Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Another New! :D

Here's another new story, Fellow Bloggers! And I just want to let you know that I'm giving up on that diary story. I've been doing too many mistakes with it, and I promise with this one I won't!

The Interesting Life of Madeline Sheers

Chapter One

It was the year of 2004. Madeline Bernadette (known as Maddy) Sheers was a catholic thirteen year old orphan. After her parents died, she lived with her best friend, Serena Stars, she was also an orphan and the same age as Madeline. She loved her best friend like a sister and they both watched out for each other every day with kindness.

They both missed their parents so much. And when one was crying because of it, then the other would hug her and say a few comforting words.

They also wanted to be adopted so much, but they didn’t know how, and that made it worse because it just made them feel sadder. They would give anything just to have their parents back.

“We shouldn’t go on like this, you know. We’re getting big,” said Madeline one day.

“You’re right...but I just can’t help it,” cried Serena, almost bursting into tears.

“Come on! We’ll get adopted someday...maybe...”

“See? It’s always like that; Maybe! And maybe always turns out to be NO!” Serena laid her hand on her forehead.

“It’s okay. Maybe doesn’t always turn out to be no.”

“Oh, yes it does!”

“You know, Serena, I’ve never seen you like this. Something’s really wrong.”

Serena sighed. “I’m sorry, Maddy. It’s just not easy for anyone to lose their parents. You should know and feel that.”

“Yes, it isn’t, it really isn’t. But you’ve got to learn to face those things and move on in your life, because those things aren’t going to change ever. And if they’re not ever gonna change then that means you’re gonna be sad always and that totally isn’t what life is all about. Crying.”

Serena heaved a big sigh. “You are so right, Maddy. Thank you. I’ll try to face it and move on like you said, but don’t be too pushy about it because…because…well, I’ve never done that sort of thing.” Serena looked ashamed.

“Of course I won’t, I promise. Don’t worry, I won’t laugh or anything like that.”

“Thanks. Well, shouldn’t we be getting to bed now?”


“Okay, well, goodnight!

“Night’, Serena!”


Mary-Catherine said...

Oh, what a cute, sweet story!!!!!!!! Love it!!!!!!!

Kateri said...

Yeah, Emily, it's great! I should find something to post, huh?

It's been a Long, Long, LONG, time since I posted anything! =P

Even though it's summer vacation, I'm still really busy, only this time, I'm busy with FUN things. Hahaha.

:) Talk to you later...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, LOL! I'm actually going to re-write that story, ok? I don't really like it....