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New Short Story!!!

I want to take this time to sincerely apologize for my shocking lack of posts for the last, oh, 2 months!!! I'll try and do better, I promise!!! =] Here is a short story I'm working on, just for a bit of fun. Trust me, it's nothing fancy, but nonetheless, I'm having a lot of fun writing it!!! =)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Frantically, I searched my pockets, but to no avail. Dashing over to my knapsack which I had unceremoniously dumped onto the front doorstep after exiting the school bus, I rifled through its contents, tossing notebooks, old candy wrappers, pencils, and scrap paper onto the grass beside me. Finally, thumping onto the ground in despair, I had to accept the unhappy truth: the key was not to be found. I was stuck outside, the house securely locked and bolted. Muttering under my breath, I pulled my cell phone out of my pocket and dialed my father’s office number.
“Hello,” said the perky voice of my father’s secretary, “This is Dr. Muller’s office, how may I assist you?”
“Hi July, this is Caddie. Can I talk to my dad please? It’s important.” I closed my eyes in silent prayer. Please do not let him be in a business meeting, please do not let him be in a business meeting, I thought.
“Oh, I’m sorry Caddie, he’s in an important meeting right now and can’t be disturbed. Is there anything I can help you with?”
“Just tell him I called, ok? Bye,” I grumbled, frustration permeating through my body. Of course he’s in an important meeting, I thought, he always is.

With a sigh, I dialed my mother’s cell phone number. She was away on a business trip in Tokyo for the week, and I knew there wasn’t much point in calling her, but nevertheless, it was with relief that I heard her voice when she answered the phone.
“Hi Mom! I’m so glad I reached you!”
“Honey! How are you darling? Is anything the matter?”
“Oh, nothing serious…I’m locked out of the house though, and dad’s in an ‘important business meeting and must not be disturbed.’” I said, mimicking July’s high, girlish voice nearly to perfection.
“Oh, I’m sorry, honey. Knowing you’re father, he probably won’t get back to you for at least a few hours. Well, in the meantime, I think the best thing for you to do would be to go to Mrs. Perkins’ house and spend the afternoon with her.”
“Muh-om,” I exclaimed, “I can’t go to Mrs. Perkins!”
“Caddie, don’t be silly. Mrs. Perkins is a perfectly lovely old lady.”
“I hate Mrs. Perkins! She’s so old and crotchety, mom!”
“Caddie!” My mother’s voice was shocked. “You shouldn’t speak of her like that! She’s your elder and deserves your respect and consideration. And frankly, honey, I don’t think there is much else you can do, unless you want to sit on the doorstep and wait until your father gets home, which will probably not be for hours.”
“Maybe I will,” I cried, scowling. “Anyway, what’s it to you, you and dad don’t care what I do. You’re never around when I need you!” Angrily, I slammed the cell phone shut and shoved it into my pocket.

Immediately I felt sorry for the way I’d acted, knowing I had hurt my mother by what I’d said. I tried to assuage the guilt I felt growing in my chest by enumerating the times my dad hadn’t shown up for my recital or my mom had arrived half an hour later to pick me up from soccer practice. When that didn’t work, I thrust my hands into my jean pockets and kicked a few stones that were scattered about on the driveway. Brushing my bangs away from my face, I slammed my bag down onto the doorstep and slumped down beside it, pulling out my iPod and plugging the headphones into my ears.

For a while I just sat there, listening to some loud music which seemed to coincide with my dark mood. I can do this, I thought glumly. I’ll just chill out here till my dad comes home…I tried not to think about the fact that it might be hours until my father’s meeting ended, and even longer till he finally came home. I think that even if my father hadn’t gotten home till midnight or later, I would have stuck to my resolve and remained on those steps the entire afternoon, if it hadn’t started raining at that moment. Although at the time I curst the quickly falling raindrops vehemently, now, I thank heaven for sending them plip-plopping onto my head that memorable afternoon.

To be continued . . .

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Hey Guys!

Hey Guys, I've started a few stories, so, I'll start posting one or two of them soon! I can't wait to get back posting here! Yay! Catch you later...

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My story

Chapter one

In the city of Nijmegen Anatolius captain of the small SPQR company walked along the outer north wall wondering when his patrol would end surely it would be soon, It was windy and he was getting cold, why do I always have to do the early morning watch he thought to himself, guessing that there were probably about four hours left until sunrise and having already stood there for about five hours he was a little tired. He heard footsteps on the stairs that lead to the top of the wall where he was standing finally Claudius was there to take his turn at the watch Anatolius turned around as Claudius reached the top of the stairs,
“You’re needed at the west wall” Claudius says
“Now?” Asked Anatolius
“Yes” Clodius answered
“Okay, are you taking watch here ?”
“Who else?”
“Alright” The young captain was only getting onto the stairs when the whistle of an arrow came from the direction of the woods and Claudius fell off the inner side of the wall down beside the bottom of the stairs Anatolius Leaped to the ground inside the fort pulled his horn of his belt and blew it for 4 counts then strung his bow and knocked an arrow into place. Crouching he moved toward Claudius and felt for a pulse As three more SPQR archers moved toward him, Claudius was dead.
Four more SPQR Archers ran past Anatolius and up onto the wall one of whom was Anatolius’ good friend Dioges, Dioges knocked an arrow as the three archers beside Anatolius lifted Claudius and left toward the center of the city two carrying Claudius and the other one covering fire (arrows were flying everywhere).Anatolius climbed the wall and spotted a frank who as hiding behind a tree he loosed his arrow and hit the frank in the side. The high officer Egnatius was suddenly at Anatolius’ side,
“Listen if I don’t make it through this battle than you become the high officer, I hope you are ready “
Anatolius nods as an arrow flew past his head
“Good” Egnatius said loosing an arrow and quickly knocking another. One of the archers beside Dioges fell forward off the wall,an arrow in his waist and landed outside the fort into the spiked moat screaming, but he stopped as suddenly as he started, Anatolius knew this was one of Egnatius’ nephews. Anatolius knocked an Arrow just as another one flew toward him for the second time, he ducked and spotting the culprit,loosed his arrow hitting the frank in the throat, the frank fell down knocking another soldier into view, Dioges hit him with an arrow in the forehead. Egnatius loosed an arrow severing a franks arm as two more of the SPQR archers fell. Than the Ram came, “They are going to try and breach the gate!” shouted Egnatius “Get the Lancearii to the gate” (Spear armed mail clad field Infantry), as the inner portcullis opened and fifteen Lancearii came out Anatolius ran toward one of the archer towers, climbed the ladder and moved toward the arrow slits and knocked another arrow “Hit the infantry holding the ram!” Anatolius heard Egnatius yelling orders below. Suddenly the whole area became very light, the torches had finally been lit.

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Pretty cool

Pretty cool eh? This new background? I just found this AWESOME site where you can get tons of cool new things! Hey, remember, if you ever want anything changed, don't hesitate to ask, I LOVE doing it!

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What Next?

Haha, I guess it's time I start up another story to post here huh? Don't worry, I'll come up with SOMETHING by tomorrow! Guarantee! Haha!

The Very Last Chapter

Well guys, this is it. The last chapter. (Sniff sniff). I've had a lot of fun writing and posting this story. I hope you guys had as much fun reading it as I did writing it! Here's the last chapter. Enjoy mateys! And please tell what you think of the whole thing!

Chapter 34
Every day Sarah went down to the docks, hoping to see the Ransom. But it was never there. Sarah would stand on the very edge of the wooden planks, looking out into the sea, the wind would blow her golden hair about her face, and she would stand waiting, waiting, and waiting for the ship's tall masts to appear. But they never did.

The Ransom did not come that whole spring, but still Sarah waited. It did not come that summer either. Neither did the ship come that autumn, but Sarah still hoped and waited. It did not come when the snow started to fall. Sarah began to worry.

Had Jamison been killed? Had he fallen in love with another girl? Had he been enslaved by another crew of pirates? Or had he changed his mind, and decided not to come after all?

But still, Sarah waited. Though now, every night she cried herself to sleep, and nothing brought her joy.

It was a dark and gloomy night. Sarah went to Gilenger's tavern, for there was nothing else to do. She sat at a table by herself, watching and listening to the merry crowd.

Now and then the doors would burst open, and there were cheers and greetings all around as the newcomers joined the rowdy gathering.

Sarah watched with a lump in throat and she fought back tears. She'd do anything, oh anything, to have Jamison here.

The crowd grew louder, and somebody started a dance. Sarah refused to join the merry couples, but watched them, and listened to the music. The song was sad and sweet, then a lady started to sing.

"My sweet-heart rides a ship at sea..."
she sang. Sarah held her head in her hands. "Where might my lonesome lover be?"

Then, the door burst open, letting in a rush of freezing cold air.

A tall young man marched into the room. There was no doubt he was a sailor, a very rough sailor, in fact, he looked like a pirate.

The crowd all stopped and stood still and stared. Hadn't they all seen him somewhere before?

Sarah jumped up from the table, and flung her arms around him. "Jamie!"

They hugged each other tightly, not noticing anything but each other.

"I'm sorry it took so long for me to get here." apologized Jamison "But there was a lot of work for me to do." He kissed Sarah, and Sarah clung onto him crying tears of joy.

The crowd, which had become very quiet, looked upon the young couple. Sarah and "her sailor".

"Awww!" whispered an old lady "Aren't they sweet?"

That evening went from sad to joyful, very fast. Jamison ordered a mug of beer, this time he paid the full price, and he and Sarah picked up like they had never been apart.

"Leave them be." said a Mother to young daughter, who was about to dash over and listen in "Give them sometime to themselves. Goodness knows they deserve it."

Sarah was lost in her own little world. There was just her and Jamison.

"The crew all sends their greetings to you." said Jamison "They all, especially Johnny, wanted to tag along, but I thought they might kind of...annoying."

Sarah laughed.

"So, we're all done being pirates." said Jamison grinning

"You are?"

"Aye. We're a shipping company now. A much...cleaner trade, if you ask me."

The two didn't notice the quickly flying time, and then, to their surprise, the clock struck midnight.

"Goodness! Tis' that late?" asked Sarah

Jamison nodded. "I guess I should head back to the ship."

"How long will you be in town?" asked Sarah

"Long enough to get married and meet your folks." said Jamison grinning.

Sarah nodded. "Well, I suppose I should be going home." she stood up and was about to go to the door, but in two steps Jamison beat her to it. He swung it open and held it for her. "May I see you home, miss?" he asked sweeping a bow.

"Of course, you can, good sir." she said, then she giggled, "So long as you don't take me for a walk around the harbor!"


Jamison Dread and Sarah Smithins were married in one week's time.

The town of Albandale and the whole Ransom's crew were present for it.

"So, where do you want to go next?" asked Jamison that evening when they boarded the Ransom, as he scooped her up in his arms.

"Oh, I don't know..." said Sarah "The Bahamas, maybe."

"Very well, lass!" said Jamison, and he turned to Johnny "Set sail to the Bahamas immediately."

"Aye, aye, Captain Jamie!"

Together, Jamison and Sarah stood in the bow, looking over the railing into the setting sun.

"Tis' a dream come true." said Sarah "I'm finally back aboard this ship, it's where I belong, with you."

"And you'll never have to leave, ever." he paused "You, Sarah are the best thing I ever stole." Said Jamison, giving her a wicked grin.

Sarah laughed and shook her long blond curls. "And you, Jamison Dread, are the best thing that ever happened to me. Even though, in the beginning it was a little rough. Well, alright, very rough." she giggled "Jamison, just what kind of slaver are you? Falling in love with your slaves?"

He just laughed and shook his head, "Well what kind of girl falls in love with her kidnapper?"

And the new couple leaned over the railing, thinking back on their old adventures, and wondering what was yet to come.

~*~*THE END!!!~*~*

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Here is more

"Now I should give you some money. Here," she said, taking money out of her pocket.

"Thank you. But, really, I don't think I deserve it. You remember that." William said.

"Oh, I think you do!" she cried.

"How so?"

"You saved my life. And, you're the best shepherd boy ever!" she replied.

"Really, I am not."

"You think that. But I sall always know it is true." she said with her arms on William's shoulders. He, then, couldn't say anything. He loved Bell's attention.

Bell sighed and said, "I better be going home now. Good-bye!"

"That's fine. Good-bye!" he said. Bell kissed him quickly then ran away. William blushed.

Then the next day, before Bell could even rush out the door, her mother said, "Dear, I don't want you to go visit William yet. I invited the other princesses over."

"Oh, mother! Well, alright." replied Bell sadly. Mother smiled. She loved breaking visits between Bell and William.

Bell sat in the parlor, waiting for the princesses to arrive.

At last they came at 10:00. She jumped up up from the couch and opened the door. First came the eldest, Paulina. Then came the young one, Rose.

"Is this Isabelle? What a dirty young creature she is!" said Paulina snoootily

"Oh, no, Isabelle is very pretty!" Rose had said before Bell could say anything.

Bell did not want to comment on what Paulina had said but on what Rose had said. "Why, thank you, Rose." she said with a curtesy.

Rose had made quite an accomplishment on saying that Bell was very pretty, and said no more. She was very shy.

"How old are you, Rose? It's been a long time since I've seen you." Bell said kindly. Rose did not answer. She was too shy.

"She is 8 years old. I am suprised that you do not know." barged in Paulina.

"Oh, I am sorry. I have not been counting the years since I've seen you."

"It is nothing at all, Isabelle." Rose mumbled.

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Chapter 33 of me' pirate story!

This is the SECOND TO LAST CHAPTER! crazy huh?

Chapter 33:

"To think I once hated them all." thought Sarah, taking one last gaze at the Ransom, as The Swan pulled out the the harbor. "To think I once longed to go home with all my heart, and now, when I'm going, I'm crying."

She sighed. She was alone. A new sensation after never having a minute to herself aboard the Ransom.

"This is going to be the longest year of my life. And the loneliest. Oh, Jamie!" And Sarah felt her heart ache.

The Swan was a lovely fast ship. The Cabins were beautiful and the other boarders were friendly. They asked Sarah a great deal of questions, Sarah answered them politely, but confessed she had to keep some things to herself.

Sarah didn't know what to do with herself. There was no work to be done, no cards to play, no pirate telling a long exaggerated story, no dinner for her to cook, and no one interesting to talk to.

Sarah would have traded away The Swan for the Ransom any day.

Every time the weather was nice, Sarah climbed up onto the decks and looked out onto the water. Just water and sky, and nothing else. She longed to see the black sails and tall masts of the Ransom, but of course, she never did.

One time, by accident, Sarah fell asleep out on the deck, as she had so many times before. When she awoke, she thought for a minute she was back on the Ransom, but, of course, she wasn't.

They docked in Albandale on a cool spring evening. It hadn't changed one bit. But Sarah had.

She stepped down the familiar streets, seeing no one, then, as she ran around a corner, she bumped into her Mother.

"Mother! Tis' me, Sarah! Ohhh! I've got so much to tell you!...."

The word spread quickly as it always does in a small town. Soon everyone in Albandale knew the story of Sarah Smithins. She had been enslaved by pirates, captured by Indians, gone to the Bahamas, had seen a pirate raid, was trapped in a storm, had seen real buried treasure, then had gotten engaged to the young pirate who had started the whole adventure!

"Well!" said Mrs, Reban to Mrs. Smithins "So that's what it took to make your girl fall in love!"

All the other young girls wanted to know everything about Jamison, and how she could have ever fallen in love with him, but Sarah kept most of her story to herself. It was too a precious thing to share with everyone.

Oh no!!!

Oh dear!!! Okay, the first page of the next chapter I was going to post got torn!! Baby Sean got to it, LOL. I don't know what to do! How about soon I post the next chapter after that one? Chapter 4? Because all that chapter was about was getting ready for Chrsitmas. ;)

Sorry guys!

More coming later!

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Chap 3!

Chapter 3: Getting Ready For Christmas

It was soon to be Christmastime. Everyone was so excited. Thought they didn't have much of Christmas decorations. Laura, Sarah, and Caroline just hung branches along the halls with help from mother.

Tom had kept on continueally chopping down firewood and bringing it in to the fireplace with help from father.

They did not have a fancy Advent wreth, but a sensable one.

Everyone was also so excited about the baby. Tom, oh, so much hoped that it would be a boy, but deep down inside he knew it was going to be a girl.

Martha and Lottie danced around the house with excitment, and sometimes Caroline and Elsa joined them.

Tom was now too overwhelmed with all the girls in the house, not one boy to play with. He deeply realised how inportant a brother was. And her mother even felt very sorry for him.

While mother was baking hot cakes for breakfast, Martha cried with ahppiness and excitement, "Oh, I can't wait till Christmas! How many days till then?"

Mother laughed and answered, "5, honey, 5."

"Oh, I hoped it would be tomorrow!" Mother just laughed again.

"And I also hoped that the baby would be born tomorrow." Martha added.

"I'm glad you hope so dear." said mother with a smile. Then Martha ran off to play again. Mother, then, couldn't help but to burst into laughter again. How sweet my little Martha is, she thought.

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Chapter 32!!!

Hey guys!!! You're almost done!!! How do you like this chapter?!? Do you think their parting is good? I had the hardest time trying to write it! lol. Tell me what you think, be honest!

Chapter 32:

The treasure, indeed, was more riches then Sarah had ever seen. It was like a king's treasure chamber. Boxes and boxes of gold, jewels, silver, and other precious things lay in a great pit. Three sculls lay to the side of the hole, where the Black King's crew had tossed them.

It took the Ransom's crew all day to load it aboard the ship.

Jamison watched as they rowed the boats of treasure up to the Ransom.

"Captain Eddie was the greatest pirate ever." he said "The only one who could rival him was Captain King." he paused "And I just beat King, I guess that makes me one of the best pirates, does it not?"

Sarah carefully tied a bandage around Jamison's arm. "I guess so, Jamie." she paused "What are going to do with your life now?"

Jamison shrugged. "I don't know. What will you be doing?"

Sarah sighed, and bit her lip. "I think I have to go home now. My parents surely think I'm dead. I can't leave them like that."

"Yeah." agreed Jamison slowly "You really should go."

"I don't really want to go." confessed Sarah "I'll miss sailing, and the crew, and, Jamie, I'm going to miss you most of all." she whispered, leaning against his uninjured arm. "Will you keep being a pirate, Jamison?'"

"I don't know... I can't very well just up and leave my ship and crew, and I don't want to quit sailing. I love the sea. But I shan't be doing any more kidnapping or slaving, or merciless killing."

The sail back to the city was uneventful. But when the crew heard Sarah was to leave them and go home, they all got very disappointed.

They docked at the city's wharfs early one morning. Jamison booked Sarah on the finest ship he could find. She'd have her own private cabin, and many other luxuries. The ship, it was called The Swan, left in only two days.

Sarah had but two days left with her friends from the Ransom. Those last days were pleasant, yet bittersweet. On the night before she left, Jamison took Sarah out on a long walk. And while Jamison tried not to show it, Sarah saw it was clear her leaving was going to be very hard on him.

The next morning was a sad one. The good-byes were unbearable and Sarah was close to tears as Jamison took her hand and lead her off the Ransom to the docks to board The Swan. The Swan's horn sounded loudly. She had but ten minutes left with Jamison.

"You'll come see me, won't you?" asked Sarah

Jamison nodded. "I will."

Sarah flung her arms around his neck, "Oh, Jamie! I'll miss you!"

"I'll come see you, Sarah. Once my life is all straightened out."

Sarah clung onto Jamison, crying, and feeling her heart break. Then she broke away from him, and met his gaze. "Jamie, once I get back home, all my friends are going to ask me if I'm going to marry the sailor I fell in love with. What should I say?"

He laughed, and pulled her close again. "You should say, yes, you are going to. Because, Sarah, I have every intention of bringing you aboard my ship for keeps when we meet again."

Sarah's eyes gleamed wit joy. "Oh, Jamison Dread, I love you!"

Jamison hugged her tightly. "I love you too, Sarah, so much. More then you could ever imagine."

The Swan's horn sounded again. They had only a few minutes left.

"Stay safe." whispered Sarah "You really are too daring sometimes."

"And you stay safe too, Sarah, you trust young men far too quickly."

She laughed, then paused. "It'll take me about a year to get back home again, so I shan't see you for a very long time." she sighed "So much can change and happen in a year."

"Aye." said Jamison "But some things never change, like this." And he kissed her.

Sarah felt tears in her eyes again.

"Good bye, Sarah. I love you." he whispered, then he broke away from her. Sarah boarded The Swan and looked over the rail. Jamison was standing on the deck. He wasn't crying, Jamison never cried, but he looked close to it.

"I will cry tears of joy when I leave Jamison."
She had said that months ago.

No, she would cry tears of sorrow.

More Of The Only Son

Chapter 2: The Town Fair

As soon as the wagon was loaded, the set off, for if the stayed any longer they would be late.

After 30 minutes of the drive, Martha and Lottie bcame bored.

"It's only been a half an hour." observed Sarah.

"We'll probably be there in 5 minutes. Now calm down." father anounced.

"Okay." sighed Martha. But the 10 minutes felt like hours to Martha. Tom thought it funny and laughed.

"I'm cold." Lottie complained.

"Alright." soothed mother, wrapping a blanket around her.

Soon they were finally at the town fair! Everyone piled out of the wagon.

They all jumped up and down with glee. Caroline and Elsa went to see the pigs, and who would win the prise. And mother took Martha and Lottie to look at the pumpkins. Tom and father came with them, for Tom had a pumpkin he wanted to bring to see if it would win 1st place. It was very big, orange, fat but not as good-looking as the others.

"I think you're going to win 1st place, Tom!" Martha cried.

Tom just laughed and said, "Thanks, but I don't think so myself." And he was right, he won 3th place. A boy named Jim won 1st, and a boy named Michael won 2nd.

Mother smiled and put a hand on Tom's shoulder. "Even though your pumkin didn't win first place, I think it's the best one of all." she said.

"Aw, thanks, Mama."

Soon Caroline and Elsa came rushing toward them. "The pig whom we wanted to win the prise won!" they gasped.

"Oh, how lovely! But do you know where Sarah and Laura are?" said mother,

"Yes, they're playing games."

"Oh." winked mother.

"They're playing games? Oh, may we go with them, father?" asked Tom, axiously.

"Oh, alright." he answered.

"Yay!" and off they went.

"Oh, hello, father, hello, Tom." greeted Sarah when they reached the games.

"Hello." they said.

"Woah!" Tom cried in amazment, already playing a game that father let him play after a lot of promising and begging. It was worth the begging and promising, for he enjoyed it.

Soon it was time for lunch, so mother bought them all a sanwitch, which was a penny a peice.

"Yummy!" said Lottie while she ate her sanwitch. Father smiled with a twinkle in his eye.

After lunch mother anounced that they had to go. Martha and Lottie began to cry, but deep down inside they were happy that they had the most wonderful time.

Monday, February 2, 2009


chapter 31

The Captain of the Black King called off his men, and readied himself for the duel.

"Jamie!" cried Johnny "This is a fool thing to do! Everyone knows Captain King is the best swordsmen in the whole world. Nobody has ever beaten him. Even Captain Frite refused to fight him, knowing he'd never see the sun again if he ever did. Nobody has ever come anywhere close to even cutting Captain King."

"There's a first time for everything." said Jamison holding up his sword "And isn't better for just one man to die, then the whole lot of us? Johnny, you know as well as I, that our crew has no chance against theirs. They'd beat in no time. So what if Captain King is a legend swordsman? Would it not be amazing to beat him? And should I loose, would it not be somewhat of an honor to die by a master like him?"

Sarah listened to all this from her hiding place. So that's why the Ransom's crew feared Captain King. Apparently he the best swordsman on the seas. Sarah shuddered. What if Jamie died?

"But, Jamie..." pleaded Johnny

"No, Johnny, I know what I'm doing."

"No what you're doing? Fighting Captain King? It's foolish, Jamie! But what I was going to say was... Jamison, what about Sarah? Have you thought about her?"

Jamison stopped all he was doing. "Look after her if I fall, Johnny boy." he said He then shook Johnny's hand, and nodded to the crew. Sarah watched, terrified in the bushes.

The two Captains stepped into the circle of men.

"You're a wild lad, that you are." said Captain King "Once I run you through you'll regret this foolish choice."

"It is not a foolish choice. Tis' the only chance my crew has. Why shouldn't, I, their Captain, have the honor of dueling you?"

"Is it not every man for himself? You could have fled, my boy, and left unharmed."

"Why do you tell me this?" asked Jamison, spitting in the dirt.

"I'm just letting everyone here know it was your choice to...die!" yelled the Captain drawing his sword and running at Jamison.

Jamison drew his sword. "To the death, Captain! To the death!"

"Your death, not mine." answered Captain King.

And the duel began.

Their swords flashed in the bright sunlight. In the beginning it was obvious Captain King wasn't trying his best.

"Stop playing with me, and really fight!" growled Jamison "For if I beat you, I want to know I've really beaten you."

"As you wish, lad." And Captain King picked up the pace.

Captain King was flawless in every move. Never could Jamison ever come near to touching him. No matter how hard he tried, his efforts never paid off. More then once, Jamison was cut with the Captain's blade. His whole left arm was soaked in blood. His lip was cut and bleeding, and his hair was soaked with sweat and blood, and caked with dirt. Then, in one single swift move, Captain King tripped Jamison, bringing him to his knees in the dirt.

Sarah gasped. She wanted to close her eyes to block out the awful scene.

"I could kill you right now, boy. Or, I could take you as my slave..." The Captain rambled on, not noticing Jamison reaching slowly for his dropped sword. Just a little further, he inched a tiny bit closer...Jamison grabbed the hilt...

"I don't know what would be better." said the Captain "Seeing your blood spilled upon the ground even more then it is now, or seeing you shackled in my hold, waiting for death, just so you won't have to feel the pain any more..."

"Or, I could kill you." said Jamison calmly. And he brought his sword down into the unsuspecting Captain with the last little strength he had.

Jamison staggered, and finally stood up. Sarah ran from behind the bushes and hugged him tightly, he fell onto her, not having the strength to stand.

The Black King's crew slunk off into the jungle, and their ship soon pulled out of the south bay into the sea.

"Are you going to be alright?" asked Sarah concerned.

"I'll be fine, lassie." said Jamison, then he turned to the his crew. "What are doing lazing around, men? I just won us that treasure! Go and git' it!"

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Here is more!

When she reached the palace she said to her mother, "Why can't I marry William? I mean, we didn't find any prince ou there whom I could marry."

"My, child! He is a sheppard boy! I shall never see you marry him!" she answered.

"Mother, just because he is poor and is a sheppard boy, why won't you let me marry him?"

"Bell, you shall never get along well marrying a poor sheppard boy!"

"Oh, yes, I will! You like money too much!"

"I certainly do not! Go to your room this instant, Bell!"

Bell darted up the fancy stairs, crying all the way.

When seh came to her room, she threw herself on her fancy canapy bed, not knowing what to do. She cried so hard that her mother downstairs heard her.

After five minutes, she stopped, sat up, and sliked back her hair, thinking. How could I get mother to like William? She thought. Then Bell's thoughts were sad. The only way for her to get mother to like William, was for William to be rich.

But he won't except my money, Bell thought. Then Bell sprang up with a new idea. Seh could tell William that the only way sher could marry him was if he excepted her money, then her mother would let her because he was rich.

Bell had to wait until the next day to tell William. But seh was lucky, the day past very quickly to her.

She got up very early, the next day, and told William.

He seemed sad at first, then smiled, and said, "Okay."

"Oh, William! How wonderful! Then, yes, I can marry you!" Then they kissed each other gently on the mouth.

"When can we marry?" Bell asked.

"How about on the 9th?" he suggested.

"Oh, William! That will be fine! But my mother has to agree first."

"Oh, of course! But I'm sure she will when she hears I am rich."

"I do too." said Bell happily. She gazed at her ring, it shined brightly.

Bell quickly told William, "I must go tell my mother. But I will be back."

"Alright." he said. Bell walked down the meadow. Wen her mother heard the news, she said, "Really? Well, then, yes, you may marry him."

Bell was more than happy. She hugged her mother. "Oh, mother! You don't know how much this means to me! Thank you so much!" Then she went back outside.

"Oh, I am so glad to hear that!" William cried.

"Me too."