along his arms and a patch over one eye.

"Well come on! Sit down and help!" he thundered "Dinner can't be late, makes the whole crew mad if it is."

Sarah reached for a knife. She began careful slipping the blade along under the skin. The cook on the other hand seemed to attack the vegetables, stabbing and slicing, as if he was trying to kill something.

Once they had finished, Sarah went to put the knife away. "What next, Mr...? What's your name?"

"I'm Skinner. Just plain old Skinner."

"Alright, Mr. Skinner. What do we do next?"

"We'll fix the meat next, and just call me Skinner, no mister needed."

As they worked together, Sarah found Skinner almost very nice. Sure, he was a little rough, but weren't all sailors, especially pirates? As they finished the cooking the meal, Skinner told Sarah about the crew.

"The Captain, now he's a fine pirate. Never a better caption then he. Captain Frite he's called. Well known from shore to shore. Ain't no ship he can't bring down. Aye, Captain is a real good pirate."

"Daniel Plank, now he's a story. Got his name by walking the plank years ago, and living! Or so he says... We can't be sure."

"Cardshark is a darn tricky fellow. Don't ever play cards against him, that's for sure. He's too smart for his own good."

"Johnny Terror, ah, he's a devil of a boy. The youngest on board right now, being only eighteen. He's an orphan, Jamison sort of adopted him. He found him sleeping on the docks when he was just a young lad. Johnny can be a right good boy sometimes, but acts like a devil the next."

"Old Buck, now there's a real wild feller'. Must be nearly a hundred years old by now, but he acts and moves like a young man. I don't how he does it."

"David Rock, he's not one for messing with ever. No way, don't bother him. He's a barrel o' trouble. A bomb waiting to explode. You get the point. He's a real true criminal."

"Mitch Snarle, ah, he's a monster, but only on the outside. Don't tell him I said this, but I think he's a real sweet lad on the inside."

"And then there's Arnold Beer. To fond of ale, and whiskey, and wine, and of course, beer, for his own good. He's a good pirate. Did you know he lets the caption pay him in beer instead of gold?"

Skinner laughed. "And of course you met our fine First Mate, Jamison Dread, last night. This is the main lot of us. And now you're here too!"

"I wish I wasn't." said Sarah sighing

"You don't like sailing?"

"I don't like being a slave! And I don't like being tricked! And I don't like pirates! And most of all, I don't like Jamison!"

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Chapter Fifteen

Chapter Fifteen: A Busy Day

Joey was now three out of his terrible two’s, but still full, of laughter, mischievous, and sneaky. That morning the day after his birthday, the whole Davis family was hopping around, helping clean up, work on school, or even help people with school, since they all had a day off the day before because it was Joey’s birthday. Isaac was very behind in his school, so were Samuel and Evelyn. 12:00 was lunch break so they ate lunch, and went outside to chase each other around, but not to catch leaves this time, because all the leaves had fallen and the trees were bare. But they still had a fun time chasing, munching on apples, and climbing trees. Sarah read her book or wrote in her journal while eating an apple up in a tree, which she enjoyed very much.

“Come on up with me, Evelyn!” she called from above.

“Okay!” Evelyn called back, and started to climb up the tree.

After a little while, Mama came outside holding Charlotte, and said, “I’m going to the store to get Jack some new socks. Could you babysit, Evelyn?”

“Sure. Who are you taking?” asked Evelyn, jumping off the tree.

“Only Charlotte.”

“Alright,” said Evelyn. And Mama said, “Thank you,” with a smile, and left. She hurried because there were so many things she had to at home: clean the houses, change bed sheets, wash dishes, cook dinner, dust the shelves, wash cloths, and on top of that she had to try to calm down the little ones. But she was always thankful for all the big kids that would help.

So she was back from the store in about twenty minutes. And, of course, socks weren’t the only things she bought. She also bought laundry detergent, tissues, and shirts. When she came home she put all the shopping bags on the table and took out all the items she bought, and set them all on the table. And with that she set on all the work she had to do.

Soon, Samuel came inside to ask if he could help with something. And she answered, “Yes, of course, thank you.”

“It’s nothing. What do you want me to do first?”

Mama smiled and said, “Start with putting those items away over there, please.” And he obediently put them away.

“Did you finish you’re school yet, Samuel?” Mama asked him while she swept the floor. He then looked guilty.

“No.” he said, embarrassed, with a red face.

“Go finish it after you finish putting those things away.” She sighed.

“Okay.” and hurried up.

Mama smiled, to hear her son escaping from school. And she burst out laughing, she couldn’t help it. Samuel knew why she laughed, and put on a half smile, then quickly started doing his work again.

All the rest of that day Mama was up and around with no rest or even sitting down. She was hopping around doing all she had to do, and tried not to hurt herself and didn’t do it too fast.

That day, she had a check- up doctor’s appointment she had to do with Sarah, she forgot. And after she tidied up the best she could, she had to get out of the house again.

After the half an hour she had with the doctor and Sarah, she knew this was the busiest day of her life. And when she came home, she had to cook dinner. Even though this was a very busy day indeed, she did not care, she still loved working for her family, and keeping them safe, keeping them happy, and giving them love and care. And she always kept her temper, (well, sometimes at least). But she still tried, and I’ve got to say, she did a great job.

After a little while, Evelyn came in and said, “Are you okay? You look tired.”

“I am just tired and a little overwhelmed.” Mama said, with a weak smile.

“Well, I see why you are. After all, it was a busy day.” Then with Mama’s free arm, she hugged her oldest daughter tightly.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Part Eight Of In The Search of Elves

Here's another piece of In The Search of Elves. Sorry for the wait! Here's the last part I posted... Tell me what you think!!!

Sticking to the shadows, the two figures, Grandfather and Granddaughter, raced through the dark. Sliding up against the wooden shacks and crawling through the bushes. Often a Inarian guard would walk right by their hiding place, but never were they spotted.

They needed to get to the river, once they got across it there would be nothing but wilderness. Elsa and Grandfather ran on, unseen by the Inarians or Crelis. Then, at last, they got to the river.

It lay ahead of them, shimmering in the moonlight. The thick black forest stood beyond it.

"How do we get across?" asked Elsa "Do we have to swim?"

"Nay, Child, there's a raft. Follow me. But be quiet!"

The stepped quietly along the riverbank, slipping through the reeds and rushes. There was an old wooden dock, with a raft tied on it. Elsa stepped on, followed by Grandfather. They unhitched it and found the pole to steer it with. The river was much wider then it looked, and the water was cold and deep.

Slowly they steered across, but then, they hit the currant. It began pulling them quickly downstream, the opposite of where they wanted to go.

"Oh no!" breathed Elsa.

They fought back, but it did no good. The small raft raced downstream, toward the heart of the Inarian city. They struggled trying to get out of the horrid pull, for if they went into the city they were sure to be spotted. The current pulled them closer and closer to the city, then it brought them into a little bay.

"This isn't good.." whispered Elsa looking at the mobs of partying Inarnians and Crelis, lined along the bay.

"Shhh!" said Grandfather looking at the river bank.

But it was too late. They had been spotted.

There was no use pretending to be Inarian. The Inarians were light and blond while the Medians had dark hair and tannish skin. And the Inarians had a very strong Inarian accent, one that would be impossible to mimic.

"Going for a boat ride are we?" said an Inarian guard.

Elsa and Grandfather said nothing.

"Why are you two out of the slave village? Trying to escape?"

Still Elsa and Grandfather did not answer. What could they do or say?

The guard motioned to his fellow soldiers and a handful of Crelis.

"Take care of em'. You know what to do."

Ferocious cries came from the Inarians and Crelis as they raced into the water. Heading right toward Elsa and Grandfather on the little raft. Elsa screamed, for it seemed there was little they could do.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Chapter Two (Kateri's Pirate Story)

Ahoy mateys! Here's the next chapter of my pirate story. Tell me what y'all think!

Chapter 2: Aboard The Ransom

"So where are from?" asked Sarah, after she introduced herself.

"The Bahamas. But I've been at sea since I was a young boy."

"Your ship is in our harbor tonight?"

"Yes." he paused "We're just picking up some goods..."

Sarah nodded. "You'll be here long?"

"Long enough."

Sarah glanced at the long scar running along his arm. "I don't mean to pry, but where did you get the scar?"

"A sword fight."

"Against whom?"

He laughed. "I like to keep that to myself."

"Did you win?"

"Yes, yes I did."

They turned to the corner of the street.

"My house is one the left." said Sarah pointing.

"Alright, but do you say to a walk around the harbor? You could see my ship."

Sarah considered this. It wasn't really that late, and it would be interesting to a large sailing ship. Large crafts rarely docked on Albandale's shores.

"Lets go." said Sarah smiling "It'll be fun."

Turning to the right, he led her along the dark streets, till they saw the water laying ahead of them. A full moon light the sea, making it shimmer. Turning toward the docks, they hurried along. When at last they did reach them, they stood empty. No great sailing ship to be seen. A few small rowboats.

"What?" said Sarah looking at the docks "Where's your ship?"

"Eh, its out there. Its waiting for the good we came to get."

Sarah squinted. Under the light of the moon she caught a glance of a large ship.

"Just what sort of cargo are you getting?" asked Sarah

James gave a loud whistle, that made Sarah jump. And out of the dark alleys appeared several sailors. All them even wilder looking them James. Knives held in their teeth, swords on their sides, and evil looks on their faces.

"What cargo you ask?" said James nearly laughing "We specialize in young ladies as yourself. Slave trade is a most profitable business for us pirates, as is ransom."

"Pirates? James!" stammered Sarah, looking at the angry pirates surrounding her.

"I am James no longer!" he yelled drawing his sword "The name's Jamison, Jamison Dread. First Mate aboard the ship The Ransom." then he turned to the pirates "Take her men. Tie her tight, and don't let her scream."

Slipping a rope about her hands and neck, and forcing a gag into her mouth, they captured her. Sarah tried to fight back, but was useless. They pushed her into a small row boat, unhitched it from the dock, then headed out into the dark water.

Jamison grabbed a lantern from the bow, lit it, and swung it back and forth, signaling the pirate ship.

Sarah watched with anger and hate. He had tricked her! The very idea of doing such a thing to a lady! Tracking her like that! Never again would she trust anyone, she promised to herself. Never would she ever trust a stranger.

She looked overboard at the deep black water, then she realized the full extent of it. She was going out to sea, on a pirate ship, to be sold into slavery.

She cast a hateful look at Jamison Dread. He was rowing them steadily across the water to the large ship. Often he cracked a joke with one of the other pirates and he seemed to be having a simply wonderful time.

Sarah looked and saw they were nearly at the ship. A black flag with a white scull and crossed swords flew in the gentle breeze. Large black sails hung from the masts.

"Ahoy!" called Jamison "We're back mateys! And I've got what we came here for!"

Soon ropes and pulleys came down from the ship. And there were cries of greetings and excitement from on board.

Jamison hitched up the little row boat, and soon they were pulled up the side. Jamison jumped quickly aboard, and was greeted by a mob of pirates. All of them filthy and gruff.

Bloody weapons, guns, earrings, missing teeth, dirty clothes, and harsh evil laughter.

"You're the best, Jamie!" cried a young man "You gotta teach me some of your tricks sometime!"

"That's by far the best looking gal we've had on board yet." cried another "She'll bring us a fortune."

Sarah shivered in her ropes. Watching the horrid crowd.

"Alright, alright." said another pirate turning to Jamison "Unload the lass, and go see the captain. He told me to send you to him when you got back. Better hurry, he hates waiting."

"Very well." said Jamison lifting Sarah onto the ship. "I'll go to him in a second."

He stood Sarah up and untied the ropes that were wrapped about her. Her eyes shot with anger.

"You can walk around, there's no escape." he paused "But if I were you, I would keep to yourself. Don't bother anyone or..." he whispered "You'll find yourself in lot worse trouble then you are now."

Coming Soon!

Hey guys! You know the story I posted a while ago that was by me and my brother? Well, we are rewriting it (once again!!!) and I will post the beginning soon. Just forget about what we posted before. You aren't supposed to know that stuff yet. Hehehe. This story will be divided into parts, I'm thinking three, but we'll see about what my brother says. Well, we'll post it soon and I hope you'll like it!!!!! GTG.


Monday, November 17, 2008

Chapter One (Kateri's New Story)

This is a new story I'm writing. Its about pirates. I think I told some of you about it. Here's the first chapter, it'll get a lot more exciting later on. Tell me what you think!!!! Be honest!!!

Chapter 1: At Gilenger's

It was a dark and gloomy night. Carriages raced through the wet cobble stone streets. Everything seemed black and dismal. That is, everything except Gilenger's tavern.

Gilenger's stood on the side of the street, the large windows ablaze with light, and happy cheers and cries could be heard from inside.

Gilenger's the usual tavern. A place for men to talk while they got beer or ale, while the ladies gossiped at tables. Often, Gilenger's held dances, and parties. There was no one in the little town of Albandale they didn't go to Gilenger's at least once a week.

Mr. Gilenger, for it was he who owned the tavern, was a jolly old man who liked nothing better then big cheerful crowd. There was no nicer, no happier place, in the whole country town of Albandale, then Gilenger's. Home to the poor and rich alike.

Albandale was place where you knew everybody, and everybody knew you. every time the tavern doors swung open, there were loud greetings and cheers.

One young lady who say gossiping among her friends at a table was young Sarah Smithins. Just turned seventeen, and the only child of the Smithins family. She was, by far, the prettiest girl in all of Albandale.

Her long golden locks of hair shone like the sun. Her eyes were the color of the blue-green sea. And all her movements were elegant and graceful. She was well envied for her looks from all the other young ladies, and she was well sought after by the young men, hoping to court her. After all, in Albandale, young ladies were married off at a very young age.

Her parents promised Sarah that she could marry whoever she wished, (as long as he was a good lad, which meant he had to go to church, had a large amount of money, came from a good family, and was not going to take their daughter out of Albandale.)

But Sarah was much too busy having fun to have time for courting. She would rather go out about town with her friends and enjoy everything about anything, then really start to grow up. Seventeen was a time of so much excitement! There was so much to do and enjoy!

This, of course, was a big disappointment for a lot of young men, and of course, Sarah's poor Mother. But it seemed nothing could be done but to wait for the girl to grow up.

As Sarah sat giggling and gossiping with her friends, a few tables away, unknown to Sarah, her mother was gossiping about her daughter.

"I tell you," said Mrs. Smithins "It's very strange! At age seventeen, acting like a child! Somebody needs to help her grow up!"

"Maybe my son can." remarked Mrs. Ruban "Clarence likes Sarah after all."

"She turns down every boy. Kindly and politely, yes, but still I don't like it! I tell you, tis' very frustrating!"

"Well, I can imagine it is." said Mrs. Hoppinton "I'm glad my Luciana got married off last summer. Twas' a relief I tell you. No more worrying about her!"

"Speaking of worry," said Mrs. Ruban "You know what's making me loose sleep? Them pirates! I've been hearing word they're being spotted all around."

"Pshaw!" cried Mrs. Smithins "Pirates? My word! Rough sailors perhaps, but not pirates. I wouldn't be nervous of that. We'll just be seeing some sailors around, that's all. In fact, I bet some young sailors will show up tonight. The beer always lures them here."

Sarah was very popular with all the young girls. They crowded around her table, just wanting to speak a few words with her and catch at glance at her beauty. She told them a joke, and they all burst out laughing. Sarah sighed with happiness. This was perfect. It was so much more fun to childish then to be tied down to adulthood.

One her friends told her funny story, Sarah giggled throwing back her long golden hair. Sarah felt the eyes of many young gentleman staring her, hoping to catch her eye. Sighing, she lowered her head, avoiding their gaze.

Then the doors of the tavern burst open, letting in a blast of cold air. Everyone stopped what they were doing and stared, and who was entering the room. A tall young man, piercing eyes, long shiny black hair, an unclean sword hanging from his belt, tall boots, a torn shirt, a gold earring, and a long twisting scar of left forearm. A real rough sailor. Probably just off some unclean ship and stopping by for some beer before going out to sea again.

All eyes watched him as he marched through the room to the counter.

"Two beers. And make it your best." he growled.

"Coming right up mister....?"

"Name's James. Just James."

"Alright then, James." said Mr.Gilenger reaching for two mugs "Coming right up."

He filled the mugs with his finest beer and thumped them on counter in front of the gruff looking sailor, holding out his hand for the payment. The sailor laughed.

"I ain't gonna pay you till I've tried the beer." he took along swig from one of the mugs "Ah, I'd say its worth...two crowns." He chucked two gold coins on the counter and marched to a table.

Sarah noticed the beer was worth at least five crowns. But she didn't blame Mr.Gilenger for not arguing. James didn't look like somebody you wanted to mess with.

One of Sarah's friends tapped her on the shoulder. "Sarah! He looks like a pirate!"

"A pirate? Come now, don't be so silly. He's a sailor, a, uh, wild one maybe, but a sailor just the same."

"Whatever you say, Sarah. But I'm not going near him."

The sailor finished his beers and took out a deck of cards. "I'll best anyone here, at any game of cards. Anybody want to try me?"

This brought a large crowd of men to his table. He dealt out the cards quickly and they began a game. Sarah noticed they were betting. "Those men had better not bet too much..." remarked one of Sarah's friends "I don't think he's playing fair. He's sure to win." Nodding Sarah turned away. But she couldn't help but notice that James won every card game and in no time, he had piles of gold standing around around him.

"Sarah!" hissed one of her friends "Sarah! That sailor, he's looking right at you!" Sarah tossed back her hair, and looked behind her quickly. Oh yes, that wild young sailor was staring right a her. Sighing, and rolling her eyes she turned back.

Soon the people began to leave the tavern, for it was getting rather late. Mrs. Smithins turned to leave. "Don't be out too late, Sarah! Come back home once you're done here." she paused "And don't walk home alone, it isn't safe. Have a gentleman bring you home, alright?" Sarah nodded. "That's a good lass, see you later!" Called Mrs. Smithins, ducking out of the door.

Soon after, Sarah got tired of gossiping and talking, and said goodbye to her friends. She stepped lightly across the room toward the door, but the sailor jumped up, and in two steps he was standing right in front of her. He swung the door open, holding it for her.

"May I see you home, miss?" he asked sweeping a bow.

Sarah thought quickly. She wasn't supposed to go home alone. But a sailor? A wild young sailor? Well, he was kind of handsome, in a strange way...

"Yes, you may, good sir." she said curtsying.

Sarah looked at the audience in the tavern. They all were horrified. Sarah Smithins, the girl who seemed impossible to catch, was accepting an offer from a...sailor! Of all the shocking things!

Throwing them all a smile, Sarah stepped out into the darkness.

Chapter Fourteen

Chapter Fourteen: What Happened on Joey’s Birthday

Today was Joey’s birthday November 9th. When he woke up and someone told him that it was his birthday he was so excited and screamed with joy, and ran around yelling, “It’s my birthday! It’s my birthday!” and people had to respond, “Yes, it’s your birthday.”

“How about some birthday blueberry muffins for a birthday breakfast?” asked Mama with a smile.

“Yay!” he exclaimed. And mama started to get out a big bowl to mix all the ingredients in. He smiled delightedly.

“I wanna help you Mama.” He said looking up at her.

Mama smiled gently and saw how eager he was and let him stir the ingredients in a little bit. Since he was so small, so young, and not strong at all, he just stirred it very lightly and it did nothing really much. But Mama didn’t care she just wanted her little baby to be happy.

When Mama was finished making the muffins and took them out of the oven, the boys smelled them and came inside. They all sat down to the table, prayed grace, and ate breakfast. There were blueberry muffins, milk, eggs, oatmeal, and toast. After a hasty breakfast, the boys went back outside to the animals.

“I like blueberry muffins.” said Joey in his baby voice, but he said blueberry wrong and it was really cute.

“I’m glad, honey.” said Mama with a smile.

Soon Evelyn picked him up and said, “Happy birthday, Sweetie!” Joey was glad to have all the attention from her older sister and smiled brightly. Then Evelyn put him down.

“Let’s go finish our sewing.” said Sarah.

“Yeah, okay.” said Evelyn, and they went upstairs to where all the sewing was. Mama was just washing the dishes from breakfast as always, balancing Charlotte on her hip with her free arm.

After the girls finished sewing, they went outside to visit the horses. When they reached the stables, Evelyn spotted Rose, one of their horses laying down.

Sarah gasped heavily. “Do you think she’s pregnant?” asked Sarah, with wide eyes.

“I think so.” Evelyn said, quietly. And they quickly ran in the house to tell Mama.

“Rose is laying down and we think she’s pregnant!” burst out Sarah as soon as they spotted Mama.

“Oh my goodness!” cried Mama.

“What should we do?” asked Evelyn.

“Well, are you sure that she’s pregnant?” Mama asked.

“Well, if she’s laying down that about sais it.”

“Why don’t you just go check?” suggested Mama.

“Okay.” And with that they ran back outside, excitedly. And when they reached the stables again, yes, it was true, her stomach was bigger than before! And the girls had to go inside over again to tell Mama. After Mama heard that her stomach was bigger she went outside with them to see.

When she saw Rose she looked surprised and hugged her two girls who loved horses very much.

“So, this means she’s pregnant?” asked Sarah, looking up at her Mother. But Mama just smiled, and Sarah knew that meant yes.

“We need to tell Papa. He’s the best with animals. And the boys would like to know too.” said Evelyn.

“You’re right.” said Mama. And soon Evelyn went to tell them. She found all the boys in the dairy, and quickly told the news.

When they heard what happened they were very happy and excited.

“A baby horsy?” cried Joey.

“Yes, honey!” Evelyn told Joey.

“On his birthday too!” said Isaac.

“Papa, is the best thing to do is just let Rose rest?” asked Evelyn.

“Yes, for now.” answered Papa.

Evelyn checked what time it was, and it was lunch time already! And she offered to Joey to make a birthday lunch. And he said, “Yeah!” and she went inside with him. He said he wanted an apple, a special sandwich, and water.

“Okay.” said Evelyn, after he said what he wanted, and she started making it.

All afternoon that day, Evelyn was very happy and excited about the new foal.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Chapter Thirteen

Chapter Thirteen: Invitation

One afternoon after school, all the girls went apple picking all together. Apples. They ate and picked and ate and picked for a long while. And soon they decided to stop. Just then, Mama called them, and so they went back inside.

When they were in the house, she said to them happily, “The Ferriers invited us to come to their house for Thanksgiving!” and then the girls cheered loudly. They were very, very, excited and happy. And all of the rest of the afternoon they chatted about what they would do there and what fun it would be.

“It’s going to be so much fun! And Thanksgiving feasts are always SO good!” said Sarah.

“Oh, yes! I can’t wait until its Thanksgiving!” cried Evelyn. And they talked and talked about it until Evelyn and Sarah wanted to ride on horses.

They rode on them through the orchard and raced each other on them, and laughed until their stomachs hurt. But after a little while Rosie felt left out so they offered for her to ride on horses with them but she said, “No! I’m too scared.” Then the girls laughed and rode off. This made Rosie cry and she went inside to tell Mama. When Mama heard what happened she picked her up and told the older girls to be nicer to her.

“We’re sorry.” said Evelyn jumping off the horse.

Then she said, “Did you know that we are going over to the Ferrier’s for thanksgiving?”

“Yes.” Then Evelyn thought up something to cheer up Rosie.

“Do you want to make a bracelet for Irene?” she asked her.

“Yeah!” said Rosie wiping her tears.

“Then let’s go!” Evelyn said.

“Wait for me!” Sarah cried getting off her horse. They then went inside and walked up the stairs to their bedroom without a word, they were so excited.

“I want to make a purl bracelet for Irene.” Rosie said, pointing to shiny, white beads. (She thought they were real purls.) Evelyn chuckled and said, “Alright.”

Rosie scooped up a handful of beads and set them on the floor. “Can I have a wire or string to put them on?” she asked.

“Sure.” said Evelyn, and she started to cut a long piece of wire. Rosie wasn’t very polite so she just grabbed it.

Soon they all started to string beads on to wire. They all made one for themselves and one for their cousin. When Rosie started stringing beads on to her wire, Sarah said, “That looks really good, Rosie.” said Sarah.

“Thank you.” smiled Rosie.

There was a pause until Rosie said, “I want to sit next to play teddy bears with Irene when she comes. Just like last time.”

Then both older girls smiled.