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More Princess Story!

Then they were slient for awhile.

Bell looked across the meadow, and through the trees there was a lake with water flapping against the sand.

"Oh," she sighed,"that's a pretty like."

"Oh, yes, I agree." William said. Bell smiled then looked on the ground.

"Why don't we go to that beach? It looks so pretty. I hope you don't have any objection." Bell asked, anxiously.

William glanced at the beach for a bit, then he said, "Of course I don't have any objection!" So they walked down the meadow and through the woods.

Bell sat down in the sand next to William.

"May I have you rhand?" asked William, after a long while.

First Bell looked suprised then she murmured, "OH, yes, you may." Then Bell gave him her hand.

"Will you marry me, Bell?" he asked.

"Oh, I would if I could, but, you see, my mother would never let me! And I'm a bit too young..." Bell gasped.

"Oh, well, I'm very sorry to hear that. I-"

Bell was about to cry but she held back her tears.

"Well, I'd better be on my way. Good-bye, William." she trembled.

"Good-bye." Then she walked up the hill.

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Hi guys I just wonted to tell you that I posted on my new blog. I did not post much..but there is just a bit. :)

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chapter 30!

Hey, guys, guess what? They're only 34 chapters...and this is chapter 30! Almost done... Here's the next chapter, tell me what ya'll think, ok?

Chapter 30:

The Ransom sailed into a small bay the next morning. Ahead of them lay the island.

"Alrightie! Lets go get us some treasure!" yelled Johnny, jumping into a row boat, holding a dagger in his teeth and a pick ax and a shovel in his hands.

All the rest of the crew was just as ready, and it was only minutes before they were ashore.

"We'll work on the Southern side of the island today." said Jamison plotting a map "You all know what signs we're looking for."

"I don't." said Sarah.

"Well, Captain Eddie marked the resting place of the treasure with three sculls."

Sarah winced.

"He killed the three men who helped him bury it, then sliced off their heads and threw them over the treasure."

They had to cross through long strips of jungle to get to the Southern side. The forests were dark and filled with biting insects and other nuisances.

"Do other pirates know of this treasure?" asked Sarah stepping carefully around swarm of bugs.

"Aye, every good pirate does. But we're the only crew who dares come hunt for it."

"Why is that?"

"This island is supposed to be haunted by the three men whom Eddie killed. Their ghosts, apparently, are still looking for a bloody revenge."

"Do you believe in ghosts?" asked Sarah, suddenly feeling a little nervous.

"No, do you?"

"No, they're no such thing as ghosts." said Sarah loudly.

As soon as the words came from her mouth, there came a deafening scream from the dark jungle ahead of them. Sarah jumped, and Jamison drew his sword, as did the rest of the crew.

"Tis' the ghosts, Captain Jamison!" cried Daniel Plank "I always knew we'd get caught by them sooner or later!"

"They're no such things as ghosts." said Jamison "And I shall prove it today."

Then, there was another scream, this one was followed by evil laughter.

"If it's not ghosts, what is it then?" asked David Rock

"I'm not really sure yet..." answered Jamison

"Lets get the blazes out of here!" cried Johnny Terror "Ghosts or not, this is scaring the living day-lights out of me!"

"Cowards!" said Jamison "You're all cowards! You don't see, Sarah, a girl, begging to leave, do ya?"

"Well, actually, Jamison." said Sarah "Could we please go now? Please? Can we?"

"There are no such things as ghosts!" thundered Jamison "And I'll prove it, for all of you." He stepped past everyone into the forest. "Show yourselves! For if you really are ghosts you have nothing to be afraid of, for I can not kill a ghost."

"Are you sure you want us to come out?" asked the voice


There was a rustling of leaves, and into the clearing appeared three pirates.

"You are no ghosts." said Jamison sneering, keeping his sword drawn. "Who are you really? And what are you doing here? Speak!"

The group remained quite. "Speak, or die!" cried Jamison, his eyes flashing with anger.

"Alright! Alright!" cried one "We're off the ship the Black King! Our Captain said ghosts was just a tall tale, and said we was coming here to find that treasure. Then you came along, and he sent us to scare you off. That's all! Honest!"

Jamison nodded. "And have ya found the treasure?"

"Aye! We have! They're digging her up right now!"

Jamison turned to his crew. "Lets go, men. I'm not going to get into a bloody battle over that darn treasure. The Black King, they have a crew ten times the size as ours, and don't forget who their Captain is. Lets go."

Then there were loud shouts from the jungle, and in seconds, a whole army of pirates appeared. The battle began in a second.

"Run, Sarah! Run!" called Jamison.

Jamison quickly slew two men, then, taking one of their swords, he began fighting with two swords.

Sarah watched, terrified. She did not know or understand much of it. Who was the Black King's Captain? Why was he so innporant?

Then a tall man, dressed all on black appeared from the thick of the forest.

"Ah! The Ransom! Where's that dirty captain Frite?" he bellowed "If you want to end this battle without loosing all your men, tell your Captain I'll settle for just a duel between the two of us. If he wins, ya'll git' the treasure, but if I win, I win."

Jamison drew one of his swords out of a man's chest. "I killed Frite. I'm the Captain now."

"You? A little lad? A mere boy, a Captain?"

"I'm twenty-one, I'm no "little lad", and the name's Dread, Jamison Dread, you might have heard of me."

The Captain of the Black King tugged on his beard.

"Will you duel me instead?" asked Jamison, his dark eyes flashing.

"Aye, boy! If you dare to!"

"I do."

"You'll loose, my boy." said the Captain grinning

"Say whatever you like, sir, just call off your men, and lets fight!"

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Here is my story about that boy named Tom with 7 sisters! I'm sorry about not posting it before. I just had to write mre, yah know? Oh, and I have to tell you that mostly this story is about the girls, I by accidently did that a bit! LOL

The Only Son

Chapter 1: 7 sisters

Once, there lived a boy, his nmae was Tom and was at the age of 12. He was very poor and lived near the woods in a log cabin in Winsconson.

Aparently, he had 7 sisters and was the only boy, and, of course, he hated the idea of it.
His 7 sisters were named and aged: Laura, 14. Sarah, 10. Caroline, 9. Elas, 7. Martha, 6. Lottie, 4. And a baby on the way whom he counted as one of his sisters.

One morning, when he woke up, he heard his sisters giggling as they got ready for the town fair.

The town fair already? He thought. Then he went to find Caroline, who always seemed to know everything all the time.

"The town fair already? Haven't you heard? It starts today at 10:00! You'd better get ready!" was her answer.

"Alright, alright." he said, much anoyed. Then he quickly got dressed and walked downstairs where all his sisters and parents were.

"Eat up." his mother said, slapping a flapkack on his plate, "The town fair's today, and we want to have time to get ready, right?"

"Yeah!" Okay!" he cried. Then his mother flasked him a smile. Her name was Alice, and his father's name was George.

Tom ate his breakfast quickly, then it was time to pack the wagon. It would be so much fun, and everyone was so excited and couldn't wait.

Tom helped his father pack the wagon, they brought blankets, for winter was coming and they had to be warm on their trip. And they brought food, for the trip would be long.

more at last!!! chap 29

Chapter 29:

They stayed in the harbor for several more days before leaving again. The island where Captain Eddie's treasure was thought to be buried wasn't far away.

As they sailed along through the Bahamas, Sarah couldn't believe the beauty of everything. It made her never want to leave.

"Told you it was gonna be beautiful." said Skinner "See, now no matter where you go, you'll always want to come back here."

"Yes." agreed Sarah "I don't really want to go home any more."

"It's not just sailing and the Bahamas you like, I can tell, you like somebody on board as well, don't you?"

Sarah blushed. "Well, yes."

"Who? Though, I do have a good idea of who it is..."


"Ha! I knew it! You two are real funny kids. Sworn enemies one day, lovers the next." Skinner walked away whistling.

Sarah just sighed happily and went below deck.

Tomorrow they'd reach the island where the treasure was supposedly buried, the crew was getting excited, and they couldn't stop talking about what they would do if they found it.

"Tis' more loot then we could steal in twenty years of pirating." remarked Cardshark "If we find it, we'll be dirty rich. Ah, if we get that loot, I'll me'-self a whole tavern!"

"You too?" asked Arnold Beer "I'm getting one! Then I can have the best of beer any day of the week.... What about you, Jamie? What would you get?"

"Hmmm... I sure could go for my own tavern, that sounds pretty darn good. But, you know, I wouldn't want to leave the sea and become a tavern owner, ah, that's too boring."

"Then, what else do ya want?"

"Nothing money can buy."

"And what is this thing money can't buy, may I ask?" asked David Rock

Jamison just shook his head. "You're gonna laugh at me, mateys! I don't think I want to tell!"

"Gee, you'd think a Captain would tell his own crew..."

"Alright! Alright!" said Jamison "You've talked me into it! I'd like a good wife, and some kids, ok?"

Sarah wasn't in the room, but she had over heard it all.

That night, as Sarah fell asleep below deck she thought of Albandale and her parents.

What were they thinking of her? Well, right now they probably thought she was dead. But if they could see her now, what would they think? Staying aboard a pirate ship on purpose, going hunting for treasure, and worst of all, falling in love with Jamison Dread. Well, if they knew that, Sarah knew she'd be a lot of trouble. Sarah laughed at the thought of what they'd say and do.

"I suppose, once this adventure is done, I must go home. Though it would be wonderfully romantic to run off and get married to Jamison and live on the sea, I can't do that to my parents. I really must go home sometime...but not just yet."

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Betsy & Daisy

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to say that me and Anna are doing a story that are about these two cows who are best friends and their names are Betsy and Daisy. I think Anna is going to post it. Maybe I will too. I don't know, but, anyway, I just wanted to tell you that.

I know, I'm writing, like, too many stories and telling you I'll post them, and never do!! But, I promise you, that I'll post the oen about the boy named Tom really soon!

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New Blog

Here is my new blog. I will post all of my story's on it. I deleted Juliette's story Blog and made Juliette's Story.

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Here is more!

Clare then said "oh I just came here because I was bored I'll just look around the store wile you do your work" "fine with me" Mark said going to a lady and taking her money as the lady went out with some new gloves.

Clare looked around the store there wore candles, gloves, hats, cloth for dresses, some cloth for suites, dolls, men boots, and some lady shoes, and many other things! Clare took a look at the candles. There was white ones and some red ones and some brown ones and they all smelled lovely! Clare then took a look at all the cloth. It all was beautiful! There was blue cloth, red, green, white, pink, and yellow and some was acoler and had flowers all over it. She went back to Mark. "are you done?" she asked "Yes, now I am."

They walked outside and Mark soon brought some horses from the back. "I'm sorry I don't have a buggy but...well I hope you know how to ride a house" "oh yes I do and I love doing it in faked.. I am sort of glad you don't have a buggy" Mark smiled and said "yes, I do like riding horses too without siting on some wood" Clare was glad that he liked to ride horses too.

When Mark was done satuling up the horses he helped her up on the horse and then got on his own and then they both rood off together. They galloped throw the medow and throw the wood. Clare's hair was wiping in the wind and her thoughts wore all about how fun it was to ride a horse!

After a wile they came to a lake. Clare had know idea that there was a lake so close to her house!

She got off the house. The lake was so pretty with the sun setting on the lake and the shore so still you could see your reflection on the water clearly! Mark walked next to her "it's so still and pretty!" Clare said sitting dawn on the sand "yes, I like to come here every evening and see it set" Mark answered looking at Clare "Oh" Clare said looking at the lake still thinking that it was very pretty! "Would you like to come with me every evening to see it set with me?" Mark asked "oh I'd love too" Clare gasped standing up "OK I'll meet you here every night" Mark then said "oh I think you should go now your mother must be waiting for you for supper" Clare then said "I'll walk home because I wont to give your house back" "no you keep it" "are you sure?" "yes keep it Clare" Clare hugged him and said "oh thank you Mark!" She walked toured the horse but stopped "oh Mark thank you for the ride I truly enjoyed it!" Mark looked at her and said "I did too if you wont we can take more rides together soon" Clare smiled and answered "oh I would love too!"

She got on her house and rode away toured her home.

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Here is more

He smiled and then said "how is your little sister?" "Oh she's fine" Clare smiled "do come inside"

So Clare and Mark went inside. Grace jumped up and dawn saying "oh it's Mark" Clare's mother came in and said "what a lovely necklace you have brought for Clare! it is very kind of you" Mark bowed and said "my plusher to bring a present for this young lady!" Clare blushed thinking that it would be a long visit.

Mark was a very polite man but he stood up for himself and always had a nice comment for someone. Clare liked Mark and she new her mother liked him too.

Soon the sun was just about to set so Mark said a farewell and a happy birthday to Clare and went dawn the dirt rode toured his home.

Clare watched him leave and then said "mother Mark is a very nice man....." "oh yes deer!" Clare looked out the widow and saw Mark going out of site behind the hill. "mother is it all right if I court him?" Clare was holding her breath and hoping her mother would not mind. her mother looked at her and not answering Clare's question she said her own "Clare do you love Mark?" Clare was shocked by the question "mother at leased not yet but if I stared courting him I might" "well then Clare yes, you may court him" Clare felt so happy she did not know what to say "oh mother! thank you!"

The next day Clare got up and then hurried dawn the stares she took her basket and then called "I'm going to town mother I have soon things to do" Her mother then called back "yes deer, go ahead"

Clare jumped outside and then ran into the meadow she then picked some flowers and put them in her basket. She took a blue ribbon from her pocket and pined up her hair. She walked dawn the dirt rode singing a song out lode. The name of the song was Amazing Grace. Clare loved that song with all her hart!

When Clare came into town she noticed that she didn't really have any thing to do in town she was not sure what to do. She saw Marks store she could spend an hour in his store and not get bored so she went inside.

She looked at Mark looking at his news paper. There wore some other people in the store as she looked around she herd Mark telling a lady were the hats wore. Clare walked over tored a place ware the dolls wore she looked at the China dolls and the cloth dolls and then she saw a doll that was so pretty! It was a wax doll and had gold curls and she had blue eyes and had bright red lips and wore a light blue dress witch had a big bow in the back of the dress and she had a sun hat that was all straw. Clare loved the look of it and kept on looking at it and when Mark came over and said "that doll looks just like you" Clare looked at him and said "oh I'm not that pretty!" Mark smiled and said "well you do have gold curls and you do have blue eyes and you have a sun hat and you have a very pretty dress! I think you look allot like that doll!" Clare blushed and then said "well..."
Mark looked at her and then said "Clare, do you wont to go for a drive once your done at my store?" Clare was very exited and said "oh Mark I would love to!" "I have to finesh my work first but when I'm done I will take you for a drive"

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New Story!!

Hey, guys!!

I'm writing a new story! As you probably know, I'm not writing the story about Elizabeth or Arena. But I am still writing the love story with Jooge, this story, and The Davis Family story, of the different version. :)

This story is going to be about a boy named Tom, and he has 7 sisters but no brothers!! So, I'm going to make it funny. :D I have only written a very tiny tad of this story, so I will post it after I write more.

Just wanted to let you know!

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more pirate story....

they are sooo in love..... * happy sigh * lol! tell me what you think!!!

Chapter 28:

Sarah got to the tavern, several young men at once opened the doors for her. She nodded politely to them, and entered the dark room. This tavern was very much like Gilenger's, though it was a great deal bigger, it brought a flood of memories back. The rooms were full of talking men, and laughing girls.

Sarah walked up to the counter, not seeing Jamison anywhere.

"How can I help you, pretty miss?" asked the bartender, removing his hat

"Have you seen a young sailor? He's got black hair, and a scar on his left arm and..."

"Yes, miss, Mr. James, you're asking for, aren't you?"

Sarah nodded.

"He's down the hall way, playing cards. And might I ask, if you don't mind, what's a pretty young thing like yourself, doing, looking for a wild boy like him?"

Sarah shrugged. "Tis' a long story. Thank you for your help."

The bartender nodded. "I'll warn you miss, he looks like the kind of sort who would pretend to be real nice to lass, then snatch her up and take her aboard his ship. Be careful!"

Sarah giggled. "Thank you sir." And she went down the dark hall way into a room full of people playing cards and dice. Jamison was at one of the tables, with piles of gold around him. The other men at the table were looking tired of cards, and looked about ready to call it all quits.

"Hi, Jamie." said Sarah tapping him on the shoulder.

"Hey." said Jamison, without looking up from his cards.

"Jamie! Look at me! What do you think?"

Jamison looked up and gave a whistle. "Whew! Sarah!"

Sarah giggled.

Sarah and Jamison had a wonderful afternoon together that day. They stayed out till just before midnight, and only then did they start to return to the ship. When they got to the docks, Jamison picked her up and carried her aboard the ship.

"You know, Sarah, you really are too pretty to be aboard this old ship."

"Oh, tis' not a bad ship at all! In fact, I really like it now." she paused "You know what, Jamison? I'm actually glad you kidnapped me. I thought I'd never say that, but there are a lot of things I thought I'd never do, but I'm doing now."

"Like what?" he asked, smoothing her hair.

"Like falling in love." said Sarah catching Jamison's eye.

He just laughed and hugged her closely. "Sarah, Sarah..."

More of A Life of A Princess

Here's more, guys! Though this part is really sad! But, Bell's mother is a terrible perosn, who would blame her if she was?

Bell took his hand, then they set off together, walking up the hill.

Once Bell was home, she knew she could court William. But she also knew that her mother would never agree to that. Bell, although, thought she just might have a chance. So she tried to ask her mother the next day, as soon as she could.

Early, the next morning, before she went to see William, she asked mother if she could court him.

"Um, it okay..." she started.

"Oh, speak up!" mother broke in.

"Well, is it okay, maybe...I could court William?"

First she was stunned, then she said, "Why, child! Never! Never will I let you!"

"Oh, mother!" Bell burst into tears, "please, please? Let me! Please, mother!"

"I will never let you do of such thing! You may visit him today, but that s courting enough!" Then came another outburst of tears from Bell's eyes, but she still went to see William.

When William saw that Bell's eyes were red from tears, he cried, "What's the matter?"

Then Bell felt truly embarresed and said, "I'd rather not talk about it."

"Oh, that's fine." he said kindly, with a smile.

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more pirate story

Chapter 27:

They had been at sea for months and months now. It felt like years ago Sarah had first come aboard.

"We'll be there pretty soon." remarked Jamison one morning "It won't take more then a month, I'd say."

"What will we do when we get there?" asked Sarah

"Dock, and you can get aboard another ship and go home."

Sarah took this in. "But, Jamison, what if I don't want to go?"

"You don't want to go back home?" asked Jamison, looking at her strangely.

"Well, will you be going back with me?"

"No. I'm going to go get that treasure, Sarah. I just can't up and leave the ship can I ?"

"Then, I'll come with you."

"Whatever you want. Tis' you choice."

Sarah nodded. "And what will you be doing after you find that treasure?"

Jamison laughed and shrugged. "I sure don't know. Because, you see, it depends a lot on what a little lass named Sarah is doing."

Sarah just laughed and slipped her little hand into his.

After another couple days at sea, Daniel Plank shouted out for land early one morning. "Land! Land ho! We're at the Bahamas at last!"

"We'll dock today, men." said Jamison "Ya'll can go ashore and do whatever ya please, but be careful, a few of you are wanted men here. I can't loose any of you to the stocks on a hangman's noose, so please be careful and use your heads. I want you all back aboard by midnight."

It wasn't very long before they had docked in a bustling city. Sarah stood in the bow to look. The wharfs were swarming with excitement. Sarah couldn't wait to get off. She held her bag of gold tightly, as she got into a rowboat.

The city was a loud and busy place. The air was soft and warm, with gentle breezes. Palm trees and white sand with teal water, was the landscape.

"Ah, tis' beautiful!" cried Sarah looking around.

Jamison nodded. "It's good to be back home, even just for a little while. You can go wherever you like, just don't get into trouble, alright?" he said laughing "I'll be in the nearest tavern. I need a good beer."

Sarah nodded. And Jamison marched away to the tavern across the street.

Sarah ran along the streets. She was going to go shopping, and she would begin with a new dress, something beautiful and decent. She need a seamstress's shop.

She was soon able to find one that carried what she was looking for.

Sarah stepped in, feeling very shabby at the sight of all the beauty that was displayed.

"How may I help you?" asked a pretty young woman

"Dress me in your best." said Sarah "And leave nothing out. Ive got over a hundred crowns." she held up her sack of gold.

The lady looked surprised. Where had this wild looking girl earned a hundred crowns? Stole it most likely. But money was money. She hastened to get the best dresses.

Sarah left the seamstress's a very different girl. She wore a light pink sleeveless dress, with a tight waist and long swishing skirts. It was the very latest style. She had bought dainty little slippers, and a silver necklace. She had got a brush for her hair, and had given it a good, much needed, brushing.

The warm sun fell on her shoulders and she skipped down the side-walks. She felt like her old self again.

The old Sarah who caught every one's eye. The old Sarah who was born for fun. The old Sarah who was carefree, and without a single worry.

But Sarah, had changed over the months, she had grown up, finally, and, at last, she had found somebody to court. If you could call what was going on between Jamison and Sarah "courting".

Here is more

Clare now liked Mark and whenever he and her wore in the same room one of them ended up looking at the other person and when that person would look up they would stay looking atechother and glans away.

One day it was Clare's birthday and her mother had Clare's new dress ready for that special day and had a bought a new pare of silky brown shoes that made your feet look small and they fit Clare very well.

Clare cam in the room in her new things her mother smiled and said "you are a lady now my goodness you are 18" Clare hugged her mother and said "I'm going to be leaving any time soon so really you don't have to be worried" Her mother then said "my darling you do not know when you are going to leave" Clare said "I have no intention on marrying soon." "oh, wile I was in Mark's store I told him that it was your birthday and then he said that he would like to come over and give you a birthday present" Clare then smiled she was very happy to be able to see Mark agent!

Clare went outside and sat dawn under the apple tree. She picked a flower and then said "I used to think I didn't wont to marry, but now I'm not sure" she looked at the small seed in the flower. "I used to be as small as this, but now I'm not" and then said "I am big now, and I do what I wont to do, but I'm not sure of what I wont to do" she looked at the tree and then at the flower "all of you have found what you are looking for, but I haven't. Then Clare saw Mark coming from the rode. "maby I have."

Clare walked out to meet him. He smiled and said "Happy Birthday" Clare blushed and said "Thank you" He then took out a little package and said "Here is your birthday present" She took it slowly and opened the box "oh Mark" she breathed "thank you!" It was a necklace and it had a blue damned on it! Mark took it and put it around her neck. It fell dawn to the beginning of her dress. She thenwispered "Thank you so much!' agent. "your welcome"

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More of my story!

Clare woke up. She went dawn the stares and took a basket off the counter and went outside. She went to the chicken pen she fed them and took there eggs. Clare went back inside and put the basket away. She then went back up stares wandering why her mother was not up. Clare peeked throw the door there was her mother in the bed and her face so pale! and her breathes wore so short! Clare ran to her and cried "mother what has happened? whats wrong?" Her mother's eyes wore not opened and then she said "I need a doctor!" Her voice was so quite that Clare could hardly hear her.

She ran dawn stares and out the door snatching her blue cloak. She ran into town. She didn't no were the doctor was but she did know were Mark's store was. She burst throw the door and cried "my mother needs a doctor's help she is very sick!" Mark stood up and said "I know were a doctor is but you must take us to your house!" He hurried out of the store and into another.

He soon came out with a man who had a long beard and spectacles he had a bag in his hand and held a hat in the other hand. "Take us to your house now Clare" Mark said

Clare ran dawn the dirt rode and then into the house. She felt sick herself and didn't no weather it was from the running or weather she was getting the sickens. The doctor went into the room with Clare and Mark fallowing. The doctor said in a quite voice "I have never seen such a pale face" he quickly sat dawn and then took out a bottle full of green powder. Clare didn't like the look of it as she saw her mother swallowing it.

After a wile Clare said "I think I have to go to bed I feel bad" She then staggered to her bed and lay dawn. Mark came in. Clare then said " I have alittle sister and she may be still sleeping so take care of her". Then Clare fell asleep.

The next thing she new was that it was morning and the sun was stinging her eyes. Someone was in the room talking with someone else. She sat up and said "who's there?" "It me Mark and the doctor I'm glad your up" Clare then said "is my motherall rite ?" Mark smiled and said "she's fine and you sister is fine too well she never got it" Clare was so happy! then she saw that Mark helped allot so she saidquietly "thank you for helping me and my mother and Grace" Mark smiled and said "Eny time Clare eny time"

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Chapter 26 (In Whitch Jamison and Sarah Kiss!) (I'm not joking!)

Oh my goodness, guys! I can't believe how few chapters are left! Hey, guess what? IN THIS CHAPTER, JAMISON AND SARAH KISS!!! LOL. Yeah, ok, I know some of you have been longing for it. Hahaha! Enjoy, my friends! By the way, tis' only fair I put "The Kiss Warning" up on this post, just to warn any little brothers and other "anti-kiss" guys out there. Lol. So here's the warning: **THIS CHAPTER HAS A KISS**; repet: **THIS MENTATIONS A KISS!** lol. Tell me what you think!

Chapter 26:

Sarah couldn't understand it, not one bit. How could you fall in love with your kidnapper? She thought it was impossible not too long ago, but now, she was surprising herself.

Each day she found herself liking Jamison even more. He was funny, smart, daring, a hard-worker, and well, he was sweet... Not mention a good deal of other things Sarah found attractive.

Sarah wished for the millionth time that she were back home, this time with Jamison.

To be dressed in velvet and lace, instead of rags. To have pearls and diamonds, instead of golden Indian bands. For silk slippers, instead of her well worn leather shoes.

Then she would be really beautiful, Sarah thought.

And they could go courting together, the real way.

Jamison would come by in the evening with a horse and buggy. He's greet her parents, and then Sarah, before taking her out. She'd be dressed in her very finest and he'd have a suit on... Sarah laughed as she thought of it. It was so very hard to imagine Jamison in a suit!

They'd go riding up and down the dark streets, stop at Gilenger's perhaps, and maybe going to a dance. Could Jamison dance?

Oh to really be a lady! Oh to be back home! Oh to really be courting!

Sarah thought all this as she worked, totally lost in her own little world. She could almost feel the soft dress about her and hear the sound of carriage wheels in the cobble-stone streets. She secretly thought of Jamison holding her close...

That evening, after supper, the usual games of cards and dice began. Sarah watched, too busy dreaming to join a game herself.

Out on the deck Johnny and Jamison were talking quietly.

"Fine, I'll do it." said Jamison "I just need some marked cards, I'm not playing against her without them. If I loose again, I'll look like a real fool."

Johnny handed Jamison a deck of cards. "Just marked them myself. They're ready to go."

"Good. Wish me luck!" said Jamison looking the cards over.

"I'm watching this!" cried Johnny

"Do you have to?" asked Jamison

"Of course, Jamie!"

They entered the galley and found Sarah leaning against a table, her hair falling around shoulders, and framing her beautiful face. She was so very pretty there, sitting with the candle light flickering around her.

"Come on, Sarah" pleaded Jamison holding up the deck of cards "Just one game!"

"With betting?"

"Well, yes." admitted Jamison

"How much?" asked Sarah cautiously

"The same stakes as last time."

"You mean...?"

"Yes, my hundred crowns against your kiss."

"Jamie!" cried Sarah. She had found she was the only one who was allowed to call him that. She looked up and Jamison, and shook her head. "Alright, alright, Mr. Jamison Dread, that's a bet I'll take."

A table was cleared, and the whole crew gathered around to watch. After only a few minutes into the game, Jamison already had a steady lead.

"I don't get it."Sarah said looking at her cards "You're having all the luck tonight."

Jamison shrugged. "I guess fate is with me tonight." he said, reading the small markings on the back of Sarah's cards.

Soon, Sarah was really loosing. Each hand she fell more and more.

"You should all take after Sarah's example." remarked Skinner to the crew "She's loosing, with a heck of a lot on the line too, and she's not cursing, or yelling, or throwing things, or tearing the cards in half..."

Then, Sarah lost.

"Well! Will you look at that, I won!" cried Jamison. He cast Sarah a wicked grin.

Sarah laughed, throwing down her cards and standing up. She tossed back her long golden hair, and caught Jamison's eye.

"Come here if you want your reward, Jamie."

Then, Sarah gave Jamison what he had won, she kissed him right in front of the whole crew.

More Princess Story!!! Yay!!

Ok, here's some more! Recently we wrote more! Enjoy!

"Your welcome, but be quiet."

Oh, right, I'm sorry, William."

Bell and William tip-toed past the man.

The man turned around, but, thankfully, he didn't wake up. So they both were very greatful. They soon came out of the woods.

Bell was so happy, she went up and hugged William. William was very suprised. Then Bell said good-bye and went home.

When she reached the palace, she said to her mother, "I am sorry I'm very late! But a man captured me! But William saved me!"

"Oh, my goodness! I had no idea - I mean - I will still not learn to like him!" she gasped. Now Bell gave up hope on her.

Soon she went to bed, saying good-night to her mother.

That night, she had a dream about William, she was really getting deep into love.

That morning she quickly ate breakfast and got dressed so she could see William.

"Hello, Bell." Willima said, when she reached the meadow.

"Hello," she replied, "I was looking forward to my vsit."

"So was I."

"How about you come and see my family?" he soon suggested.

"I would love to!" she cried, then they set off together hand in hand.

Soon they came to this cozy looking cottage. Bell loved it the second she saw it, and wished she was not as rich as she was.

William had a sweet younger sister and two kind parents. Bell played with Therese (which was her name) and ate some of their food, but then it was time to go home. She said a sad good-bye then started to the door but William stopped her. "May I walk you home?"

"Oh, why of course!"

Jamison to the Rescue!!! (Chap.25)

Chapter 25:

"You are given great honor." said the Chief slowly, as he stood over Sarah "Few are chosen to be given to Malia, goddess of beauty. Only most beautiful girl chose."

Sarah struggled in her ropes. She was close to crying. But she would not cry, she told herself, she would be brave.

"You will die by knife." said the Indian "The knife of life and death."

Sarah shuddered.

Johnny and Jamison ran as fast as they could up the rocky land to the hill. When they reached the top, they came to a sudden stop. Hundreds and hundreds of Indians were bowing, face down it the dirt, in front of a huge stone table with a sort of stone roof over it. All around the table was a ring of fire, and on the table, tied, was Sarah. And standing above Sarah was an evil looking warrior, holding a huge knife just over her.

"How in blazes are we going to get in there?" asked Johnny

Jamison looked it over quickly. "Just follow me..."

Jamison stepped carefully behind the bowing Indians, and around behind the hill.There was a large dead tree, in the ground behind the alter. Jamison started to clime up the trunk, then swung up onto one of the giant branches. One of the branches extended over the flames, toward the roof over the table. Jamison swung onto the roof, and looked down at the table below.

The Indian was chanting something is his language with his eyes closed. Then all at once he gave a yell to the warriors, who at immediately began beating their drums. It was a fast scary marching beat.

The Indian chief raised his hand holding the knife. He smiled. Then in a single movement was about to bring it down into Sarah's chest, but Jamison was quicker.

Jamison jumped off the roof, landing on top of the Chief. He pulled away the knife from his hands, and pushed the Indian off the table.

"Up here!" called Johnny from the roof. He tossed down a long lengh of rope for them to clime. "Quick! We need to get out of here! They're going to be really mad at us..."

Jamison picked up Sarah and Johnny pulled them up onto the roof. They turned to look below them, expecting to see the crowd of mad Indians trying to run through the flames to attack them. But the Indians weren't.

All of villagers just stood staring and the trio. Then, they all at once bowed. And one of the drummers cried out, "It is the gods! The god of strengh!" he cried pointing at Jamison "And the goddess of good luck!" he said pointing at Sarah.

Sarah and Jamison looked at each other, and started to laugh. Well, this was better then being attacked.

"Hey! What about me?" demanded Johnny "Who am I?"

The Indians were quite for minute and starred at him closely. Then they gasped and drew away.

"Ahhh! Ahhh! It is the devil!" They screamed gesturing at Johnny Terror.

Johnny groaned.

While the tribe shrieked with excitement and fear over the "gods" and the "devil", they escaped into the jungle. As they ran down the path, Sarah explained all that had happened.

When they got to the beach, they lit a huge fire, signaling to the crew. It wasn't long before the Ransom's men came back.

"We'll leave tomorrow, men." announced Jamison after dinner.

"Aye, aye, Captain Jamie!" called Skinner

Sarah turned to Jamison. "Captain?"

"Aye." answered Jamison grinning.

"Well, what happened to old Frite?"

Jamison shrugged. "He lost a sword fight, that's all."

"To whom?"

"The first mate." replied Jamison smiling.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

More of my story

"it's beautiful" Clare said "glad you like it.." Mark said slowly

"I have to go if I wore to be late for dinner my mother would be very displeased" Clare said sadly because she could spend her life in the store and never get board. "well I hope you like the new dress you are going to have" Mark said "oh I almost forgot" Clare said taking out some money from her skirt pocket she gave it to him "I'm not sure how much the hat is but that should be more then enough " Clare said ''Oh this is way to much" Mark said holding out his hand to give some of it back "no, keep it" Clare said closing his hand "but...." Mark said "keep it" Clare said and without another word she stepped out.

When she got home she was rite on time and to make it better her mother loved the cloth and began making the dress right away!

But Clare was just thinking about Mark how nice he had been to her at the store! Did he not remember her? She was the girl who did not wont to court him and yet he gave her a dress cloth for free! Clare felt as if he all of a sudden turned nice but then agent he was always nice. He had never said anything to her when she had ran out of that store he just stood there. Then she thought "I am a lady and I should court but is Mark the right man for me?

Chapter 24!!!!

Chapter 24:

The Indian ladies took Sarah by the hand, and shoved her outside. The minute Sarah went out, a group of warriors began beating drums loudly. They then picked up Sarah, and sat her in a golden chair, they hoisted it to their shoulders and started to carry her up a dirt path through the forest.

All the people from the village came up behind them, forming a long time behind Sarah. Women tossed flowers from baskets and sang sad mournful songs, while men beat on drums. The songs were song in the Indian language and were sad, yet somehow, also sweet.

The path started to head upward, onto hilly ground. Sarah was nervous, yet curious. What were they doing?

Jamison fought wildly, dodging blows, and trying to get at the Captain. Captain Frite was beginning to tire. Jamison lunged forward and stabbed him in the leg. This made the angry Captain loose his balance. Then, Jamison saw his chance as Captain Frite rose to his feet.

"To the death, Captain, to the death!" he yelled, bringing his sword down into Frite's chest.

The Indians marched on through the forest, still singing and beating drums. Ahead lay a large hill, much taller then the others. Leading up to it was a set of stone steps, the steps led up to a large stone table.

Then, it struck Sarah. The Table was an alter. An alter for giving sacrifices to their gods.

And she, Sarah, was their sacrifice.

"Who's the fool now?" asked Jamison standing over the dying Captain. Frite didn't answer, just moaned, then he slowly whispered.

"You have won...You are the Captain of the Ransom now... I have died a pirate's death..."

And then, he breathed no more. Jamison watched not sure how to feel or act. He cleaned his sword and put it into its sheath.

"Come on men!" he called "We're not leaving yet! We won't leave till we know what's happened to Sarah."

The Indians marched up the stone steps. The singing grew louder. Sarah wanted to scream. They reached the table, and lowered the chair. At once they tied her hands, and put a gag into her mouth.

"They're going to kill me right now." thought Sarah

"Groups! Into groups men!" called Jamison "Slip out and search this jungle! If you find her, return to the beach and signal us. Now go! Go!" He yelled, grabbing Johnny as his partner.

Sarah lay upon the cold stone. Waiting. But they did not kill her yet. The Chief stood above her, yelling praises to the god. And then, there was singing and dancing, and more praising, then, little offering of fruit and small animals.

Sarah watched all this horrified and scared. Soon it would be time for the biggest offering of all. And that was her. This all seemed to take hours, and indeed it did take an hour or two, Sarah was going wild with fear, knowing she had only so long to live.

The Indians lit a huge fire around the alter. The heat was unbearable and the smoke was thick. Then the villagers took of their golden finery and threw it all into the flames, then bowed before it singing.

"Look! Up there!" said Johnny pointing "Smoke!"

"You're right." said Jamison "And its too far away..."

They soon found a path, and followed it quickly through the forest. It led them to the Indian village.

"There's Indians on this island?" questioned Johnny "I never knew..."

"Quick! Lets search it!" said Jamison.

They found it empty of course. then they noticed the flickering of flames up on the hill ahead of them.

"The fire up on that hill..." said Jamison "I bet they're killing her right now if they haven't already..."

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Here is a new story I'm writeing

Chapter 1: But I don't wont to!

Clare sat dawn in the shade of a big apple tree looking down at her flowers that she had picked.

Clare was 15 and had one little sister and her name was Grace. Clare had long thick locks of gold curls and light blue eyes, she was very pretty. Every boy wanted to court her but she was not interested in that although her mother was urging her to, she just loved to be alone and run in the meadows in her bare feet and pick flowers+

and put them in a vase in the kitchen and when winter came she would sit by the fire and knit a scarf or something like that. In the fall she would pick apples from the apple tree and make them into applesauce and give it to the poor and keep a bit to give to Grace.

She took many wild roses and some tulips to give to the poor and then she took some sun flowers and some violets to keep for the kitchen. She took the one for the poor and then called to her mother telling her she was going to give the poor some flowers. Then she was on her way dawn the dirt road to town were the poor spent the time begging at people’s doors for food and some shelter from the rain.

She came to the town it was a little town but Clare always thought it was cozy looking. She came to a family they looked so dirty and were all smudged up they looked so hungry and sad! She took the flowers out and then she took a crust of bread out of the pocket and said “I’m so sorry do not have much to give but I do hope this will help you family” she gave the bread and flowers to there father. “How can we thank you” there father said his voice quiet “Your thanks is just fine” she said smiling dawn at the littlest. She gave a wave and started back to her home.

Someone tapped on the shoulder "Do you court anyone yet?" a old lady said “No” she answered biting her lip not knowing what the lady was getting to. “I have a grandson who would like you” the lady said taking Clare’s hand and pulling her toward a store. Clare didn’t know what to say she hoped she did not have to court him who ever he was.

They came inside the store and behind the counter was a young man “this is my grandson” said the old lady :his name is Mark and I hope you like him because your mother does and she says that he would be a great man for you to marry and I hope you like her Mark but I’m sure you will because she is a pretty little girl” Clare didn’t know what to say she just swallowed and stared at Mark. He had brown hair and brown eyes and he had a kind look on his face and no one could say that he was not handsome but Clare didn’t want to marry him and Clare was sure he didn’t want to either. She quickly ran out of the store and ran dawn the dirt rode into the meadow and she flung herself dawn into the fresh green grass she was sure she would never want to court anyone! Then she thought about it a bit more what if he did want to court her? the lady said that she was "a pretty little girl" she hoped he didn't want to for she didn't want to then she said to herself "I do not want to court him so I should do what I want not what my mother and his grandmother want" She felt a bit better now and felt as if she had chosen the rite thing.

Days later she didn't no weather she had chosen the right thing or not and when ever she thought of Mark she just bit her lip and wished she could see him agent just to talk to him a bit.

One day she her mother said Clare needed a new hat and a dress so then she told Clare to go to town and fined a dress that she liked and a hat to match.

Clare came into town and saw a store where she would look for a new dress and hat. She went in and behind the counter was Mark! she took a deep breath well she had wished to see him agent and now she had but what if he reorganised her? of course he would it had only been three days! He looked at her and then said "How may I help you miss" Clare was surprised she had thought he would ask her to take a drive or to start talking about himself! but he was just acting like she was a normal customer! so she had to asked normal so she said "I am here to by a new dress and a new hat" her voice was very quiet "Well what cooler?" Mark asked "well...she stammered could I see what you have?" "sure miss" and he led her into a room witch was full of cloth but she did not have to look long because thesecant they came in there she saw a cloth witch was pink and had red flowers scattered all over it. She gently took it dawn and said "how much is this?" Mark looked at it for a wail and then said "you can have it all for free" she looked at him and said "I have to pay something my mother would not let me and I wont to pay" "you can pay for the hat but the cloth for the dress you have for free" "all rite I will by the hat" Clare said stunned by how he had given it to her for free. He brought her into another room and said ''This is the hat that matches the dress" the hat looked just like the dress and it had a velvet ribbon around it.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A Chapter with a Duel (Very Exciting stuff)

Tell me what ya think mateys!

Chapter 23:

The next morning was bright and warm, the sun shone, lighting up the whole sea, and casting away the darkness that hung over the island.

"We're setting sail by noon!" yelled Captain Frite "Prepare to leave, boys! We'll board the ship in about an hour!"

Jamison threw the Captain and evil look. "What about Sarah?"

"We're going with or without her. And you, nor anybody else, is to go looking for her. We've got work to do!"

"In other words, we're leaving her here to die."

"Well, if she returns from her little...adventure, then she can board, I don't care. But if she doesn't turn up, well, that's that."

"How could you...?"

"I'm a real man, Jamison!" thundered the captain, turning on his peg-leg "I do what right for me. And I'm not afraid to get my hands a little bloody for a good reward."

Jamison wrapped his hand around the handle of his sword. The Captain saw this at once.

"You're a fool to fight me, Jamison Dread."

"Am I?"


"Well that's strange...because I thought you were a fool to fight me! To the death Captain, to the death!" yelled Jamison drawing his sword.

Sarah looked around at the Indians nervously. The Chief stood up next to her, and turned to the crowd, and began speaking loudly in their own language, then he turned to Sarah. They had decided her fate at last.

"What are you going to do with me?" she demanded.

"You will have honor. A great honor." said the warrior. He turned to the guards, and told them to release her. Then he turned to a group of ladies, and began to talk quickly in their own language. The ladies nodded, then took Sarah by the hand.

Jamison's sword met Captain Frite's with a loud crash that echoed throughout the beach.

"I didn't want it to end like this." said Jamison angerly "But I see now that you are cruel. Cruel and heartless."

"At least I am not a coward." crowed the Captain.

"Coward? I am no coward!" yelled Jamison, meeting the Captain's blows.

The Ransom's crew watched in surprise and amazement as their First Mate and Captain fought, knowing one of them would die.

Sarah was led into a small hut. There, the ladies dressed her in the style of all the other Indian girls. Her hair was washed and combed, and she was given a crown of flowers. Beautiful golden jewelry was placed on her arms and around her neck. Then, they painted her face with a thick black paint, two streaks under and over her eyes.

When they were done, Sarah looked at herself. The dress was modest enough, but had no sleeves and showed her shoulders more then she liked. It barely covered her legs at all, she tried to pull it down, but it was too short. She grimaced at what her Mother would say if she saw her in such an outfit.

Jamison fought back, ignoring the Captain's curses and yells. He focused in on one thing: Winning. He had to win this. It was life or death.

Jamison did have the advantage. He was much younger, and he stronger and quicker. And he was fighting for something that really mattered to him.

Captain Frite was much older, and missing one is legs, and a hand, though he peg-leg and hook were just as good as real body parts for him. Frite had been in many fights and duels before this one, and had learned a great deal of tricks.

This made an amazing match, and incredible duel. The Captain and the First Mate, who had once been such friends, were now enemies, and one of them had to loose.

More Princess Story!

Ok, this is when me and Juliette stopped re-writing it. And it's really short!! It's four sentances!! :( So, I won't be able to post more until we write more, sorry! But, hopefully, that'll be soon! :)

"Are you there, Bell?" whispered a familiar voice.

"Yes." Bell said, shaking with fear.

"It's me. William. Don't be scared."

"Oh, William! You've come to save me! Thank you so much!" she breathed.

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Hehe, even more!!

Here's more!!

Bell struggled to scream, William was too late to save her, the man had escaped into the woods and threw her against a tree.

Bell screamed in pain, and shouted, "Who are you? What do you want with me?"

"Be quiet, girl!" shouted the man.

"Who are you?" demanded Bell.

"I said, be quiet!"

That night, when the man thought Bell was asleep, she heard him sourting out his dirty plans.

He was going to fource Bell to tell him where all her riches was, or he was going to kill her! He said this to himself.

Now Bell was frightened and knew that she had to escape quickly.

That night, Bell couldn't sleepm, she was too frightened.

It could be a bear or a wolf, she thought. But soon enough, she knew that that it wasn't.

Hehe, even more!!

More Princess Story!! (At long last!)

Woah! Boy! I am very sorry I have not been posting!!!!! But here is finally some more of the princess story!! :D Oh, and we're not just re-doing the last part I just posted, we're also kind of re-doing everything since when she woke up and it's her birthday. It's pretty much all the same thing but just parts that we changed a little bit. ;)

The next morning she woke up to her mother saying, "Happy Birthday!"

What a terrible birthday, Bell thought.

"I'm sorry, I couldn't shop for you yesterday, but today I can, what do you want?" her mother asked.

"All I want is to visit William every morning," she answered, with her fists on her hips.

No, dear; you must not have that, you know how I dislike that sheppard boy."

"Oh, but mother, you must learn to like him! If only you've seen how kind he is!" Bell exclaimed.

"I will never learn of such thing!" cried her mother. Then Bell felt like crying.

When her mother saw Bell's face, she finally gave in.

"Alright, dear, you may visit him every day."

"Oh, mother! Thanks you so much! I will treasure it always!" exclaimed Bell, more happy than ever.

Right after breakfast, Bell went to see William.

He was very happy to see her again and even said so.

"Well, yes, my mother said I could visit you every day." she said.

She stayed awhile, picking flowers in the meadow.

"You're very lucky to work in such a nice meadow."

"Well, thank you." they paused for awhile after that.

"Today's my birthday..." Bell finally said.

"Oh! I only wish I had a gift for you!"

"The only gift I want is to be with you." she said, looking up into his eyes.

"Oh...well...uh..." he stumbled, not knowing what to say.

Bell blushed, walking away in the meadow.

The day past very quickly and Bell had a very good time with William.

Bell started to walk home, but, suddenly a huge filthy hand covered her mouth.

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Chap: 22

Chapter 22:

"Where's Sarah?" asked Jamison, shaking Johnny awake.

"I don't know..." groaned Johnny "Isn't she right over there?"

"No1 She's not on the whole beach!"

"what?" Johnny jumped up.

"She can't have gone back to the ship." said Jamison pointing to the beached rowboat.

"Then she went into the jungle...?" asked Johnny

"Why would she do a fool thing like that?" asked Jamison

"To run away...?"

Sarah was tied to a huge wooden post in the center of the village. The whole tribe of Indians stood, staring at her. They had streaks of black paint all across their faces, earrings in the strangest places, and didn't wear much for clothing. Sarah found them to be worse then the pirates.

"What was girl doing?" asked a tall warrior, who was clearly important, probably the chief.

"I'm on my way to the Bahamas." Sarah remembered they probably had no idea what the Bahamas were, and tried to explain better her situation, but had little luck. While the Indians seemed to take great interest in what she said, she realized they had no idea, or little anyway, about what she was talking about. When she finished, she got the feeling they hadn't understood anything she had said.

The crowd of Indians soon left, except for a set of guards. Sarah wondered what was in store for her. She had a feeling it wasn't going to be very good.

Early that morning almost all the rest of the Ransom's crew came ashore, including Captain Frite. Jamison explained that Sarah was missing.

"I'm going to go look for her, right now." he said nodding toward the jungle.

The Captain sighed. "If you really must. Be back by sunset, boy."

"I'll try." said Jamison

"You're going to do a lot more then "try", boy!" thundered the Captain "You will be back by sunset, or you might very well find yourself in a load of trouble."

Jamison fingered his sword's hilt. "As you wish." he said glaring, then he called for Johnny. "Lets go."

"Aye, aye, Jamie!"

Sarah was tied to the post all day. It seemed the village didn't know what to do with her. The groups of Indians had long angry discussions about what to do with her. Sarah watched and listened. Her hope sinking deeper with every word.

Jamison and Johnny searched the island the best they could, but found noting. There were no signs of anybody, and the forests were huge. They returned at sunset angry and tired.

Sarah fell asleep tied to the post. What would tomorrow bring? Death, freedom, or slavery? To think in all her seventeen years of life she had never left Albandale! Now, she was here, on a tropical island, captured by wild savages, and if she should be freed or rescued by her pirate friends, she would go to the Bahamas before going home again.

What was her Mother thinking? And her admires? And her little girl-friends? And what about Jamison? What was he thinking? And why did her heart jump whenever she thought of him?

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Oh no!!

Oh, no!!!!! Ok, guys, I can't post more of the Elizabeth story for a while because I was typing it up on Micrasoft Word, and suddenly I frogot to save it and so it got erased! And that's how I write the Elizabeth story, typing it up on Micrasoft word. ;)

So, I have to type it up there all over again, and, um, it'll be a while before I start posting again. Gee, how I wished I rememebered to save that thing! :-/ Ugh!

Maybe I'll start really writing it, you know, with a pencil, a notebook, or any other supplies. Maybe I won't, though.

Anyway, sorry, guys!!

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Chapter 21!!!!

Enjoy! Tell me what ya'll think of it, ok?

Chapter 21:

Being kidnapped and dragged to the Bahamas to be sold as a slave was one thing. Just going to the Bahamas, on a sort of pleasure trip, was a whole different thing.

Now, Sarah was just going for fun. She was not a slave. She was not going to be sold. She was a pretty young lady going a wild trip, and she was treated like a lady, most of the time.

She only did work if she wanted to, but she often did. She had a say in what the crew planned to do, and, she had gained a whole shipload of friends.

Early one morning, Daniel Plank gave a yell from the crow's nest. "Land! Land ho!"

"Good. We're right on course then." said Jamison looking through a spyglass. "We always stop on one of these islands."

That afternoon they set anchor in a small bay in between the two islands. The captain said a few of the crew could go ashore that night if they wished. Sarah decided to go, it would be delightful to be on land again after so many months at sea.

"I don't think we've ever gone ashore on this island." said Johnny stepping into the sand "We usually set up on the other." He motioned to smaller island further out to sea and to the left.

"You're right." said Jamison "But I don't think it matters. Anyway, we'll only be here for a day or two."

Sarah was awakened late, in the middle of the night. She wasn't sure what had awoke her. The dark jungle lay impressively behind her. It was so dark... Sarah suddenly felt scared. She sat up in the sand and looked around, seeing nothing. She cast a glance at Johnny, Jamison, and a few other men of the crew. They were all still asleep.

Then Sarah knew she felt somebody watching her, then turned, a hand quickly covered her mouth.

It was an Indian warrior.

He grabbed her up by the neck and stood her on her feet. He signaled with his hands that if she made a noise, she would die. A long sharp, shiny, stone knife hung from his belt.

Sarah was terrified. She glanced at the crew, she couldn't call for help.

The warrior took a long length of rope, and tied it about her wrists, the rope cut into her skin.

"You follow." said the warrior, wrenching the rope tightly.

Sarah at once followed behind him, looking behind her at the crew. They'd come rescue her, wouldn't they?

The warrior pulled Sarah behind him, running quickly through the forest never stopping.

Kidnapped again! Sarah was angrier then ever before.

They went on for hours and hours at a deadly pace. Sarah glanced up at the sky, it was turning from black, to gray, to pink. The sun was starting to rise.

But they kept on running through the forest. When the sun was in the sky, they came to a place where the bushes and trees got thinner and thinner. Then there was a smell of smoke and Sarah could hear talking and laughter.

They had come to an Indian village.

Sarah gulped. What would happen now?

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Cross Your Fingers...

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Really Sorry About This...

Ok, so you've probably all noticed Written By Us is kinda... uhhh...yucky looking... that's because I was in the middle of getting us some new pics, fonts, colors, etc, when my computer froze and crashed. I can't get on the internet half the time, and as for fixing this, its out the question for awhile. I'm soooo sorry!

If I can't fix it within a few days, I'll grant you guys the power to fix it. (I'll try to that as soon as possible, I'll let you know.)


Feel free to keep posting...I'll try to get it back to a good-looking blog again. If I can't I'll just grant you guys the power to fix it. TTYL sorry again!

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Chapter 20

This chapter will shock you, (Jamison makes up)!!!!!!!! Hehe. Tell me what you think! :) I told you this before, but this story is about it get very very exciting. I can't wait to post it! Luckily, I like typed the whole story up, so I just have to copy and paste it. I should be able to post once a day, maybe twice, though that's stretching it.

Chapter 20:

The next evening, after supper, Sarah slipped away, by herself onto the deck. The sun was beginning to set. It cast its red-orange glow about the waves and ship, and lit the sky into shades of red and pink.

Sighing, she leaned over the rail. Their journey was just over half done. When they got to the Bahamas in a few months, she would be sold into slavery, and then the Ransom's crew would go off looking for that hidden treasure.

Tears fell from eyes as she thought about it. The crew may have been becoming nicer, but she was worth several hundred crowns, and the ship, including Jamison Dread, was in need of money.

In the galley, the crew was cleaning up after supper. It was a new skill they had learned from Sarah. Once they were done, cards and dice were brought out, and they played by candle light on the old wooden tables. Then Johnny noticed Sarah was missing, usually she was right with them, either playing, or cheering and jeering with the rest.

"I wonder where she's gone off to." he wondered, looking out the galley window, he caught sight of her leaning over the wooden railing. "Ah, there she is! Alone on the deck with the sun setting..."

Suddenly, Johnny realized what a golden opportunity this was.

He at once pulled Jamison aside.

"This is the perfect time for you to apologize, Jamie! Don't worry, I'll make sure no one goes out on the deck. You two can be all alone. Go on out and say you're darn sorry for everything!"

Jamison looked worriedly at Johnny. "Do you really think it'll do any good?"


"Alright." said Jamison running his hand through his dark hair. "If anyone comes out here, you're walking the plank, Johnny boy! You hear?"

"Aye aye, Jamie!"

"Quit calling me that! Like I'm not nervous enough..."

"Jamison Dread is scared of poor little helpless Sarah? Jamison Dread can fight of savages and blood thirsty pirates, but is too scared to face a little lass?" Johnny broke into a fit of laughter.

"Knock it off!" cried Jamison shoving Johnny.

"Alright, alright. And good luck, Jamie!"

"Stop calling me that! And thanks."

Jamison flung open the galley door, and marched up the deck. He stopped, and glanced at the galley window. Johnny nodded, and gave him a thumbs up.

"Strange little kid." thought Jamison "Always meddling in other people's affairs. He should mind his own business for once."

Sarah's head was leaning on the rail, her long blond hair falling over the side of the ship. She was crying. And she didn't seem to notice him.

"What's wrong, Sarah?" he asked coming up beside her.

"Everything." said Sarah, too upset to wonder why Jamison was out here and talking with her. "I miss my home so much. And, well, its not the nicest feeling to be sold as a slave."

He put his hand on her shoulder, and gently pulled her away from the side of the ship. "I'm sorry." he said sincerely, catching her eye.

"For what?" asked Sarah cautiously, but keeping the gaze.

"I'm sorry for everything I did. I'm sorry for tricking you, kidnapping you, being so rude and mean, and cruel, and all the other bad things I've done." he paused "And I don't expect you to forgive me. Its a heck of a lot to forgive. I just wanted to say I'm really sorry, and I wish I had never done any of it. I wish I could just go back in time, but I can't. Sarah, I'm so sorry."

Sarah was quite for a long time. She fingered the her skirt as if she didn't know what to say. At last she spoke, looking him right in the eye.

"You say you don't expect me to forgive you." she paused again "Well, what if I already have?" she laughed "Jamison, I must admit, I didn't think I ever would, but I can, I really can forgive you, and I do, Jamison Dread, I forgive everything."

There was silence for a moment. Both of them were clearly surprised at what the other had just said.

"Thank you." said Jamison at last "And I want you to know, you're not going to be sold as a slave. I'd die before I'd let that happen. As soon as I can, I'm bringing you home."

Sarah couldn't believe what she had just heard.

"Really? Really, Jamison?"

"Yes. Once we're in the Bahamas, I'll get you on board the first ship I can."

"Oh, Jamison!"

Sarah smiled. She was going home! "Thank you so much!"

"No, thank you." said Jamison "And if there's anything, ever, I can do to make it up to you, don't hesitate to ask."

Sarah was so overcome with emotion, she didn't know what to do. Should she hug him? No, that seemed a little too quick. She felt happy tears well up in her eyes, she tried to wipe them away. "Jamison, can we be friends now?" she asked

"Yes, of course, Sarah."

New Story!!

Here's a new story I just started. :) I didn't write much, so it's only a little bit. Please tell me if you like it! And also please tell me if I'm copying anything! Because if I did, that would be horrible. ;)

Elizabeth of the Northern Hills

By Emily Froula

Chapter One: Death

Elizabeth sat down next to her mother, while the nurses helped her give birth to a son. Her mother screamed in pain, her name was Hannah. Her mother was not only struggling to have the baby, but also struggling to go through a terrible illness. Elizabeth’s father had just died in the war, now she was very worried that her mother would die too, any time soon.

When her mother finally had the baby, she was more close to death than ever before. She was sweaty, weak, and unable to walk or say anything. But, somehow, she managed to murmur quietly to her daughter, “Lisie, take care of the baby, I am going to die, I have no inhabitants to give you but this.” And she handed Elizabeth a silver necklace that looked so much like a rosary.

“No! Mother! You can’t die! No, please!” Elizabeth cried, through everlasting tears. But it was too late, her mother, was dead. Elizabeth was now an orphan with no one to take care of her, except the nurse and the servant, but they weren’t old enough to take care of anybody. What would she do?

Elizabeth was too sad to say anything, and she stayed with her mother, sobbing for days. Soon the nurse left, and the young servant thought and thought of what she could do for poor Elizabeth. She had stayed there crying at her mother’s bedside for three days now. What would she ever do without her mother?

“Come away, darling,” the servant, said, whose name was Mary, “we must find someone else to look after you, now, it’s not good for you to stay here before your mother this long.”

“No, I won’t go! I won’t leave her!” shouted Elizabeth. Mary sighed, but, soon Elizabeth went away from her mother, still sobbing, and took Mary’s hand.

They both didn’t know what to do about her mother’s death. But just went out of the country and into the city, trying to find a person to adopt the baby and the Elizabeth, or an orphanage. But Elizabeth really hoped they didn’t fine one. She hated the orphanage.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Chap 19 (In Which Jamison Becomes Even Nicer!)

Jamison ain't so bad, is he?!? And just you wait for the next won't believe what happens!!!!

Chapter 19

It took weeks, but Jamison finely broke away from the illness. But it had changed him. No longer was he always angry. No longer did he treat Sarah as a slave. No longer did he get into horrible fights for no reason. Really, had had become a very good young man.

The crew noticed it right away.

"He's so happy." remarked Cardshark "Its scary, really."

"The sickness never left him." said David Rock "It just went to his head!"

"Well, I sure don't care what's happened." said Arnold Beer "He's mighty nice now. Not once have I heard him curse, or yell at anybody. A real relief after all we've had to put up with."

The Captain soon noticed too, and on night, he summoned Jamison to his cabin.

"Are you alright, lad?" he asked.

"Great, sir."

"I've been noticing... you're not as..."

"Rude? Selfish? Angry? I was all those things, and more, but I'm not now. Or, at least I try not to be."


"You might say..." he laughed "You might say I've finally grown up. I see what's right and what's wrong now. Man, I'm ashamed it took me so darn long to find out the right way to live."

The Captain looked at him strangely, at least he spoke, and when he did, the words were heavy and slow. "And tell me, what is right, and what is wrong?"

"All the killing of innocent people, sir, that's wrong. Stealing, that's wrong too. Lying, cheating, smuggling, looting, kidnapping, its all wrong, sir."

The Captain looked angry. And he turned to face Jamison. "And what of slavery. my boy? Is that wrong too?"

"Aye, Captain. It is."

"So..." said the Captain confused "What will you be doing with the gal?"

"I'll return her to her home as soon as I can. I, myself, will pay for it."

The Captain pulled at his beard. He was clearly upset and confused. "You're, you're done with us then, lad?"

Jamison shrugged. "I'll do anything you want, so long as it isn't wrong."

"But you won't be doing a real dirty pirate work, will ya, boy?"

"No, sir."

The Captain was quite for a long time. At last he spoke, and when he did, it was as if it hurt him. "What changed you, Jamison, me boy?"

"Sarah did." answered Jamison honestly "She just made me see how much, I, all of us, were hurting other people."

The Captain sighed, and looked out of his window onto the gray sea. "Alright, lad." he sighed "You may go now. I've heard enough."

All the crew, except for the crabby David Rock, started to slowly, follow Jamison's good example. Sarah was greatly pleased with this, and told them all so.

Slowly but surely, each day, they got a little better, a little nicer, and a little kinder. Sarah found herself seeing Jamison differently, along with the rest of the crew.

"They really are a good lot." she thought to herself "Really, they are."

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More Pirate Story Mateys!!!

Here's some more!!!

Chapter 18:

So Sarah turned into Jamison's little maid and waitress. It wasn't as bad as she had thought it to be. He certainly was not nearly as crabby. Though, he was probably too tired to be crabby. And he didn't yell as much. Though he was probably too tired to yell too. And he actually said "please" and "thank-you". This, Sarah blamed on the fever, surely Jamison would never say those words if he wasn't crazy with fever. But then again... he never did have too much of a fever...

All in all, Sarah found him funny and smart, and she found it very nice indeed that he treated her like a lady, not a slave, in their time together.

But still, Sarah could not find it in her to forgive him, nor, did he ask to be forgiven.

Then, one morning, Jamison suddenly grew very sick. He was even worse the next day, and the day after that, he truelly went crazy with fever. As it had been with Sarah, the fever was the worst part of it all. Jamison would cry out things in his sleep and and move wildly about. This, Sarah knew was a sign of just how bad the fever was.

And Sarah, was actully, a good deal worried about him. Just a little bit. But she rarely left his side, and it was she who fought to bring the fever down. But it did not break that day, or even the day after that.

Then the whole crew became worried for their young first mate. Nobody, not even Sarah or Skinner, had been as sick as Jamison was now.

Each day the fever stayed, Sarah grew more worried. She didn't rightly know why. After all, wouln't it be best for her if Jamison just died?

But, Jamison had been there for her when she had been sick. He had stayed up with her, no matter how tired he was. Kidnapper or not, he was becoming a little bit nicer.

On the fifth day of the fever, it looked like Jamison might not make it. Sarah laid her head upon his forehead, he was as hot as fire. Johnny watched sadly.

"Ain't nothing we can do for him." he said shaking his head. "You take a break, Sarah. You've been here hours on end. I'll watch him for awhile." Sarah stood and streached. She cast a long look at Jamison, and reclutantly left the cabin.

Not five miniutes after she had left, Jamison awoke. Sweaty and tired still. "How things going, matey?" asked Johnny

"Not great. You?"

"Fine. I took yer' place ya know. Everyone is getting on fine."


"Oh yeah, she's ok. Worried sick about you though."

"What? Me? No!"

"Aye, Jamie. She is, as plane as day."

"Nah, can't be. I've heard her say over and over that I'm the worst man alive. And she's darn right."

"You're not that bad, matey!" cried Johnny, laughing.

"I am. You don't know half the crimes I've done." he paused "Now look here, Johnny boy, if I don't get over this, see that Sarah is not sold. Use my money and buy her. Promise me this, lad! If I die I need to know that she's safe and free. Do you hear?"

"Aye, Jamie. I promise. But do you really feel that sick? Talking of death and all?"

"No, not really. But you never know your future." he paused again "And Johnny, lad, if I do go, tell Sarah a real sorry for all I did. I wish I had never done any of it. Tell her that, will ya?"

"Well, don't you think that's something you should tell her yourself?"

"Well... yes, but it won't do any good. This is not just a little thing I did. Tis' a huge, horrid, sin, I did to her. And i really am truelly sorry now. But I can't rightly say I am, face to face with her."

"And why not, matey?"

"For one thing she'd prbably just git' mad at me. And for another, can you think of what the Captain would say if he knew I aploigized to her? He already noticed I liked her."

Johnny grinned. "So you do have feelings for the gal!"

Jamison shrugged.

"Well, tis' a big mess, that's for sure." said Johnny grimly.

Jamison sighed. "You know what, lad?"


"I don't want to be a pirate any more. But this is the only place I can go. This is the only place I'm welcome. Where else can I go?"

Johnny shrugged. "I sure as heck don't know. When are you qutting?"

"I never said I was quttting. But something tells me this is the last sailing of the First Mate Jamison Dread."

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Kateri's Pirate Story: At Long Last

hehe! Long time, no post! Here's chapter seventeen. In case you don't remember what is going's chapter 16. Sorry I haven't posted in ages. Tell me what you think!!! Enjoy!

Chapter 17

It was a long, long, time before people started getting better. Sarah was one of the last to finally get back to her daily work, for Jamison declared, that even once she was healthy, she wasn't to work for another full week. And even once she started working again, it was only a quarter of what she used to do.

One morning, soon after, Sarah saw Jamison was getting sick. When others noticed it, he declared that he was "fine", and that it was "nothing". Sarah, who knew how bad the strange illness really was, yelled at him to quit working and go rest. But he just laughed and said, "Who are you to give the orders, young lady?" And then marched away to take care of the sails.

It took Captain Frite to make him rest.

"You are not to leave your cabin!" he thundered "I'll see to your work. You, my lad, are not to be doing any labor of any kind, in any way, do you hear? No fighting, no raising or lowering sails, no fishing, no lifting anything heavy, you, you, aren't even to yell at the men! Do you hear me, lad?"

"Aye, aye, Captain." said Jamison "But, honest, I could just work a little bit more..."

"No! I'm not going to let my first mate work himself to death! Now get out of my sight, boy."

The Captain turned to the rest of the crew. "Johnny, my boy, you'll take Jamison's place. You hear? Ya know what to do, matey. I trust ya to do well."

"Aye aye!" cried Johnny, clearly excited.

"Of course he had to but the devil boy in charge." murmured David Rock. "We're all doomed."

Johnny just shrugged and laughed and began shouting orders. Sarah found it entertaining to see the little boy ordering the big men around. Sarah watched, giggling. Johnny noticed.

"You don't think you're getting away without doing any work, do ya, lass?"

"Well, what do you want me to do?"

"You, lassie, have a very very special job."

"Oh? And what is it?"

"You, are to wait on our dear sick first mate, Jamie Dread. You'll see he has his meals and takes care of himself, ya hear?"

"Uhhh...? But Johnny!"

"No buts about it, gal!" cried Johnny laughing

"But, Johnny, haven't you noticed, that uhh, we don't like each other so much? We, well, sort of...hate each other."

Johnny nodded. "That's the reason for this order, lass! We can't have people hating each other, can we?"

"Well, alright, I don't hate him. I just find Jamison really really really...annoying."

"And I'm afraid that I don't care."

"But, Johnny! I'll scrub the decks, I'll clean the galley, I'll do anything! Just please, don't make me wait on Jamison Dread!"

"I'm in charge, remember, Sarah? Now go! Go fall in love with Jamie, errr, uhhh, I mean, go spend some time with Jamie! Run girl!"

Sarah felt her face grow hot. So that was Johnny's plan! Trying to make her, Sarah Smithins, fall in love with that nasty Jamison Dread.

Well! In time could they possibly become friends? Maybe. But that was stretching it. Could they ever fall in love with each other? Never! No, that was impossible.

He had tricked her and kidnapped her. That was going to take Sarah a long long long time, if ever, to forgive.

Plus, he was still taking her to the Bahamas to sell her.

How could a girl fall in love with a man who was going to sell her?